Portrait and Biographical Record of Christian County, Illinois

The 1893 Portrait and Biographical Record of Christian County, Illinois is being transcribed a page at a time. Transcriptions are being done by Morgan Johnson.

If a profile from this book is important to your research, please email me, and ask me to proofread the section again. This is especially important to make sure dates were transcribed correctly. Sometimes numbers could have been transposed or misread.

Hint: If you know what page of the book you'd like to read, you can jump directly to that page. As you get into the book, you'll notice that the URL ends in file names like "001.html" or "298.html." Those are the three-digit page numbers. If you want to jump to a page, just change the numbers to the three-digit page number.

The introductory pages also maintain the three-digit page numbers, but I added a zero to the beginning, if necessary, and used the traditional lower-case Roman numerals for a book's introductory pages (00i.html, 0ii.html, iii.html, 0iv.html).

These are the page numbers that are currently online: 196-330, 335-457
I'll update this page as I add new pages.

This project involves a great deal of work, but it is a labor of love. Many times work is stolen on the internet. Please, please do not "steal" these pages for inclusion on other web sites. Please feel free, however, to include a link to these pages.

I hope you enjoy browsing the pages as they are added online.
As the search engine on the main Christian County ILGenWeb page updates itself, the pages of this book will be included in the results.

Contents of the original book:
Biographical199-457 (Index page 1 Index page 2)
Index of Portraits460

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