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Society activities

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Catlin Historical Society was held Monday, January 14, 2002, in the community room of the Catlin Community Building with approximately 30 people in attendance.

Minutes were read and approved.

At the first board meeting following the annual meeting, the following officers were elected:


... Sara Cast

Vice President

... Jeff Monyok


... Kristi McGee


... Ruth Martin

The treasurer's report showed a balance in the checking account of $2,073.05 as of December 31, 2001. Treasurer Ruth Martin commented that this was more money than we started with last year, so it's a good beginning for 2002. Ruth also reported that $4,000.00 had been paid on the outstanding loan for the log cabin project; $31,000.00 remains. The Holiday Contribution letter has netted $1,545.00. More may still be forthcoming.

Board member Jim Jones gave a brief report on projects that have happened over the past year. The most noticeable project was the demolition of the museum front porch area, followed by the building of a new porch to match our earliest photographs of the home. Matt McGee, husband of society secretary Kristi McGee, donated and hauled dirt to fill in and Curt Huffman graded, seeded and mowed the front yard. Tom Hainline glazed, caulked and painted the front windows. Jim Jones worked to remove paint and slurry from the north wall of the museum building. He then tuckpointed and waterproofed the wall. Many favorable comments have been received! A new furnace and air conditioning unit was installed. Savings on our monthly bills have been seen. The Koenig family's donation for this furnace and air conditioning unit has been greatly appreciated.

Museum Director Shirley Nesbitt reported that for the year 2001 we had 9 new members, 3 new life members and, regretfully, the loss of 7 members. Approximately 626 items have been donated from 52 different members.

A scrapbook of letters from William Busby was on display at the meeting. These letters tell of Busby's experiences in World War I as written to his mother and other family members. The letters begin on his entering the war and continue until his untimely death on November 1, 1918, ten days before the Armistice.

Letters donated to the society by the Catlin Lions Club also were out for viewing. The letters were written to club member Raymond Huffman who composed and mailed the "Lions Tale" newsletter. The newsletter was sent to area servicemen during World War II.

Both of these donations have provided a wonderful insight to what our service people went through during the conflicts. They make great reading. Stop by the museum and learn about war experiences from people you may very well know.

Shirley told of many other donations we received this year, but 626 are too many to mention here. She also noted that we are always looking for people to volunteer.

Sue Colwell gave the nominating committee report. The slate includes Sara Cast, accepting a 2nd term; Jeff Monyok, accepting a 2nd term, and Curt Huffman, new member. Sue made a motion to accept the slate as presented, seconded by Jim Jones. Slate was passed. Congratulations to all!

The evening's program was presented by Ted and Pat Cundiff of Tilton. They had a wonderful display of old-time instruments, most of which they could play. Each instrument was shown, a brief history given and tales told of how the Cundiffs came to own it. A few examples are violin, harp, banjo, guitar, jew's harp, zither and several dulcimers. Ted handmade one or two of them. Pat enjoys playing the hammered dulcimer. She also showed her collection of the different types of hammers used. Songs such as "You Are My Sunshine", "Amazing Grace", "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" and "Possum In The Headlights" were a few tunes that the Cundiffs used to demonstrate their collection.

After the presentation was complete, the audience was invited to ask questions and try their hand at playing. The hammered dulcimer was a favorite.

It was a very enjoyable evening for all who attended.

Light refreshments were served.

Tuneful program

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