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Society activities

Dancing music

Josie Bush, center, and Gracie Jessup, right, dance to the music of Darren Johnson during the Catlin Historical Society's 2005 Ice Cream Social.

2005 Ice Cream Social

Spots of shade

There was music and some impromptu dancing at the 2005 Catlin Historical Society Ice Cream Social.

Darren Johnson of Catlin provided the music. Seated on a bench on the shady front porch of the Sandusky Log Cabin, Johnson played a selection of folk tunes on guitar and harmonica.

The ripling rhythms of "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" prompted a little foot stomping by Catlin girls Josie Bush and Gracie Jessup. Josie is the daughter of Jerrod and Rachel Bush and Gracie is the daughter of Floyd and Becky Jessup.

Checkers anyone?

An estimated 375 people attended this year's social and were treated to delicious ice cream, cookies and cold drinks.

The ice cream plus scoops, cups, spoons and napkins plus several bags of ice were donated by Terry and Nancy Dolan of the Pizza Time restaurant in Catlin.

The cookies were provided by Arlene Borbely, Joan Fleming, Dorothy Jones, Jackie Gillian and Rita Monyok.

Dishing up the ice cream and pouring the drinks were Jim and Arlene Borbely, Bruce and Patty Boyd, Donna Waltzer, Don and Joan Fleming, Sara and John Cast and Erica Rund.

Jim Jones welcomes visitors

Jim Jones, the society's restoration chairman, welcomed visitors and helped describe the tremendous progress that has been made on the log cabin project. [Update / Latest pictures]

As part of that project, a 28 by 48 foot building has been constructed to shelter the 1830s log cabin and to provide space for additional displays (see photos at right) and for storage.

Society volunteers on hand to greet visitors to the cabin and the museum house were Evelyn Darr, Dorothy Jones, Terry Waltzer, Esther Elmore, Ruth Martin, Virginia Wallen, Linda Ritchie, Neal and Kathy Brogan and Buzz Ritchie.

Volunteers setting up the tents on Saturday included Ron Colwell, Andy Moss, Steve Berry, Terry Waltzer and Neal Brogan. Those taking down the tents were Ron Colwell, Dan Rose, Terry Waltzer, Neal Brogan, Buzz Ritchie, Ed Barnes and Wayne Scarlett.

Cabin displays

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