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Catlin Fire Protection District

On July 10, 2004 the Catlin Fire Protection District celebrated 50 years of existence.

Prior to the organization of a fire department, fires were extinguished by a volunteer bucket brigade. The alarm was a shrill steam whistle from Catlin's own power plant, which was completed in 1905 and served the community until shortly after WWI.

The first fire fighting equipment was purchased in August 1912. It consisted of two hand drawn carts. Mounted on each was a 50-gallon chemical tank.

In 1934 the department joined the Illinois Fireman's Association, thus giving the firemen access to the Fire School of Instruction as an extension course of the University of Illinois.

The Fire Protection District was approved in 1954, covering some 40 sections of territory.

Currently serving the district are 24 volunteers. Four trucks, two of which are equipped as rescue vehicles, one brush truck and a tanker are used.

The residents of our fire protection district should be very thankful that we have such an organized and well-run operation. These people are volunteers who freely give of their time for us!

The district, to show its appreciation for the loyal support the community has always offered, served a wonderful full-course breakfast.


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