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Jones Grove Cemetery
(Virtual) Walking Tour

Today you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with some of Catlin's early pioneers and settlers and learn about their lives and families. What you will hear is only a small segment of Catlin's historic history.

Marker crediting Henry Jones

This cemetery was established as a family burial plot by Henry Jones in 1849, shortly after his arrival in Butler's Point (Catlin) from England. It was later organized as a cemetery in 1926.

There are a variety of memorials located here. These monuments exist in all shapes, sizes, and colors, in a beautiful woodland setting and offer us an opportunity to reflect on our past.

It is hoped that this walk back in time will encourage your interest in Catlin's past and we invite you, if you are not already a member, to learn more about Catlin's rich history dating back to 1819, by joining the Catlin Historical Society.

Ann Hough headstone

Ann Hough


First burial in the Jones family burial plot. She was the mother of Sarah (Hough) Jones.

Henry Jones


Sarah (Hough) Jones


Henry Jones arrived in America from England in 1849. He was an English business man who became a wealthy landowner, farmer, and business man of Butler's Point.


Henry Jones headstone

Richard Jones' headstone

Richard Jones


Sarah A. (Bentley) Jones


Oldest son of Henry and Sarah Jones, born in London and came to America at the age of 25.

Sarah came to America with her father, Thomas Bentley, in 1849.


Frederick Jones


Harriett A. (Dickinson) Jones


Both born in England. Frederick was trained as a blacksmith, but also worked in the family store, later owning it with Arthur.


Monuments for Frederick and Harriett Jones

Monuments for Arthur and Emma Jones

Arthur Jones


Emma (Dickinson) Jones


Both born in England. Arthur was only one when he came to Butler's Point. Arthur ran Jones Bros. here in Catlin for many years.


Frederick Tarrant


Eliza (Jones) (Brown) Tarrant


William Brown


Frederick was a business man of Catlin coming from England to Butler's Point in 1853.

William Brown was the first husband of Eliza Jones.

Eliza, daughter of Henry Jones, came with her family in 1849.


Frederick Tarrant's headstone

Albert G. White's headstone

Albert G. White

(June 3, 1895)

Infant son of Robert and Miriam (Tarrant) White.


Thomas Bentley

Civil War soldier's grave.


Thomas Bentley's headstone

John and Cora Dickinson's headstone

John Arthur Dickinson


Cora (Bennett) Dickinson


John was born in England and came with his family in 1881. John and his brother established a grocery store named Dickinson Brothers which he ran for many years.


Richard Puzey


Amelia Jane (Cork) Puzey


Richard came from England to Butler's Point in 1847. He was a farmer south of Catlin all his life.


Dr. T. H. Runyon


Tillie (Onley) Tunyon


Came to Catlin in 1869 to practice medicine. He was still a doctor here in 1913.


Entrance to Jones Grove

Entrance to Jones
Grove Cemetery

Walking Tour

The Jones Grove Cemetery walk was held Sunday, October 13, 1991, sponsored by the Catlin Historical Society and the Catlin Heritage Museum.


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