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Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Neighbor helping neighbor is still alive in the Catlin area. A picture on the wall among the many farm tools shows just how many farmers would take a hand.  This article was written in 1914 about this incident and the picture being displayed.

Neighbors and friends of the late David O Kinder gathered at the Guyman farms south of the village this morning and with thirty-five teams hitched to sulky plows and finished plowing 85 acres of corn which had been planted by Mr. Kinder.  It is stated that they covered almost ten acres at a single round and it only required a few hours to finish the task.  Mr. Kinder had worked hard to raise a good crop and it is probably true that many a day he was in the field when he really should have been in bed.  However he was a good farmer and was possessed of a great deal of energy and this is perhaps what kept him going.  It will be remembered that he took ill a week ago Saturday and died early the following Monday morning.  His condition was found to be such on surgical examination that it would have been impossible for him to have felt right any time during the many long days he worked on the farm, although he was of such a disposition that he never complained of feeling ill and for this reason even his closest neighbors  and friends thought he was possessed of excellent health and his death, sudden as it was, came as a great shock to every one.  The corn that was tended by Mr Kinder is in excellent condition and it was for this reason that his neighbors and friends, realizing that it could not be taken care of any other way and also because they loved and respected the man, gathered there this morning and plowed the corn for the last time.  This act was noble and generous and attests the fact that it is an easy matter to do, so to live with those about him that he will not only have the confidence and esteem of his fellow man in life , but that those near and dear to him will receive its fruits after his death.  Such was he early career of David O Kinder.

A picture of the 35 teams and neighbors that plowed David O Kinder’s corn that day can be seen with the Farm Tools Display in the cabin area.

Farmers and tools

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