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The Sandusky Log Cabin

Log Cabin to be moved

The Sandusky Log Cabin is moving.

The structure, estimated to be about 170 years old, is currently enclosed in a small ranch home at 502 South Sandusky Street in Catlin.

The cabin will be picked up and moved intact to a new foundation on the grounds of the Catlin Heritage Museum. There it will be sheltered by a new building currently being designed by Jim Jones, Catlin Historical Society restoration chairman.

Although the moving date hasn't been set, Jones hopes it will be in October.

There's a lot of work to be done first.

Cabin house

Society volunteers have begun peeling away the modern exterior of the house on South Sandusky. Roofing has been removed and the windows were salvaged to be used in the new building. Since the picture was taken at right, the front of the house has been removed so the cabin is visible from the street.

Since pieces of the original cabin were used over the years in constructing other parts of the house, particularly roof boards. Those pieces are being identified and salvaged to to be returned to their original use.

Bricks also are being salvaged and cleaned to be used to build a fireplace for the cabin after it's relocated.

Building site

The new 28 by 48-foot building on the museum grounds will be located south of the annex building and west of the museum house. The current plan is for a frame building with a rough-sawn exterior and possibly with a metal roof.

First work involved removing two trees and going over the site with a metal detector.

"We saw some evidence," Jones said. "We'll look further when excavation begins."

The digging may uncover a well or the foundation of an outhouse, Jones said during the Ice Cream Social on August 1.

Sara Cast, Catlin Historical Society president, reported that the foundation for the building was poured on August 11.

The cabin, which is about 16 by 19 feet, will only take up a portion of the new building. The rest will provide space for other displays and storage.

"The face of the cabin will show on the face of the building," Jones said. The exposed walnut logs will be protected by a porch.

Inside, the west or back-side roof will be visible, hopefully shingled as it was in the 1830s.

The wood sidewalks throughout the museum grounds will be extended to the entrances of the new building.

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