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The Sandusky Log Cabin

Cabin Commitment!

The Cabin project is something our Society is very excited about. Moving this important piece of Catlin history to our museum grounds is a very big commitment for us.

We realized that this was the time to think about our needs here at the museum. Due to the wonderful generosity of our community we are in need of more space. We have many interesting items that we would love to display but space prevents us from doing this. So as the board was considering the cabin move it was decided to make our addition large enough to house the cabin, provide storage for lawn mower, tables etc. and create new display areas.

We are doing our best to use materials saved from the house demolition and labor is mostly volunteer. Still, we have expenses!

In lieu of our Holiday Giving Letter this year, we are asking you to donate to this cabin project.

Please consider this as your commitment to the future of the Catlin Historical Society.

Print this form and mail with your check to Catlin Historical Society, P.O. Box 658, Catlin, IL 61817.


Catlin Historical Society
210 North Paris
Catlin, Illinois 61817
(217) 427-5766