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Heritage Museum

From the December 2004 Newsletter

Summer Storm !

Storm cleanup

On the afternoon of Tuesday July 13 the winds blew and the rain came. Thirty minutes later it was over and the town was minus many of its beautiful old trees and its electricity!

A few people had power restored within hours but for most it was at least 2 and some 3 days.

The Museum grounds had plenty of limbs down and half of one of the old walnut trees; the positive side is fewer walnuts to pick up now!

Storm cleanup

We must thank our yard helpers. Buzz Ritchie was in the day after the storm with his chain saw cutting things into more manageable pieces. Buzz also collected enough firewood to keep our ham and bean dinners supplied for a few years. Neal Brogan and Terry Dolan spent Sunday afternoon cutting up and hauling brush. Jim Jones split the larger stumps by hand and will use it for firewood. Terry Waltzer drug brush, loaded his truck and hauled it to the city cleanup site quite a few days. David and Evelyn Darr, Sara Cast, Dorothy Jones, Ruth Martin and Barb Biggerstaff spent one day doing the final raking, picking up of walnuts, hauling away and mowing.

Thanks to all those wonderful helpers the yard looks great again!

Earlier story

July 2004 Storm

Two trees on the grounds of the Catlin Heritage Museum were damaged in the storm that swept through Vermilion County about 3:30 p.m. July 13, 2004.

Many homes in Catlin were out of power for days following the storm.

Neither the museum house nor the annex were damaged.

A very large limb on one walnut tree was broken off. Ultimately, the tree will have to be removed.

Nearby, the top of a cedar tree was broken off by the high winds. It, too, will have to be removed.


Damaged walnut tree

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