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Memorial to Catlin Veterans

Artist's rendering of Catlin War Memorial

An artist's conception of what the Catlin War Memorial will look like. Larger image

Catlin War Memorial

The Catlin Lions Club is working hard to honor more than 500 Catlin veterans of World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War / Desert Storm.

The project will culminate in the construction of the Catlin War Memorial on the grounds of the Catlin Heritage Museum.

Although dedication had been tentatively set for November 11, 2000, construction delays have pushed completion of the project beyond that date.

Scott Church, a 23-year Lions Club member, was named chairman of the project when he suggested the idea more than two years ago. He is a past president of the club and current co-president with Mark Stutsman.

"It's been more (work) than what I anticipated," Church said.

Site for Catlin War Memorial

The project began with an idea sketched on a cocktail napkin. Additional ideas were contributed by club members and residents of the community like Jim Jones, a Catlin Historical Society member and former Catlin contractor. Final blueprints were made by architect Kendall Erskin, a Danville veteran.

The multi-level design includes three separate monuments -- one for World War I, one for World War II and one for Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. There will be ramps for handicap access, benches for seating and recessed lighting. Two existing pine trees will offer shade to visitors.

The monuments' bronze plaques will list the names of 152 World War I veterans, 253 from World War II, 41 from Korea, 52 from Vietnam and 11 from Desert Storm. The list was created by a committee of historical society members headed by president Sara Cast.

Church said he had originally hoped the memorial could be constructed for $10,000, plus perhaps $1,000 for contingencies. Now it looks like the total cost may be as high as $20,000.

"The bronze plaques alone will cost between $10,000 and $12,000," Church said.

Three flag poles came with a $2,700 pricetag.

That's a big project for a Lions Club of 30 members, Church said.

Some funds were raised at a pancake and sausage breakfast. More was added from proceeds of the club's annual Labor Day fish fry. Nancy Kelley, who won the final Bingo game at this years Labor Day event, contributed her $40 prize to the fund.

Asssistance also is being sought from businesses and individuals. Church said contributions could be sent to the Catlin Lions Club War Memorial Fund, c/o Catlin Bank, 202 S. Sandusky, Catlin, IL 61817. Checks should be made payable to the Catlin Lions Club War Memorial Fund.

Veterans' names

 World War I

 World War II



 Desert Storm


  As of Feb. 4 memorial construction

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  As of October 7 Memorial construction

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