Captain Joseph Ogle Chapter
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Leaf River, IL
Organized July 7, 2003

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"Freedom Lies in Being Bold" - Chapter Motto
“Be Yourself, Be Together, Be DAR!" - IL State Theme
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  History of our Chapter
  Organized July 07, 2003

Captain Joseph Ogle of whom our Chapter is named was born 17 June 1737 in Maryland, great-grandson to the emigrant, John Ogle of Delaware. Captain Joseph Ogle commanded a company of Virginia troops during the Revolutionary War, holding a commission as captain from Patrick Henry, then Governor of Virginia.

After the American Revolution the Captain came to Illinois from the neighborhood of Wheeling, VA in 1785. He is said to have been the first Methodist in Illinois. The Ogle family moved to New Design and in 1796 made a settlement in the American Bottom, near where the road from Bellefontaine to Cahokia descended the bluff.

Captain Ogle was twice married. His first wife, Drusilla Biggs, had five children and his second wife, Jemima Meiggs/Meeks had four children - all the children were born in Virginia. Captain Joseph Ogle died 24 February 1821 in New Design, IL.

It was suggested by Governor Thomas Ford that Ogle County be named after Joseph Ogle in honor of his courage and coolness in the siege of Fort Henry in the early days of the country's history. On January 16, 1836 the legislature formed, from a part of Jo Daviess, the county of Ogle, which at the time included the territory of the present county of Lee. The life's journey of Captain Ogle never brought him north into the county of Ogle.

On January 29, 2003 the Organizing Secretary General, Gale Jones Fixmer, accepted the request of Mrs. (Jeffrey) Sharon Nordman Ogle to be presented to the National Board of Management as Organizing Regent of a new Chapter in Leaf River, Illinois. On July 07, 2003 (10:20 EST) Sharon Nordman Ogle was accepted and confirmed as the Organizing Regent and "Captain Joseph Ogle" was accepted and confirmed as the Chapter name at the National Board of Management meeting during the 112th Continental Congress in Washington, DC.

There were thirty-six Organizing Members and two prospective Charter Members at the time of "organization". Sharon Ogle became a member of NSDAR on April 14, 2001. Mrs. Howard (Margaret "Lois") Carpenter Cline was also instrumental in helping organize the new Chapter. Each of the Organizing Members played a large role in contributing to the "organization" of the Captain Joseph Ogle Chapter, NSDAR. Prior to the close of the fiscal year 2004-2005, the fiftieth member was admitted to the chapter on July 05, that member being Delores Little.

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