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                                       Cady Cemetery
                                        Platine Twp.
                                    Cook County, Illinois

NOTE: possible multiple "submitters" for this file.

The cemetery is located on Ela Road, just south of Dundee Road, (IL Route 68).

Information contributed for use in Cook County ILGenWeb by
        Judy Josephson [], Dec 1988.

The inventory was made in 1972 by David H. Koss, Louis D. Melnickand,
and Michael A. Melnick.

The cemetery was in a neglected condition and many stones were scattered
and some were broken. All available stones were copied, questionable material
is indicated by brackets; and editorial comments are initalics.

For ages at death, years, months and days are indicated by Y, M and D.
A surname rendered in capital letters designates a single stone.

Entries designated with and asterisk (*) indicate that the headstones are illustrated.

 ABBOTT, Ethan B., d. Jan 26, 1855, 32Y, 6M, 1D.
*ABBOTT, Thursey Ann, d. Oct 23, 1847, 16Y 8M, wife of Bela H. Abbott.
 ADAMS, Francis T., b. Nov 19, 1818, d. Mar 31, 1882, father.
 BELLOWS, Warren L., d. July 10, 1854, 32Y, 7D.
 BOGART, Sarah V., d. Mar 16, 1866, 10Y, 8M, 7D, dau. of P. & C. Bogart
   See also Vanderbogart.
 BOOTHMAN, George, b. Mar 28, 1811, d. Apr 2, 1883,
   Hannah, b. June 3, 1811, d. Mar 3, 1899.
 BOOTHMAN, Mary, dau. of George and Hannah (Hardwick) Boothman,
   was b. 24 Sept 1841, Whitgift Common,nr. Goole, Yorkshire,
   and m. Joseph Wilmer of Barrington, Ill.
 BOYCE, Robert O. (or D.), d. Sept 11, 1863, 27Y, 11D. This stone was in eleven pieces,
        which were found scattered throughout the cemetery.
 BRYAN, See Burrill.
 BURRILL, Richard, b. 1817, d. 1864
          Nancy Bryan, b. 1822, d. 1910
          William, their son, b. 1858, d. 1910
          Susan Burrill Daniels, b. 1848, d. 1909
          Laura G., her dau., b. 1869, d. 1871.
 CADY, Ezekiel, d. Oct 1, 1873, 82Y, 5M, 12D
       Adeline, d. Aug 9, 1881, 82Y, 26D, wife of Ezekiel Cady
*CADY, Arad A., d. Corinth, Miss., Sept 4, 1863, 44Y, 10M, 8D,
       son of Ezekiel and Adeline Cady.
       There is army information, but it is mostly illegible.
       Pension file WC 20-744 shows he was in Co. E, 113th Reg. ofInfantry Volunteers.
       He was b. Oneida Co., NY, and m. Nov 4, 1860, Miss Evelina Johnson
      (who later m. Daniel Benedict) at Palatine,
       and had Nellie Adeline Cady, b. Sept 12, 1861,
       and Albert Arad Cady, b. May 26, 1863
 CADY, James M., d. O(ct) 18, 1848, 18Y, 8M, son of Ezekiel and Adeline Cady.
 CADY, Wilbert, b. 1824, d. 1841.
       This cemetery was started with this burial.
 CARLEY, Hannah, d. Jan 15, 1846, wife of A. Carley (nee Covey, mother of  Adeline Cady)
(CASTLE), Fred, d. May 1, 1863, 2Y, 2M, 12D, son of L. D. and L. A.(Castle)
 CATLOW, Elizabeth, d. Oct 12, 1861, 17Y, 2M, dau. of J. & E. Catlow.
 CATLOW, John, b. Dec 10, 1822, d. Mar 2, 1905  Elizabeth, b. Dec 7, 1823, d. Apr 2 1897
 CATLOW, Leroy, b. June 8, 1892, d. Mar 2, 1894, son of Daniel & Melissa  Catlow
 COLLEN, Charlotte, d. July 8, 1892, 56Y, 10 M, wife of J. Collen
 DAHL, Heinrich, geboren 1 Marz 1827, gestorben 23 Oct 1881
 DANIELS, see Burrill. ED..., Feb 2 ....., AE 61. Small fragment only. Could be Edgerton?
 EDGERTON, Isaac, d. July 8, 1848, 81Y.
     He was born in West Simsbury, CO (The American Genealogist, Vol 44, p 123).
 EDGERTON, Martha Lord, d. Apr 4, 1883, 77Y, 8M, 11D, formerly wife of S. B. Hunewell.
 EDGERTON, Sarah, d. Oct 3, 1843, 13Y, 1M, 7D, dau of I. & (J) Edgerton.
*EDGERTON, Sarah, d. Sept 16, 1851, 84Y, wife of I. Edgerton.
*EDGERTON, Zebina, b. July 25, 1791, d. Apr 2, 1883.
 ELVIDGE, (Jo)hn, d. Aug 29, 1850, 39Y, 5M.
 ELVIDGE, Lawson, Co. H, 39 Ill. Inf.
 ELVIDGE, Lawson F., b. July 26, 1848, d. Sept 18, 1906
          Martha, b. Oct 13, 1849, d. Sept 13, 1898, wife of Lawson F.Elvidge,
          Cynthia, b. June 1875, d. Aug 1875
          Nellie, b. July 1882, d. Nov 1882
          James, b. Mar 1884, d. Jan 1885
          Grant, b. July 1885, d. Jan 1887
 FOSKET, Adelbert, d. Feb 13, 1858, 6Y 2M, 3D, son of (A. H.) and L. M.Fosket
         The stone for Adelbert Fosket is signed: Pierce, St. Charles.
 FOSKET, Alta C., d. July 25, 1860, 1Y,
         dau. of Milton and Fannie (Cady)Fosket
 FOSKET, Frank, d. Sept 9, 1848, 3Y, 1M, 18D,
         son of Milton & F. M.Fosket
 FOSKET, John, d. Feb 15, 1843 (or 1842), 56Y, our Father.
 FOSKET, M., only the base remains; the stone is missing.
 FOSKET, infant, b. Sept 29, 1862, 1M, 11D, son of Milton and Fannie Fosket.
 FRAAS,  (Eli)zabeth M., d. Apr 28, 1866, 44Y, 5M, 6D, wife of L. J. Frass.
 FREEMAN, Chas., d. Nov 9, 1860. Much of the stone is missing.
 FREEMAN, Eliza, b. 1810, d. 1893.
 FREEMAN, Esther Ann, d. Sept 12, 1862, 9Y, 4M, 27D,
          dau of C. & E. Freeman
 FREEMAN, Mary, d. Jan 29, 1863, 12Y, 8M, dau of W. & C. Freeman.
*FREEMAN, Samuel, d. Dec 16, 1849, 61Y. The stone is broken off under the age at death.
 FREEMAN, Wm., d. Aug 6, 1856, aged (74...).
 FULLER, Louisa, d. Apr 25, 1855, 15Y, 9M, 9D, dau of Alvah and Louisa Fuller,
         "....sleeps our sister....".
 GALPIN, Fannie, d. Jan 1, 1863, 1 week, 1D, dau Homer B. & M. J. Galpin
 GALPIN, MaryJane, d. Sept 24, 1864, 30Y, 6M, 18 D, wife of H. B. Galpin,
         dau of Ezekiel and Adeline Cady.
 GEARY, John, b. June 11, 1813, d. Oct 26, 1893, Father
 GEARY, Julia, b. Dec 11, 1814, d. Sept 26, 1894, Mother
 GEARY, Theo. G., Co. E, 113...Ill. Inf.
 GEARY, T. (G.), Co. E, 113...Ill. Inf.
 HA(LL), John A., d. July 20, 1857, 18Y, 1M, 29D, son of G. & E. Ha(ll).
 HALL, ...., Born in England. A badly eroded stone. Illegible.
 HOUGH, Carrie L., d. July 20, 1857, 18Y, 13D. dau of Warren and L. M. Hough.
 Hunewell, see Edgerton.
 HUNEWELL, Samuel B., d. Jan 16, 1853, 53Y
 JAYNE, ......, d. Dec 27, 1871, 26Y, wife of S. C. Jayne. Top of stone missing
 KITSON, John, b. Aug 16, 1819, d. Feb 15, 1895, 75Y, 5M, 29D.
         Ann, d. Dec 18, 1876, 56Y, 10M, 24D, wife of John Kitson,
         Mary J., d. Oct 24, 1855, 1Y, 11M,
         Fanny, d. Oct 25, 1861, 5Y, 7M.
 KITSON, Lloyd R., b. 1887, d. 1864, beloved Father.
         Ether Kitson, sister of Lloyd, is also bur. in this cemetery,
         but no stone was erected.
 MILLER, James, d. Oct 14, 1846, 25Y, 2M.
 MIX FAMILY, fenced in area, individual stones; Lurenda, b. July 6, 1782, d. Oct 23, 1850
     Ira, b. Feb 9, 1819, d. Nov 21, 1879
     Elizabeth, b. Apr 26, 1825, d. Oct 20, 1861
     Harriet, b. Oct 10, 1852, d. Aug 10, 1853
     Milton, b. Sept 19, 1842, d. June 4, 1846, on same stone with -
     Lois, b. July 20, 1848, d. Oct 15, 1849
     Lurenda, b. Apr 26. 1844, d. Oct 19, 1871, wife of J. Wallace.
      Warren, b. Aug 21, 1850, d. Apr 24, 1897
 MOORHOUSE, Joseph, d. Feb 1, 1877, 86Y.
 MOORHOUSE, Willie L., d. July 16, 1864, 1Y, 10M, 28D, son of W. & C. Moorhouse.
 PAGE, George, b. Feb 14, 1802, d. Oct 3, 1879
       Ann, b. Oct 11, 1802, d. Sept 26, 1884
       Betsey, b. 1833, d. 1876
       Thomas, b. 1836, d. 1862
       George W., b. 1842, d. 1866
 PAGE, Lilly May, b. Jan 8, 1879, d. Sept 27, 1883
 ROBERTS, Ge(o...), d. Feb 19, 1855, 7Y, 2M, son of H. & C. Roberts.
          The  stone is signed: C. E. H., St. Charles.
 ROLLINS, John T., d. Jan 25, 1856, 20Y
 SAMAR, Lena, b. 1916, d. 1942
 SIMONTON, Claude J., b. Sept 12, 1908, d. Sept 26, 1949
*SUTHERLAND, Frances Marrion, d. Aug 18, 1848, 1Y, 8M, 18D,
             dau of Sidney and Julia A. Sutherland.
 SUTHERLAND, Plinn, d. Apr 12, 1846, 1Y, 2M, 21D,
             son of Sidney and Julia A. Sutherland.
             The year is probably 1846, but 1840 is a possibility.
 SWICK, Thomas, b. Sept 14, 1809, d. Aug 14, 1887
        Catharine, b Nov 19, 1814, d. Feb 4, 1905
 SWICK, John, d. Mar 14, 1865, 68Y, 1M, 4D.
 SWICK, Sarah, d. (Ja)n 11, 1858, 60Y, 5M, wife of John Swick
 SWICK, Sarah E., d. June 10, 1870, 20Y, 6M, 27D, wife of H. L. Swick
 SWICK, Wm. Osker, d. mar 7, 1855, 6M, 10D, son of M. & C. T. Swick
        also see Vanderbogart.
 VANDERBOGART, Peter, d. May 18, 1888, 69Y, 3M, 13D
               Carloine Swick, b. Mar 8, 1823, d. Aug 7, 1894, wife of P. Vanderbogart.
        See also Bogart.
 VAN  VALKENBURG, Ann, d. Jan 11, 1858, in her 85th year, wife of Wm. Van  Valkenburg.
      Wallace, see Mix.
 WIARD, Darius A., d. Oct 31, 1848, 16Y, 1M, 11D, son of Jeremy and Hannah Wiard
 WIARD, Jane A., d. Oct 31, 1848, 14Y, 1M, 8D, dau of Jeremy and Hannah  Wiard
 WILSON, Adelia, d. Jan 24, 1857, 36Y, 5M, wife of Thomas F. Wilson
 WILSON, Coraet. (Thus!), d Dec 15, 1856, 5Y, 1M, dau of Thomas and Adelia Wilson.
 WILSON, Hannah W., d. Sept 20, 1861, 60Y, 6M, wife of J. Wilson
 WILSON, (Na)ncy, d...4, 1869, ... and 6M, wife of ...F. Wilson. Fragment.
 WILSON, ........, Thomas F. Wilson, d. June 28, 1850, 35Y, 4M.
       Only a small part of of the stone was found; it is doubtful that this is a stone
       for Wilson himself; it may be the stone for a wife of Wilson.
 WILSON,..., (Wi)fe of ..... Small fragment only. (----------), ..... Nov 26, 1859,
          (or 1850 or 1853), 63Y. There is no namepresent on this small fragment.

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