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                                 Annexations to the City of Chicago
                                          Before 1889
                                    Cook County, Illinois


Information contributed for use in Cook County ILGenWeb by
            possible multiple contributers

Contributor: 	Susan Tortorelli, 1996.

This is the original settlement of the City of Chicago and all annexations up to 1889.

Neighborhood (Parent)                                Date of Organization/Annexation
==================================================   ===============================
Ashland (Part of Near West Side)                                                1864
Armour Square (Part of Bridgeport and Douglas)                                  1863
Auburn (Gresham-Cummorn)                                                        1850
Avondale (Part of City)                                                         1863
Belmont Gardens (Part of City)                                                  1863
Bridgeport (Part of City)                                                       1863
Cabrini-Green (Near North Side/Part of City)                                    1837
Canalport (McKinley Park/Part of the City)                                      1863
Central Park (renamed Garfield Park)                                            1869
Chinatown (Armour Square/Bridgeport and Douglas)                                1863
Crawford (Lawndale)                                                Eastern 2/3, 1869
Dearborn Homes (Douglas)                                        Part 1853, part 1863
Death Corner (Near North Side)                                                  1837
Douglas                                                         Part 1853, part 1863
East Garfield Park                                                              1869
Fifth City (East Garfield Park)                                                 1869
Fishtown (Near North Side)                                                      1837
Free District of Lake Michigan (Near North Side)                                1837
Gold Coast (Near North Side)                                                    1837
Goose Island (Part of West Town)                                                1837
Greektown (Near West Side)                                                      1837
Groveland Park (Douglas)                                        Part 1853, part 1863
Hardscrabble (Bridgeport)                                                       1863
Heart of Chicago (Lower West Side)                                         1837-1853
Lawndale                                            Eastern 2/3, 1869 last 1/3, 1889
Little Meadows (Douglas)                                        Part 1853, part 1863
Little Hell (Near North Side)                                                   1837
Little Italy (Near West Side)                                                   1837
Little Sicily (Near North Side)                                                 1837
Logan Square                                                                    1869
Loop                                                             original settlement
Lower West Side                                                 Part 1848, part 1853
McKinley Park                                                                   1863
Maplewood (Logan Square)                                                        1869
Near North Side                                                                 1837
Near South Side                                                                 1836
Near West Side                                                                  1837
Noble Square                                         Part 1837, part 1851, part 1869
Packingtown (Bridgeport)                                                        1863
Patch (Near South Side)                                                         1836
Pilsen (Near West Side)                                                         1837
Prairie Shores (Douglas)                                        Part 1853, part 1863
The Sands (Near North Side)                                                     1837
South Commons (Douglas)                                         Part 1853, part 1863
South Lawndale                             Eastern 2/3 to City 1869 last 1/3 in 1889
Stateway Gardens (Douglas)                                      Part 1853, part 1863
Streeterville (Near North Side)                                                 1837
Towertown                                                                       1837
Ukrainian Village (West Town)                        Part 1837, part 1863, part 1869
The Valley                                                                      1837
Wentworth Gardens (Armour Square)                                               1863
West Town                                                             1837-1863-1869
Wicker Park (West Town)                                               1837-1863-1869
Wolf Point                                                                      1837

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