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                         Use Form 31768 to Order LDS/FHC DOCUMENTS
                                    Cook County, Illinois


Information contributed for use in Cook County ILGenWeb (from Cook-Co-L mail-list)
        with permission from original submitters
        by Cook County ILGenWeb Coordinator(s), Jan 2001


from the Salt Lake City, Utah offices of the Family History Deparment of the LDS Church.

Microfilm and / or Microfiche records may include birth, marriage, death, or burial records.


First of all, print the on-line form (page 1 and page 2) from our website.
  Page 1:
  Page 2:

You should modify the Print settings on Your browser so that the URL and page numbers do
NOT appear on the printed document.

Once you have visited your local LDS/FHC and know what documents you want to order, just
complete the form:

Fill in you name and address on side one.

There are a few rules listed here as well as the address to mail it to.

Side two is broken into 4 sections:
 - Census Records on Microfilm,
 - General Microfilm Microfiche,
 - U.S. Census indexes on Microfiche, and
 - Books.

Each section has the first line already completed with an example of how to fill it out.
The only part I have ever used is the second one - General Microfilm Microfiche.

This section has six columns:
 1) Family History Library Microfiche/Microfilm Number - this is where you write the
    number of the microfilm/microfiche where you expect to find the actual record.
    This number generally comes from the FHL catalog. In the case of Chicago birth
    or death records, it is the number when you expect to find the actual certificate.
    Remember that they used the same certificate number more than once in some years,
    so you may end up ordering more than one roll.
 2) Name of Individual - The example shows first name first but I have had Salt Lake
    City make the mistake of reading this as last name first for names such as "Herman."
 3) Title, parents/spouse.... - I just put "Death Record", "Birth Record," "City Directory"
    etc. here.
 4) Complete Event Date - Put the date of the death, birth, etc.
 5) Complete Event Place - I write "Chicago, Cook, IL" here
 6) Registration, page.... - This is where you write down the certificate number that you
    find in the birth and death indexes. These are the indexes by name where you find the
    birth/death dates as well. You cannot use the number from the 1871-1933 microfilm
    index. You must use the microfiche indexes. If odering a copy of a city directory,
    just leave this blank.

I hope this helps. I have probably used this form over 100 times over the years and it is 
not foolproof. My success rate of getting what I want is probably only 80%. But it only 
costs $2.00 for 8 records so it is still well worth it. I would be happy to help anyone 
who has problems with the process.

(MANY thanks to John Hallman []  for providing this info)


ALSO, here are some additional comments which might help in using this form:

Salt Lake has several different forms and some of them seem confusing.  When a patron
comes to a local family history center and wants only a few copies he can use the form.

The volunteer or the director at the center should stamp the family history center name
and their FHC number in the boxes below the patron's name.

However, since the form is on line I don't know if they have to do that anymore.

(page 1)
The patron needs to fill out name, address, etc. in the top box.

After ordering what they want, Salt Lake will send the information they copied directly
to the patron and not send it to the FHC.

(page 2)
Census records
The patron needs to fill out film number, etc. from the census.  I have never seen anyone
fill this part out.  The patrons I've worked with have felt that you might as well view
the census because the cost is not much more than sending in the $2.00 minimum and there
may be other families that are related on it and it usually comes in a shorter time than
copies from SL.  Salt Lake works mostly on volunteers and if they have a deluge of
requests it takes longer.

I's usually cheaper to order the fiche than send for copies, since the fiche only cost
 $.15 and a copy costs $.25.  However, for bigger collections of fiche, it would be
worthwhile.  Fill in the spaces from information the patron gets off the fiche index,
fiche, library catalog or on line from Salt Lake.

Same with fiche indexes

That's the one that's most used in our FHC because Salt Lake doesn't take requests to
microfilm or fiche books anymore - they had too many and now do them as they can.

Fill out the information.

When the patron has everything filled out on the form, they have to enclose a check
or money order - $.25 per copy with a $2.00 minimum and mail it to the address at the
top of the first page.  Sometimes it takes less than two weeks, sometimes more.

(MANY thanks to Barbara for providing this info)

If anyone has additional comments or experience with this form and would like to have their
comments added here, please contact the Webmistress of this website at

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