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So many questions have appeared on this list from time to time, regarding the
Masonic records as a source for the genealogist, so I thought this item might
be of interest.  It certainly seems to contain a great deal of informative
information in one book.

Hope it helps.  As usual, a disclaimer, I have no interest of any kind in this
book with regard to financial gain or otherwise.  Just  seemed to be a good
resource for anyone traveling this research path.

Good Luck.

Bev Aylor (Nov 1999)

There is a book written by John S. Yates, "A Guide for Genealogists, Researching
Masonic Records" published by Yates, 1998, which gives the genealogist an
overview of how to gain information from any of the early Masonic records. The
book provides a guide for those interested in gathering information on those
within the Masonic Orders, where to write with addresses for every state in the
Union, and when each lodge was charted. Masonic Lodges outside the United States
are given from Austrialia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, to Ireland.

The book explains the Masonic degrees as well as gives all states addresses.
Addresses are also provided for the Grand Scottish Rite bodies throughout the U
S, England, and Scotland. It tells what to expect the early records to tell the
genealogist about their ancestor, listing fifteen different items of information
from each member's card when available--when they have been recorded for

There are reminders and sample letters provided for requesting information (both
nationally and locally) and success stories given. It also provides an example
of what a record looks like, what to expect on the record, and answers to
questions about the Masons you always wanted to ask.

This book even goes so far as to explain some of the other Masonic organizations
that are open to the wives, mothers, daughters, widows, and sisters of the
Master Masons, from which more information can be gathered.

Mr. Yates (Past Pres. of the Texas Genealogical Association, Past President of
the North Central Texas Chapter No. 36 Sons of Confederate Veterans, and a
member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas), also goes so far as to furnish
where many lodges go for their information other than local/public libraries. He
gives the addresses to the Masons' publishing companies and communications that
relate to Masonic related information.

Mr. Yates is also a Past Master of Wichita Falls Masonic Lodge No. 635 and a
Past master of Magargel Lodge No. 1038. He has held presiding offices in the
Wichita Falls York Rite Masonic Bodies. Yates has presented lectures to various
genealogical societies on the subject of Masonic records and also gives lectures
on computers in genealogical research. He holds an Associated Degree in Computer
Aided Graphics and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

By searching Masonic Records some researchers have found the clues they needed
to find lost ancestors and provide clues to what their character, looks, and
personality were while living, something that gives substance to the search for
an individual one can never meet. John Yates' addresses are:

John Yates, PO Box 3496, Wichita Falls, TX  76301-0496

Yates' book costs between $4.00 and $6.50, and is worth much more than the
asking price.

Local libraries may not have books on Freemasonry. Besides the larger public
libraries, Mr. Yates suggests going directly to the Grand Lodges or to a source
such as the following:

Macoy Publishing (804) 262-6551
P.O. Box 9759
Richmond, VA  23228


Anchor Communications (804)737-4498
110 Quince Avenue  Drawer 70
Highland Springs, VA  23075

Rhonda Houston

Thanks Rhonda for sharing this with us!
For more information on the Freemasons, see the following article

The Freemasons of Yorkshire West Riding Web site, gives some great insight into
this often secretive organization at:

Juliana Smith, Editor, Ancestry Daily News
Jennifer Browning, Associate Editor
Please feel free to circulate this newsletter to other genealogy enthusiasts! We
hope you will credit the Daily News as the source.

(thanks to Bev Aylor for providing this info)

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