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Information contributed for use in Cook County ILGenWeb (from Cook-Co-L mail-list)
        with permission from original submitter
        by Cook County ILGenWeb Coordinator(s), July 1999


When looking for Naturalization Records from Cook County, please keep in mind
the following:

1) All Naturalization Records created in the Cook County courts from 1871 - 1903
   do NOT contain the following data:

   date and town of birth,
   ports of departure and arrival,
   vessle of passage,
   information concerning wife and children, etc.

   In other words, the information contained on the soundex cards for pre-1904
   Cook County Naturalization records reflects almost all the information contained
   in the records.  The only possibility of obtaining more substantive genealogical
   information through Cook County Naturalization records 1871 - 1903 is if the
   petitioner filed his/her "Declaration of Intent" in a non-Cook County Court that
   required more specific information from the petitioner on its Declarations.
   Declarations are usually included with petitions in Cook County records.  Also,
   items marked as "Court Order Only" on soundex cards refer to the order of the
   court that naturalized the individual.  The court order is the only remaining
   record of naturalization.

2)  Petitions filed in the Cook County courts from 1904 to October 1906 should, but
    do not always contain the following:

    town of birth,
    date of birth,
    date of arrival,
    port of arrival and departure,
    and witnesses.

3) Naturalization records from October 1906 to 1929 reveal the same information as
   item "2)" (above) as well as

   the wifes name and date of birth,
   (and sometimes even the wifes town of birth),
   the children's names,
   children(s)' dates and town of birth.

   Post October 1906 declarations give a physical description of the petitioner.

4) Soundex cards, the word "minor" next to the certificate number does not imply that
   the petitioner naturalized as a minor.  Rather, this term denotes that the person
   arrived in the U.S.A. as a minor and became a citizen sometime after reaching the
   age of 18 years.  The soundex cards often reflect the number of years the "minor"
   resided in the U.S.A. before naturalizing.  Minors did not file "Declarations of
   Intention". "Minor" petitions provide virtually no genealogical information.

5) The office (see below) charges $6.00 for each **file** copied.
   If you find a Naturalization file that you are interested in, send us a $6.00
   check payable to the "Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County", along with:

   the persons name,
   date of naturalization,
   and petition number.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Read the ALL of the above information!!!
We want you to know how the Naturalization process worked in the Cook County Courts,
and what types of information you can expect from these records.

ROOM 1113

(thanks to for providing this info)

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