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Cemetery Submission Notes & Guidelines

NOTE: A couple of Editorial Comments & Reading Guidelines:

  • We have attempted to identify, by name, mail address or location, township, date opened, and current phone number of all known Cook County / Chicago cemeteries.
  • Cemetery names that have the names as "underlined" links, point to a separate page that lists names & info of family members buried at that particular cemetery.
  • Cemetery names that have the words "More Info! or Haunted Info!" as "underlined" links, point to a (separate non-ILGenWeb) website page that may provide historical or other info on that cemetery. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT ON THESE SITES, SO PLEASE ONLY NOTIFY US IF THE LINK IS BROKEN...
  • If you have family burial info that you would like to submit in an email or TEXT file, send it to the Cook County website coordinator, please do so in the following manner:
    FULL NAME: SURNAME, first, middle, (& maiden if known)
    OTHER INFO: personal info you would like share about deceased family member,
        plot number, head stone markings, etc.
        You MUST include your email address here and the date the info was provided by you...
    BIRTH DATE: full date of birth (?place)
    DEATH DATE: full date of death (?place)
    AGE AT DEATH: you can calculate this if you need to...
  • If you have information in addition to, or different from the displayed info, please submit VERIFIED changes with your email address and the name of your verification source to the Cook County website coordinator for changes to this document.
  • If you have "read" a cemetery and would like it listed on the Cook County Web pages, please let us know!
  • Because of copyright laws, Please DO NOT send information that has been written by someone else
  • The final column of the page "V/S" can help determine if information has been VERIFIED and the SOURCE of that verification...

  •  V    Voice: verification of information done Spring/Summer 1998 (or on-going...)
     xxx  Source: your email name@address
     **   Source: The kind folks at The Chicago Genealogical Society
     *     Source: "Cemeteries in Chicago & Metropolitan Area, American Wilburt Burial Vault Corp.",
             Forest Park Illinois and/or photo copied pages from Funeral Directors of Cook County handbook,
             courtesy of Lawn Funeral Home. Neither of these sources contain small or extinct cemeteries.
             Please help fill in the ??? where you can!

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