Cook County, IL
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Wallace Albert Page

Reuben F. Palm

Angronia C. Parke

Fred Pascoe

Chaney M. Payne

George Franklin Peaks

Mollie Pease

Samuel A. Pedro

Mrs. R. S. Peiffer

Christian Peihpo

Joseph Pelligrini

Louis Pereles

Henry C. Perkins

William Peters

Arthur H. Petersen

Peder Petersen

Ina I. Amundson Peterson

Mrs. P. W. Peterson

Swan A. Peterson

William M. Peterson

Charles C. Philbrick

George H. Phillips

Michael Pickham

Marie G. Piper

Thomas La Plant

John Player

Henrietta Poppe

John M. Powell

Abraham Pozner

Alexander M. D. Proudfoo

Michael Purcell

Mrs. Mary Quigley

Martha A Quimdy/Quimddy

Catherine Quinlan

Mary Raithborne

Albert B. Raithel

Mrs. Lucy E. Ramsay

Frank C. Ranck

Barbara Ranz

Gertie E. Rauth

Jacob D. Reeves

James Regan

John Reilly

Margaret J. Reynolds

Millard B. Rice

Major George R. Richardson

Mary Ricker

Sarah A. Riordan

Sophy Lou Rix

Mary Virginia Roche

Frank Rodes

James Rodgers

Anton Rohde

Zachary T. Root

Gertrude Roscoe

Mayme E. B. Rose

Michael Rosenfeld

Phillip Roser

Gertrude Roskopf

Donald Ross

Maria Stewart Ross

Charles T. Rouswell

Josiah Libby Rumery

Hanora Russell

Helen C. Russell

Mrs. Annie Ryan

Mrs. Eliza Ryan

Mrs. G. Ryder

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