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How to Learn More About the 1930 Federal Census

The law states that the census shall remain private for 72 years. 
This is to encourage truthful answers and accurate information. 
Not much of a negative consequence could happen after 72 years. 
Most of those listed would be gone. Because of the 72 year law, 
the latest Census available to the public is the one taken in 1920.

The process of microfilming and printing takes time, considering 
the huge volume of documents. Due to the 72 year restriction, no 
one can look at the individual data for that period of time. Thus, the 
compiling and microfilming only begins after 72 years. It usually 
takes at least two additional years to get the work finished and 
ready for distribution to the public.


The 1930 census will look like the 1910 and 1920 census.  

New questions include:  
What did you pay for your house, what do you pay in rent, do you 
own a radio, did you work yesterday (If you didn't, the census taken had to 
fill out the Unemployment Schedule), are you a veteran, and which war did you 
participate in. 


For further info,
NARA has posted some information at


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