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                                    Misc. Baptism Records
                                    Cook County, Illinois

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Contributor: 	Nancy St.Romain		24 Jun 2003
Source: LDS Microfilm; "Church Records, 1855-1916"

List of Confederate Prisoners of War baptized at Camp Douglas by Father
James Murphy of St. James Parish. This is not a complete list; almost
half the records were lost.

Compiled from Baptismal Records of St. James Church, Chicago. List
originally compiled by Judy Dever and George Levy.


11/7 CHADWICK, John L. 19, 39th AL Rgt.

12/16 HUDSON, Charles 24, Wards Batt. AL

12/16 LITTLE, Benjamin F. 18, 20th AL

12/17 ARMSTRONG, Henry 17, 17th AL

12/17 WHITLEY, Sanford 18, 42nd AL

12/19 FISHER, John W. 20, 36th AL

12/13 JOYNER, Wiley L. 27, 8th Ark.

12/31 SAIL, Robert F. 23, 1st Ark.

12/31 LINDEMAN, John R. 19, Dobbins Rgt. Ark.

12/1 GIBBON, Thomas J. 25, 63rd GA Rgt.

12/3 MARCUS, Austin 19, 1st GA

12/8 JACKSON, William N. 20, 63rd GA Rgt.

12/13 CALAGHAN, John H. 20, 55th GA

12/16 MC DOWAL, John R.C. 10, 37th GA

12/28 LANGLEY, James Y. 39, 56th GA

12/31 CROW, David H. 19, 55th GA

11/28 BEAUCHAMPS, Samuel 30, 6th KY Cavalry

12/8 SILVERS, Thomas J. 20, 6th KY Cav.

12/19 BECK, William G. 31, 10th KY

12/26 WILLIAMS, James 20, 2nd KY Cav.

12/30 GORDON, James P. 30, 18th KY Cav.

11/7 REYNOLDS, George 44, 3rd MS Rgt.

11/30 GREEN, Abner G. 33, 43rd MS Rgt.

12/1 HOUSTON, John S. 19, 37th MS Rgt.

12/8 HASTINGS, Wesley 17, 3rd MS

12/17 GALLOWAY, Philip 18, 16th Confed. MS

12/19 LASSEL, David A. 26, 36th MS

12/30 TYSON, Blooming G. 30, 16th MS

12/1 ROGERS, Milton L. 20, 62nd NC Rgt.

12/8 HEMPHILL, William N. 30, 62nd NC

12/8 HAULEY, Jacob H. 32, 62nd NC

12/13 McCLURE, William R. 28, 62nd NC

11/29 McKEE, Robert 27, 1st SC Batt.

12/2 HERRING, Bernard 35, 51st TN

12/28 CROW, Nathaniel H. 41, 43rd TN

11/7 SARVER, Bartholemew 22, 54th VA

12/7 HILL, John 26, 64th VA

12/19 JOHNSON, Berdine 30, 64th VA

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