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                                    Misc. Birth Records
                                    Cook County, Illinois


Information contributed for use in Cook County ILGenWeb by
            possible multiple contributors

Contributor: 	Karen Simons Dodd (daughter of Frederick), [], May 2001 

Certificate of Birth       
State of Illinois  Registration 3104   

1.  Place of Birth: County of Cook, City of Chicago 
2.  Full name at birth:  Frederick Fietz Simons 
3.  Sex: Male    
4 and 
5. not listed     
6: Legitimate? Yes 
7.  Date of Birth: April 28, 1900 
8.  Father's Full Name:  Elmer Montague Simons 
9.  Residence at time of this birth:  53rd St & Prairie Avenue,                
    Chicago, IL 
10. Color: White       
11:  Age at time of this birth: 35 yrs. 
12: Birthplace (city or place)  Batavia 
                     (Name of State)  Illinois 
13.  Occupation:  Bakery Manager 
14.  Mother's full maiden name:  Margeretta Fietz 
15.  Residence at time of this birth:  Chicago, Illinois 
16.  Color: White      17:  Age at time of birth:  32 yrs. 
18.  Birthplace, (city or Place)  Berlin 
                       (country)  Germany 
19.  Occupation:  Housewife 
20. (a)  Number of children, including this birth:  1 
    (b)  Number of children living, including this birth: 1 
21.  No attendant listed 

Affidavit given by Elmer M. Simons, father, that I had actual knowledge of 
the facts as stated in this Record of Birth at the time the birth occurred, 
and know them to be true: and that I am related to this person as father.     
Signed by Elmer M. Simons 
   Present Address:  2433 W. Congress St. 
   Subscribed to, and sworn before me this  27 day of Feb, 1942 
      Ida Ann Christensen, Notary Public 
   My commission expires   12/1/45 

22.  Filed:  October 16, 1942     Herman N. Bundesen, Registrar 

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