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Contributor: 	Bobby Lykins	Apr 2005

  I, MICHAEL J. FLYNN, County Clerk of the County of Cook, in the State aforesaid, and Keeper of the Records and Files of said County, do hereby certify that the attached is a true and correct copy of the Original Certificate of Birth of       ROBERT BENNETT ZALESKI on file in this office and recorded in Volume No. 77    Page  487   Register of Birth.  All of which appears from the records and files in my office.


COUNTY SEAL                         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of the County  

                                                Of Cook, at my office, in the City of Chicago, in said County, this  13th  day of  September

                                                A.D.  1940.

                                                                        SIGNED  Michael J. Flynn

                                                                                    County Clerk


Now here’s the other page                                                                                              Form 206A

                                                                                                                                    (hand written) 24791

State of Illinois  }                                    REPORT OF BIRTH

Cook County    }            Vital Statistics Department—County Clerk’s Office


1. Full Name of Child                  Robert Bennett Zaleski

2. Sex                           Male                 Race or Color (if not of the white race)      White

3. Number of Child of this Mother      First     How many now living  (in all)       one

4. Date of this Birth   October 25, 1915

5. Place of Birth  No. 5421 Morgan  Street   Chicago  Ill }                          Village

6. Residence of Mother  No. 5651 So Turner Street  “    “  }                        City  Town

7. Place of Birth                                     Town                 State or Country                        Age of

           a. Father                        Chicago                     Illinois                                          22

           b. Mother                       Chicago                     Illinois                                          24

8. Full Name of Mother               Ethel Marie Zaleski

9. Maiden Name of Mother          Ethel Marie Parker

10. Full Name of Father              Robert Conrad Zaleski

11. Occupation of Father            R.R. Fireman

12. Name and Address of Nurse or Attendant ( if any )       BLANK

                                                Reported by W. S. Conn (?)        { M.D.


Date  June 7 1916                      Residence 5421 Morgan                         Telephone     BLANK



Hope this can help someone,  I would be happy to send a copy to anyone who is family.  And would love to get the original to it’s original owner, or child or grandchild .   


                                    Bobby Lykins   

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