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Old St. John's Church

dedicated October 30, 1859.

Rev. John Waldron was the pastor.

Information contributed for use in Cook County ILGenWeb by various submitters.



Contributed by:    Nancy St.Romain    August 2003


These records are from the LDS rolls for St. John's Church, Chicago:
Baptisms, confirmations and marriages, 1859-1915. The following are
pages from that roll.


Baptisms, August, 1870:

1 - Ann of Dennis Morgan and Mary McNeary. Sp. John Holihan, Honora

Mary Ann of Pat O'Neil and Mary Murphy. Sp. J.V. Creseph, Ellen Banny

23 - Mary of George Welos and Mary Lee. Sp. R.H. McGee, Mary Hollahan

24 - Jenns of John Doman and Jeannie Dillon. Sp. May Hattson. Baptized
in the hospital by R.R. McGuire

George of John Anderson and Mary Tilch (?), Sp. R.J.W. and Anestina
Heninson. Baptized in the hospital by R.R. McGuire.

Catherine of Hugh McGuire and Elizabeth Shaw. Sp. James Murphy.
Baptized in the hospital.

Mary of John Dempsey and Mary Dooly. Sp. Ann Kennan. Baptized in the
hospital by R.R. McGuire

Baptisms October 22, 1871 All Baptisms by R.F. McGuire. Pastor was
still John Waldron

Robert of Thomas McGuire and Catherine Armstrong. Sp. Robert Smith and
Lizzie Smith.

Kate of Derlin Cleary and Bridget Lynch. Sp. James Cunningham, Margaret

Louis Hector of Louis Lafontaine and Henrietta DePencier. Sp. Eleanor
Depensue, Hermtes Grito

Ellen of John Flinn and Mary Hartigan. Sp. John Drew, Mary Griffin

John Patrick of Thomas Kerwin and Mary Sharkey. Sp. Daniel Kerwin,
Julia Sharkey

Edward William of Thomas Fitzgerald and Catherine Reynolds. Sp. Edward
Clump, Catherine Purcell

John of Thomas Sheila and Catherine McGull. Sp. Augusta (?) Oakes,
Hanna McManus.

Mary of Barthome Vaughin and Bridget Murphy

Baptisms, October 29, 1871

Elizabeth of John Cogan and Elizabeth McGuire. Sp. Samuel Cogan,
Margaret O'Brien

Gertrude of Martin Vaughan and Mary Conners. Sp. Patrick Bush, Bridget

Louisa of John Shields and Catherine Shea. Sp. William Shea, Lorraine

Winifred of William Flinn and Winifred Flinn. Sp. Mary Burke and

Baptisms, November 1, 1871

Ellen Maria of James Feeney and Delia McGuire. Sp. John Connell, Mary
Ann Kelly. Baptism done by R.H. McGuire

John of Michael Crowly and Mary Driscoll. Sp. John Crowly, Margaret

Ann of Michael Dolan and Margaret Smith. Sp. Patrick Dolan, Theresa

Baptisms, November 12, 1871. These baptisms were all done by R.H.
McGuire. John Waldron was still pastor.

Ellen of Daniel (?)Cairol and Ellen O'Conner. Sp. Thomas Shannesey and
Margaret Shering

Mary of Thomas Finnigan and Elizabeth Barley. Sp. Michael Finnigan,
Mary Finnigan

Bridget of Mathew Cooney and Mary Carling. Sp. James Cooney, Mary

John Timothy of John (?)Colthrust and Hannah Colthrust. Sp. William
O'Hern, Catherine Coburn

Baptisms Novermeber 15, 1871

Robert James of David Jackson and Mary Graham. Sp. Bridget Collins,
and unknown

Ann of Kate Tooney. Sp. Mrs. Ferguson. Baptism done in the hospital.

Baptisms November 19, 1871

William James of Thomas Brady and Delia Parmer. Sp. James Morgan, Kate

Susan of James McGuire and Susan Jane O'Ryley. Sp. Hugh McDermott,
Margaret O'Conner

Baptisms August 9, 1873 Baptisms done by John Waldron

I Baptized Alfonse William of Lee Wenolbuster and Mary Francis Gorman.
Sp. Michael Mulchahy , Elizabeth Wenolbuster

I Baptized Luke of John Dockery and Mary Herbert. Sp. Patrick Burke,
Emma O'Donnell.

I Baptized William Patrick of Nicholas Walsh Sims and Catherine Brower.
Sp. Daniel Nolan, Elizabeth Barry

I baptized Annie Gertrude of James Feeney and Delia McGuire. Sp. ?Fr.
Thos. McDermott, Bridget Feeney

I Baptized Honora of Thomas Walsh and Margaret Hickey. Sp. Patrick
Condon, Alice Hickey

I Baptized Anne of Michael Melvin and Bridget Melvin. Sp. Michael
Rolph, Mary Kenney

I Baptized Honora of Thomas Walsh and Margaret Hickey

Dennis of John Keffe and Margaret Hart. Sp. John Keffe, Catherine Hart.

I Baptized Catherine of John Sween and Ellen O'Conner. Sp. Patrick
Casey, Maria (?)Walgreen

I Baptized Mary of Thomas Hayes and Mary (?). Sp. William Heffernin,
Kate (?)
Baptisms, Old St. John's continued

September, 1875 Baptisms all done by Pastor, John Waldron

Sept. 1:
I Baptized Margaret Mary of James A. Neil and ? McHugh. Sp. William
McHugh and Elen Bras

I Baptized John Patrick of John O'Conner and Rosa Lynch. Sp. William
McMannis, Ellen Howard

I Baptized William Aged 26 of Robert Lowery and Mary Lowery. Sp. Daniel
Calaher, Ann Callaher

Sept. 11:
John Joseph of James Feeny and Bridget McGuire. Sp. P.C. Feeny and Ann

James Henry of Joseph Fitzgerald and Ann Mullony. Sp. John Fitzgerald,
Marge Pesiter

Rosa Ann of John Conlan and Mary Costegan. Sp. Thomas O'Mara, Mary

Mary Ellen of George Lean and Elen Hart. Sp. Thomas Hart, Mary Doyle

William Herting of Huch McLoughlan and Marge O'Ryan. Sp. William
Herting, Julia H. Herting

Sept. 14:
Mary of Frank Montague and Ellen Ryan. Sp. James Ryan, Ann Ryan

Ellen of Michael Browen and Marge Shambs. Sp. John Browen, Kate Harny

William Owen, Father unknown of Ellen Clemens. Sp. John Tobin, Ann
William. Baptized in the hospital by Rev. W. Dorney

Mary Margaret, Father unknown of of Margaret ?rit. Sp. James Tobin, Ann
Morgan. Baptized in the hospital.

July 1, 1878
Alice, born June 9
of James HASSETT and Maggie McConnell
Sponsors Robert Anderson and Lizzie McConell

July 9, 1878
Margaret Elizabeth, born July 9
of Richard SANDERS and Anne Neiry
Sponsors M. Callaghan and Eliza Neiry

July 11, 1878
William Joseph, born July 10
of John RYAN and Catherine Toohey
Sponsors Michael and Maggie Toohey

July 15, 1878
Mary A., born May 8
of F.W. GUDRYAHN and Hanna Christy
Sponsor Adell Mulligan

July 19, 1878
Mary, born July 18
of Phil WADE and Margaret Walsh
Sponsor Mrs. Lang

July 21, 1878
Delia D. born June 28
of Daniel D. GREEN and Kate Mangan
Sponsors William R. Coughlan and Bridget Padden

July 21, 1878
Mary R. born June 29
of Edward RUDSON and Margaret A. Tooey
Sponsors James Barnett and Ellen McConnell

July 21, 1878
Margaret W. born July 15
of James FEENEY and Bridget McGuire
Sponsors Con Gorman and Hattie Brisen

July 21, 1878
Charlotte born July 10
of John CUNNINGHAM and Mary H. (?)Lonnes
Sponsors Michael Morrison and Mary Murphy

July 21, 1878
John E. born July 14
of John McCARTHY and Catherine Sheedy
Sponsors William Flanedy and D. Connolly

July 21, 1878
John Joseph born June 18
of Jacob WAGNER and Mary Grill
Sponsors Fred Wagner and Prudenc Gowan

July 28, 1878
Anna M. born July 6
of Richard WHEELER and Ann Clark
Sponsors Patrick Wheeler and Mrs. Kelly

July 28, 1878
John Joseph born July 13
of John ROHEN and Kate Donnivon
Sponsors John Sherry and Hanna Monnahan

July 28, 1878
Ellen Angelis born July 28
of Michael BRENNAN and Mary McGan
Sponsor Susie Stogher

July 28, 1878
Cornelius Charles born January 11, 1877
of Cornella MAZZARO and Nellie Duggan
Sponsor Mrs. Meyers

August 4, 1878
Mary Eva born May 2
of Theodore DRICE and Bridget Morisey
Sponsor Eleonor McNamara

August 4, 1878
Ellen Johanna born July 15
of Joseph J. GERRITY and Bridget O'Halloran
Sponsors G.W. Hatterling and Mary O'Tool

August 4, 1878
Hugh Francis born July 21
of Patrick McNEILL and Ellen Lannigan
Sponsors Bernard McLindon and Mary McLindon

August 4, 1878
Rose Ann born July 9
of Michael DOUGERTY and Mary A. Fagan
Sponsors David Fagan and Catherine Banby

August 4, 1878
Anna born July 26
of Michael TOOHEY and Mary Goden
Sponsors John Ryan and Bridget Toohey

August 10, 1878
Laura born July 15
of Henry HOOPER and Ann Carney
Sponsors W.A. Horan and Mary Steed

(Note: Priest who did most of these baptisms was W.A. Horan.)


Baptisms, 1891

April 5.

I baptized Patrick Iawes born March 14 of Merrick Yelverton and Ellen
McIssy. Sp. Patrick O'Leary, Johanna O'Leary

I baptized Margarite born January 14 of Garret Keating and Agnes Redden.
Sp. Michael Keating, Ellen Gallagher

I baptized Thomas Henry born March 14 of Denis Dwyer and Sarah Doherty.
Sp. Joseph Conden, Lizzie Doherty

I baptized Elizabeth Dora born Marh 28 of Frank Doran and Catherine
Feeney. Sp. Charles Doran, Lizzie Doran

I baptized John born March 21 of Patrick John Cook and Ellen Brennan.
Sp. Patrick Ira ?Buck and Margaret Cook

Baptisms 1892 These baptisms done by M. O'Brien

January 4 I baptized John Joseph born December 16 of John J. Geary and
Maggie Harrington. Sp. Winie Dunn

January 10 I baptized Mary born December 10 of Ed Kenny and Catherine
O'Keefe. Sp. Peter Feeey and Mary Lehman

January 12 I baptized Gertrude born July 17 of Christopher Brady and
Elizabeth O'Neill. Sp. Annie McFree

January 17 I baptized Edward Francis born January 14th of Edward M.
Landers and Kate Arthur. Sp. James Knight, Catherine Arthur

January 17 I baptized Mary Gladys Wilmer born June 9 of Robert H. Davis
and Mary A. Robeland. Sp. Mary O'Sullivan

January 17 I baptized Grace Winifred born 26, 1889 of Robert H. Davis
and Mary A. Robeland. Sp. Mary O'Sullivan and Thomas Scott

Baptisms July 1893

July 20 Gossum born July 9 of Marisso Dotts and Rose Sangona. Sp. Vito
Sangana, Filippe Carderoua

July 23 Joseph Leo born July 7 of Joseph Burns and Winifred McDonald.
Sp. James Burns, Kittie McDonald

July 23 Patrick born June 14 of Maurice Nevin and Catherine Diggins.
Sp. Eugene McElligott, Nora Diggins

July 23 Mabel Helen born March 23 of Charles Cook and Maggie L. Cole.
Sp. Hugh Coll, Catherine Howard

July 23 Laura Agnes born June 28 of Frank St.Paul Palermo and Mary
Teresa Killen. Sp. Loui Salvano, Mary Sullivan

July 30 Harold Edward born July 1892 of Fred Duffman and Anna Hartman.
Sp. Florence Hartman

July 30 Ida Louisa born June 19 of Adolph Ardell and Isa Louisa
Letmann. Sp. Adoff J. Seballer, Maria Letmann

Baptisms August 1893

August 6 Thomas Michael born July 26 of William Proctor and Mary
Farral. Sp. Eugene Mulvaney, Mary Mulvaney. Notation: Thomas Michael
married Emily Buerk October 20, 1920, St. Basil's Chicago.

August 13 James born August 4 of Michael Canary and Nellie Feeney. Sp.
Joseph Murphy, Gertie Feeney

August 13 Benjamin Thomas born January 1 of William Gaynor and Maggie
Baylor. Sp. Charles Weisborth, Katie Weisborth

These marriage records are also from Old St. John's Church. Same

January, 1871. Marriages performed by Rev. John Waldron:

January 1: I married James Benjamin and Kate Lyman. Witness John Lyman
and Nedda O'Neil

January 3: I married John O'Conner and Mary McNulty. Witness: Michael
Hart and Bridget Murphy

January 3: I married John Murphy and Alice Lyman. Witness James
Corbett and ? Corbett

January 3: I married James Farrell and Marie Dillon. Witness: James
Murphy and Ellen Reynold

January 10: I married James Feeney and Bridget McGuire. Witness John
Conway and Ellen ?Pajin

January 15: I married Michael Mullan and Lizzie Keefe. Witness John
Slattery and Mary Conley

January 20: I maried David Couhlin and Bridget McCarly. Witness Thomas
Morrisey and Bridget McCabe.

January 23: I married John McElroy and Elizabeth Sar???.
WitnessAnthony Kerwin and Catherine Hartman.

August 1891. Marriages performed by M. O'Brien

I married Martin McGowan and Maggie Hughes on 2nd of August 1891.
Witness: Edward Cogan and Mary Nooan

August 5 I married Alexander Morrison and Connie Clark. Withness
Frank Nixon or Loretta Gill

August 22 I married Thomas Burke and Marge Sweeney. Witness Ed Cogan
and Mary Miller

August 25 I married John Driscoll and Mary Kane. Witness Ed Cogan and
Mary Driscoll

August 26 I married Michael Canary and Nellie Feeney. Witness T. I.
O'herne and Mary McGuire

August 30 I married Denis D. Dunne and Maggie A. Ward. Witness Patrick
Boyle and Sarah Connors

Marriages September 1891 Marriages performed by M. O'Brien

September 12 I married Robert Mulhollan and Maggie Gaughan. Witness
Hugh Byrne and Delia LaVelle

September 20 I married Patrick Flynn and Margaret Connelly. Wtness
Edward Cogan and Christiana Barry.

September 23 I married John Bandon and Maria Hunt. Witness Thomas Ryan
and Delia Flanagan

September 28 I married George Shock and Lizzie Farrell. Witness Otto
Shock and Kate Monahan

September 28 I married Joseph Rousseau and Anastasia Reinhart. Witness
Louis A. Gantcamp and M. Molory.

September 20, 1870
William McGuire and Catherine Sullivan

October 6, 1870
John MNerney and Mary Sonnett

October 6, 1870
Paul Ryan and Lucy McGuire

October 6, 1870
Mathew Fleming and Mary Jane Gibbons

November 1, 1871
Thomas McGourty and Ann McFarland

November 1, 1871
James Lenahan and Jenny Gibbons

October 13, 1872
Thomas Kerns and Elizabeth McNerney

October 13, 1872
Thomas Daly and Maggie McNerney

November 27, 1873
Peter A. Maguire and Julia McCabe

June, 1874
John Lawlor and Mary Feeney

January, 1875
Devin Comisky and Anne Maguire

October 1874
Michael Feeny and Maria Gavin
Witnesses: Michael Bracken and Dora Gavin

June 20, 1876
John Caroll and Mollie Powers
Witnesses: Lawrence Inargew(?) and Eliza Feeney

August 12, 1877
Patrick Jordan and Elizabeth McGuire
Witnesses: Francis and Mary Maguire

February 25, 1878
Justin Roak and Maggie Maguire

February 24, 1879
Edward Regan and Annie A. Maguire

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