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                             Chicago City Directory Listings
                                    Cook County, Illinois

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Submitter:        Jan Tynan Dempsey, added May 2001

1861-62 Chicago Directory

MURPHY,   James,      butcher, 153 S DesPlaines
MURPHY,   James,      lab.,                          bds. 20 W Harrison
MURPHY,   James,      lab.,                          h 45 Michigan
MURPHY,   James,      lab., 126 W Harrison
MURPHY,   James,      lab., 168 Van Buren
MURPHY,   James,      lab., 208 Sherman
MURPHY,   James,      lab., Sebor nr S Jefferson
MURPHY,   James,      lab.,                          h n s DeKoven bet S Clinton and S Jefferson
MURPHY,   James,      lab.,                          h w s Larrabee nr Division
MURPHY,   James,      shoemkr.,                      h 60 Sherman
MURPHY,   James,      tailor,                        h Wolcott cor White
MURPHY,   James,      grocer, 131 Milwaukee av
Contributor:	Nancy St.Romain  August 2003	
FARR, Electa C., wid S., boarding 168 W. Adams
FARRAN, William, stonecutter, bds 167 Van Buren
FARRAR, Thomas, lab. h DeKoven nr S. Canal
FARREL, James, agt Herring & Co., safes, 40 State, bds Matteson House
FARRELL Andrew, bartender J. Freely, h S Clinton cor W Lake
FARRELL, Andrew, gardener, h S Rucker cor Rebecca
FARRELL, Andrew J., grocer, S Rucker cor Rebecca, h same
FARREL David, carpenter, h Liberty n e cor S Jefferson
FARRELL, Edward, lab, h c s N Halsted nr Clybourn av
FARRELL, Francis H., h 384 Ohio 
FARRELL, John, teamster, h 273 State
FARRELL, John watchman, h 338 Ohio
FARRELL, John H., bds 183 Van Buren
FARRELL, Martin, grocer, Buffalo bet Twelfth and Liberty
FARRELL, Patrick, lab h 142 Forquer
FARRELL, Patrick A., forman freight depot C & N W Ry, h n s Carroll nr N
FARRELL, Thomas, lab h Paulina cor W Indiana
FARRELL, Timothy, boarding, 183 Van Buren
FARRELL, Timothy, lab h 181 Sherman
FARREN, John, blacksmith, h 263 W Lake
FARREN, Mary E., boarding 48 N Dearborn
FARRIER, Christian, saddler Horton & Kidder
FARRINGTON Leroy, clerk Day, Allen & Co., bds 340 W Madison
FARRINGTON, Samuel P., (Day, Alen & Co.) h 340 W Madison
FARSCHON, Sebastian, wagonmkr, w s Sedgwick ab Asylum av, hsame
FARTZ, Adam, Carpenter, h r 515 State
FARWELL, Charles, h Twelfth nr State
FARWELL Charles B., county clerk, office Court House, h Wabash av s w
cor Twelfth
FARWELL, Frank W, bookkeeper G. C. Cooke & Co. 
FARWELL, Henry, deputy county clerk, office Court House, bds Wabash av s
w cor Twelfth
FARWELL John A., bookkeeper J. M. Adsit, bds 94 LaSalle
FARWELL John H., silverplater, 160 Clark
FARWELL, John V., (Cooley, Farwell & Co.) h 376 Wabash av
FARWELL, Marcus A., (M.D. Gilman & Co.) h 278 Wabash
FARWELL Simeon, bag manfr, 22 Market, h 19 N Sangamon
FARWELL Stephen T., salesman A.G. Garfield, bds 94 LaSalle
FARWELL William W., (Farwell & Smith) h 171 W Washington
FARWELL & SMITH, (William W. Farwell and Sidney Smith) lawyers 81 Clark
FASHIENSTEIN Francis, h 81 Ohio
FASHIENSTEIN George, carpenter, h 81 Ohio
FASSETT George M., bds Burnet House
FASSETT Milo M., lawyer, 151 Randolph, h w s Orchard bet Willow and
FASSETT Samuel M. (Fassett & Cook) h 167 W Jackson
FASSETT & COOK, (Samuel Fassett and George S. Cook) photographers 122
and 124 Clark
FATE John, lab h Walnut nr Robey
FAUL F. B., student Sloan's Commercial College
FAULKNER Catherine, wid John, h 96 W Polk
FAULKNER John B., sailor, h 28 De Peyster
FAULKNER Michael, driver, h S Morgan cor W Polk
FAULKNER Samuel, (Satterlee, Wells & Faulkner) h 301 State
FAULSCH Antoin, lab, h s s Goethe nr N Wells
FANTE Nicholas, painter, h 20 Foster
FAVARGER Augustus, h 224 N Clark
FAVEY John, sailor, h 132 W Harrison
FAVOR Otis S., bookkeeper Thomas Simms, h 148 W. Taylor
FAVOR Zebulon C., wheelwright, h 148 W. Taylor
FAVORITE Samuel, (J. G. Law & Co) h Dayton, Ind
FAXON Albert E., (Keith, Faxon & Co.) h Michigan av s of Twelfth
FAXON Ellis G. L., paper hangings, 70 Lake, bds 121 LaSalle
FAY Albert R. (Fay & Co) h 380 W. Madison
FAY August A., boarding 80 W. Twelfth
FAY Augustus S. boarding, 162 Madison
FAY E. Smith, clerk J. Nottingham
FAY J. Edwards, (Claflin & Fay) bds 185 Buffalo
FAY James, cooper, h 51 W Jackson
FAY John, carpenter, h 183 W Harrison
FAY Henry, lab h 257 Buffalo
FAY Rice, with Fay & Co., bds 109 Buffalo
FAY Samuel D., (Fay & Co.) h 109 Buffalo
FAY Smith, bds 65 Wabash av
FAY William, lab, bds Sebor bet S Canal and Beach
FAY William, mason, h s s Quincy nr S Des Plaines
FAY & CO., (W. H. Doane, agt) machinery depot, 132 Clark
FAY & CO., (Albert R. and Samuel D. Fay) prod com mers, 12 LaSalle
FAZAKAS Andrew, furrier, h Union cor Meridian
FEA Hendrick, lab h n s W Polk bet Des Plaines and Foster
FEABRIST Mary, wid Christian, h Liberty bet S.Union and S Halsted
FEAKES Thomas, butcher, State nr Old
FEALY Cornelius, lab bds 162 Van Buren
FECH Theodore, pedlar, bds 48 Sherman
FECHER Lawrence, cabinetmkr, h S Halsted nr Maxwell
FECHTER Nicholas, moulder h n s Starr nr Sedgwick
FEDER Frederick, boots and shoes, 43 N Clark, h 81 Ohio
FEDERSCHMID, Gottlieb, cabinetmkr, h 476 State
FEDERSCHMD, Marie, midwife, 476 State
FEEHLEY Timothy, musician, bds 334 Clinton
FEELEY Catherine, workwoman, bds 53 Quincy
FEELEY John, lab, h n s De Koven bet S. Clinton and S. Jefferson
FEENY, John, marblecutter, h 382 W. Taylor
FEENY Mark, lab, h Catherine nr Blue Isld av
FEENY Patrick, h Ewing nr S May
FEERECK John, drayman, h 95 Sedgwick
McGREEVY, John, saloon, 237 Wells
McGREEVY, Michael, lab, h 98 N Jefferson
McGUIGAN, Mary, h 138 Jackson
McGUIRE, Arthur, h 335 State
McGUIRE, Bridget, wid Francis h 338 S. Clinton
McGUIRE, Charles, lab, h 231 N. Market
McGUIRE, Dennis, lab h 6 Kansas
McGUIRE, Edward, pedlar, h 302 S Halsted
McGUIRE, James, lab h r 8 Indiana
McGUIRE, James, lab, h Front nr N Halsted
McGUIRE, John, saloon, 88 Kinzie
McGUIRE, Joseph, lab, h Third bet N Halsted and N Union
McGUIRE, Michael, lab h s s Barber bet S Canal and S Jefferson
McGUIRE, Michael, saloon, 14 N Clark, h 181 Ontario
McGUIRE, Patrick, h N Reuben cor Fourth
McGUIRE, Patrick, painter, h 209 N Carpenter
McGUIRE, Patrick, carpenter, h 26 White
McGUIRE, Philip, sailor, h 267 Wolcott
McGUIRE, Thomas, carpenter, h 17 Wesson
McGUIRE, Thomas, drayman, h Buena Vista bet Douglas av and Cottage Grove
McGUIRE, Thomas, sailor, h 177 S Jefferson
McGURN, John, h s s W Polk nr Blue I av
McGURN, Julia, boarding, 70 N Franklin
McGURN, Mary, wid Christopher, h 34 Prairie
McHALE, Michael, shipcarpenter, h 245 Illinois
McHENRY, George S., beds 143 Monroe
McHENRY, James, lawyer, 124 Randolph
McHERRON, Charles H., confectioner, 118 N Clark
McHUGH, James, lab, h 271 State
McHUGH, John, grocer, n s Divison nr op N Franklin
McHUGH, Nicholas, sailor, h w s Johnson nr W Twelfth
McHUGH, Patrick, lab h n s Divison c r Grace
McILROY, Daniel, lawyer, 96 Randolph, bds Cottage Grove av nr Hardin pl
McILROY, Patrick, lab h r 109 Edina pl
McILVAINE, John D, salesman Ewing, Briggs & Co., h 209 Erie
McILVAINE, John S., student Sloan's commercial college, bds 209 Erie
McINERNEY, John, lab h e s Roberts bet Erie and Huron
McINNESS, Willian, plumber, John Hughes
McINNES, Maria A., millinery, 200 Clark
McINNIS, Peter, brewer, h Hubbard bet Lincoln and Robey
McINTIRE, John S., houseraiser, h 248 Ohio
McINTIRE, Simeon P., porter Wadsworth & Wells
McINTOSH, David, capt, brig John S. Harvey, h 326 W Madison
McINTYRE, Bridget, wid James, h Walnut cor Wood
McINTYRE, Francis A., agt, 220 Market, h 280 W Harrison
McINTYRE, John, blacksmith, h Market n e cor VanBuren
McINTIRE, Martin, lab h Bunker nr S Des-Plaines
McINTYRE, Mary, wid Daniel, h 65 Buffalo
McINTYRE, Richard, h 196 W Lake
McINTYRE, Simon P., clerk Wadsworth & Wells, bds City Hotel
McINTYRE, Stephen, fruit, etc., 96 Washington, h North av n e cor S Larrabee
McINTYRE, William, carpenter, h Mitchel bet Waller and Blue I av
McINTYRE, William, sailor, bds 127 Market
McIRNANY, George, saloo, 10 N Clark
McJOHN, Edward, varnisher, h Damen nr S May
McJUNKIN, Isaiah, (McJunkin & Skeer), bds 187 Wabash av
McJUNKIN & SKEER, (Isaiah McJunkin and John D. Skeer), physicians, 44 Clark
McKAIN, Edwin, bookkeeper, W. VanFleet & Co.
McKAREY, James, cooper, h 94 N Morgan
McKAY, Almida, wid John, bds 494 W Lake
McKAY, Charles P., carpenter, al bet Michigan and Wabash avs nr Adams, h 176 State
McKAY, Duncan, clerk, A. G. Downs & Co., bds Market cor VanBuren
McKAY, Edward, sailor, h 349 S Clinton
McKAY, James, bds s s Ohio nr St Clair
McKAY, James, (McKay & Bactin), bds 24 Kinzie
McKAY, James, blacksmith, h 38 Carroll 
McKAY, James, carpenter, bds 176 State
McKAY, James R., clerk, Munger & Armour, bds Clifton House
McKAY, Margaret, wid Patrick, h 45 S Union
McKAY, Michael, expressman, h s s Ohio e of St. Clair
McKAY, Murdoch, timekeeper, h W Taylor ns S Canal
McKAY, Patrick, saloon, 251 N Water
McKAY, Samuel, grocer, 269 and 271 N Water
McKAY, Stewart, carpenter, bds 176 State
McKAY, Thomas, lab, h 87 N Market
McKAY & BACTIN, (James McKay and Joseph Bactin), blacksmiths, 24 Kinzie
McKEAN, John, drayman, h Noble bet W Chicago av and Milwaukee av
McKEAND, George, mer tailor, 46 Clark, h 74 W Adams
McKEE, James, h 23 Edina pl
McKEE, John, sailor, Catherine cor Loomis
McKEE, Theodore J., machinist, h 94 W Polk
McKEE, William, boarding, 223 and 225 Clark
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