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Contributor:        Michelle, June 1999

"H" Listings  - page 408

Name, Occupation, Address (business or r.=residential)
HULL, Charles (Charles Hull & Bro.), r. 155 Archer av.
HULL, Charles J. real estate dealter, 162 Lake, r. 330 S.Halsted
HULL, Charles & Bro. (Charles and Samuel Hull), wagonmakers and blacksmiths, 250 and 252 Archer av.
HULL, C.J. r. Wabansia av. nr. McHenry
HULL, Delos, clerk, Am.Ex.Co.
HULL, Frank, receipt clerk, Am.Ex.Co. bds. 14 3d av.
HULL, George H. (Arthur & Hull), r. Babcock's Grove, Illinois
HULL, Henry J. printer, Tribune Co. bds. 201 Michigan
HULL, John H. train despatcher, C.&.N.W.R.R. r. 522 Chicago av.
HULL, Joshua R. (Hull, Lidell & Co.)
HULL, J.E.A. wid. A.W., r. 42 and 44 Jackson
HULL, Lidell & Co. (Joshua R. Hull, William H. Lidell, and -----), hops and malt, 215 S.Water
HULL, Martin B. (Roberts, Calkins & Hull) r.800 Wabash av.
HULL, Nathan, lab. r. 255 Schiller
HULL, Robert, carpenter, r. 44 Hope
HULL, Samuel (Charles Hull and Bro.) r. 151 Archer av.
HULL, S.W. (Hull & Cloon) r.Geneva Ill.
HULL, Thomas, agent, car dept. C.&.N.W.R.R. Wis. and Mil.Divs. r. N.Green,sw. cor. W.Erie
HULL, Tracy D. r. 493 Elston road
HULL, V.T., printer, bds. 201 Michigan
HULL & Cloon (S.W. Hull and P.B. Cloon) bakers, 195,197and 199 Illinois, cor. Dearborn
HULL & Green, butchers, 279 Calumet av. r. same
HULLUM, Frederick, works Jesup, Kennedy & Co. 11 and 13 Wells
HULSE, Joshua L. Wyman & Law
HULSHOPPER, Charles, cooper, r. 19 Emma
HULSHOPPER, Ernst, lab. r. 19 Emma
HULSKER, James A., lab. r. 318 Sampson
HULST, Martin, packer, r. 48 Michigan
HULTBERG, Peter P., masson, r. 55 Bremer
HULTZ, Conrad, painter, C.A. Frear & Sons
HULTZ, William, lab. r. 233 Church
HULVENDER, John, lab. r. 292 W.Tyler
HUMAN, Magdalene, wid. Michael, r. 197 Holt
HUMANN, Henry, lab. C.B. & Q. R.R. storage
HUMBURG, Louis, harnessmaker, r. 190 Cornell
HUMBLE, William P. (Charles Beardslee, Bros & Co.) r. 711 W. Monroe
HUME, Wallace, stage carpenter, Crosby's Opera House, r. 112 Dearborn
HUMEL, Frederick, tanner, bds. 208 Chicago av.
HUMER, Charles W. painter, r. 35 Bremer
HUMES, Thomas L. U.S. inspector of steamboats, Custom House bldg. r.715 Fulton
HUMMAN, Peter, stonecutter, r. 1281/2 12th
HUMMEL, Ernst (Allmendinger & Hummel) r.260 Rush
HUMMELL, Ernst, teamster, r.204 Blue Island av. upstairs
HUMMEL, G. boot and shoe mnfr. 237 N. Wells, r. same
HUMMEL, Jacob, butcher, r. Seymour. ar. Fulton
HUMMEL, William, brewer, F.Wacker, bds. 848 Franklin
HUMMER, Charles W., painter, J.B. Sullivan, r. 35 Bremer
HUMMERSTRIM, Peter, cabinetmaker, r. 83 Bremer
HUMPHREVILLE, T.L. (Humphreville & Dunne) r. 109 Whitney
HUMPHREVILLE & Dunne (T.L. Humphreville and M.J. Dunne), lawyers, rooms 14 and 15, 87 Washington
HUMPHREY, Charles C., cler, Richmond & Bond, r. 311 N. Clark
HUMPHREY, E.J., confectionery, 628 W. Lake, r. same
HUMPHREY, George E., salesman, Young Brothers & Co. bds. a49 Eldridge court
HUMPHREY, George H. bds. Revere Mouse
HUMPHREY, Henry M. (Moseback & Humphrey), bds. 615 Wabash av.
HUMPHREY, James, master transportation, P., Ft. W.&C.R.R.
HUMPHREY, James, lab. bds. 588 State
HUMPHREY, James E. (Day, Tilden & Co.) r. 49 Eldridge ct.
HUMPHREY, James O. r.146 W. Monroe
HUMPHREY, John, railroad master, r. 103 Clybourn av.
HUMPHREY, John E. (J.E. Humphrey & co.) r. 266 Erie
HUMPHREY, J.E.&Co. (John E. Humphrey and ----), produce com. merchants, room 13, 84 and 86 LaSalle
HUMPHREY L.A., freight agt. P., Ft. W.&C.R.W.Co. and U.S.Y.T. Co. r. 298 W. Washington
HUMPHREY, North S., machinist, r. 111 Wabansia av.
HUMPHREY, Rosa Mrs., dressmaker, r. 103 Clybourn av.
HUMPHREY, S.J. Rev. district secretary, American Board of Commissioners for foreign missions, 84 Washington, r. Harlem
HUMPHREY, Z.M. Rev. pastor, 1st Presbyterian church, r. 615 Wabash av.
HUMSEY, J.S. r. 313 Huron
HUNCAN, John, clerk, r. 144 Erie
HUND, Edward, hostler, American Express Co.
HUNDEBURTH, John, carpenter, r. 461 Milwaukee av.
HUNGATE, Andrew J. auctioneer, William Griffiths & Co. r. 157 4th av.
HUNGATE, George W. agt. r. 157 4th av.
HUNGERBUHLER, Andreas, locksmith, bds. Lafayette House
HUNGERFORD, Horace H., machinist, r.238 Centre av.
HUNGERFORD, Mary, wid. George, r.12 N.Elizabeth
HUNNEMANN, F., watchmaker and jeweler, 155 Milwaukee av. r. same
HUNNEMANN, Julius, r. 56 E. Hinsdale
HUNNEMANN, William, r. 56 E. Hinsdale
HUNNESHAGEN, George, painter, r. 24 Milwaukee av.
HUNNINGTON, Pope C., fruitdealer, bds. 60 Park av.
HUNT, Albert B., clerk, Fuller, Finch & Fuller
HUNT, Anna, wid, John, r. 350 S. Halsted
HUNT, August, lab. r. 47 English
HUNT, Barbour & Hale (James F. Hunt, Frederick A. Hunt, Edward Barbour and Robert W. Hale), dry goods importers and jobbers, 3,5, and 7 Lake
HUNT, A. Lucus ( Edwin Hunt & Sons), bds. 146 Michigan av.
HUNT, Carl, lab. r. 207 Adams
HUNT, Caroline M., wid. William J. r.637 W. Washington
HUNT, Charles G., clerk, r. 117 S. Halsted
HUNT, Charles H.(Hunt & Goodwin) r. 85 Rush
HUNT, Clement M., cashier, Edwin Hunt & Sons, bds. 146 Michigan av.
HUNT, C.E., student, Bryant & Stratton's Business College
HUNT, C,F,, r. 460 W Jackson
HUNT, C.H., salesman, Wilson Bros., bds. 1043 Wabash av.
HUNT, Edward, lab. r. 107 Wentworth av.
HUNT, Edward L., clerk, H.P. Baker, bds. 993 Wabash av.


Contributor:        Diane G., added May 2001

1867 Chicago Directory

BAEHRINGER,  Carl,         blacksmith 484 Larrabee, h 20 Howe.
BAER,        A.            porter Taylor & Wright, h 595 N. Clark.
BAER,        Adam,         grocer, h 111 Chicago av.
BAER,        Charles A.,   clk 104 Lake, h 237 N. Clark.
BAER,        F.,           wks 391 State, h 221 Blue Island av.
BAER,        Frederick,    (E. Walther & Co.,) h Patterson N. J.
BAER,        Frederick,    asst foreman Gillett & King, h 17 Seward.
BAER,        Frederick,    lab C. & St. L. R. R. round house.
BAER,        Herman F.,    importer of wine and liquors 233 Randolph, h same.
BAER,        Jacob,        silver plater Heul & Collins, h 237 N. Clark.
BAER,        Joseph,       tinner, h 314 N. State.
BAER,        Julius,       harnessmkr, bds 112 W. Lake.
BAER,        Lorenz,       h 237 N. Clark.
BAER,        Philip,       h 17 Desplaines.
BAER,        Sampson       painter, bds 436 W. Madison.
BAER,        Samuel,       wks Alexander Wemberg, bds 436 W. Madison.
BAER,        William,      boot and shoe maker 101 Wells, h 201 Wells.
BAERTSCHIE,  Ulrich,       harnessmkr, h Waukegan
BAESLAN,     William F.,   clk, h 294 Chicago av.
BAETTGER,    Adam,         mason, h 466 Milwaukee av.
BAEUERLE & BIELENBERGH, woodturners 606 W. Indiana.
BAEUERLE,    Leonard,      (Baeuerle & Bielenbergh,) h 592 W. Indiana.
BAFFENBACH,  William,      housemover, h 864 Clark.
BAGART,      Frederick,    hostler Am. Ex., bds 215 State.
BAGET,       Larry,        lab, h 115 Market.
BAGG,        Frank S.,     accountant Paymaster's office M. C. Bldg.
BAGG,        H. G. I.,     saloon 383 State, h same.
BAGGERLY,    Charles,      barkeeper Adams House, bds same.
BAGGERMAN,   Henry,        stonesawer, h 130 Barber.
BAGGESON,    Abraham,      shoemaker, h alley r 44 W. Indiana.
BAGGESON,    Hans,         carpenter, h 254 N. Sangamon.
BAGGESON,    Hans,         carpenter, h 4 44 W. Indiana.
BAGGETT,     James,        lab, h 92 Indiana.
BAGGOTT E & CO., (E. Baggott and Miles Almey,) gas fixtures and plumbers material 127 Clark.
BAGGOTT,     Edward,       (E. Baggott & Co.,) h cor Taylor and Center av.
BAGGOTT,     Edward,       gas fitter, h 390 Halsted.
BAGGOTT,     J. E.,        propertyman McVicker's Theatre, h 277 State.
BAGGS,       C Tower,      h 716 Wabash av.
BAGLAN,      Mary,         saloon 82 Kinzie, h same.
BAGLEY,      C. H.,        bkpr Chicago Union Lime Works, bds 346 W. Monroe
BAGLEY,      Thomas,       boat builder 1 W Randolph.
BAGLEY,      Thomas,       sailer, bds 179 Market.
BAGNALL,     George,       paper hanger, bds 14 Third avenue.
BAGNELL,     George M.,    printer Post, h 88 1-2 Van Buren.
BAGNELL,     John,         agent, bds 27 Michigan av.
BAGNELL,     Thomas A.,    check clk A. E. Goodrich.
BAGNELL,     William,      lab, h 93 1-2 N. Market.

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