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                             Chicago City Directory Listings
                                    Cook County, Illinois

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Contributor:        Jeanne Arguelles	August 2003
1868 Chicago City Directory
McGrath Anthony, salesman, J. J. McGrath, r. 507 Mitchell

McGrath Charles, boilermaker, r. 728 Indiana av.

McGrath Christopher, porter, Law, Wyman & Law, r. Polk, cor. Warren

McGrath Cornelius, painter, B. F. Chase & Hild, r. 113 Johnson

McGrath Dennis, lab. E. E. Bromilow & Co., r. 207 N. Green

McGrath Edward, sewerbuilder, r. 20 Scott

McGrath Edward, stonecutter, r. 58 rear 270 W. Harrison

McGrath Frank J. clerk, Haywood, Cartledge & Honore, bds. 47 Randolph

McGrath James (McGrath & Rinn), r. 41 Rawson

McGrath James, florist, bds. 543 Archer av.

McGrath James, lab. r. 114 Wright

McGrath James, lab. Chicago Gas Light & Coke Co.

McGrath James, lab. r. 141 W. 22d

McGrath James, switchman, M. C. R. R. r. 131 Forquer

McGrath John, fireman, bds. 677 State

McGrath John, lab. r. 52 Wentworth av.

McGrath John, lab. r. 138 Wright

McGrath John, lab. r. 378 3d av.

McGrath John, lab. r. 381 4th av.

McGrath John, lab. Tremont house

McGrath John, puddler, bds. rear 207 N. Green

McGrath John, stamper, r. 390 4th av.

McGrath John C., miller, Michigan mills, r. 52 Wentworth av.

McGrath John J. paperdealer, r. 129 S. Halsted

McGrath John J. r. 233 Walnut

McGrath Joseph, teamster, bds. 50 Mather

McGrath Justus C. r. 233 Walnut

McGrath Mark J. bookkeeper, McNally & Co. r. 153 Desplaines

McGrath Martin, framemaker, R. B. Appleby, bds. 141 Adams

McGrath Mary, wid. Morris, r. 31 Church pl.

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 70 Blue Island av.

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 311 Michigan 

McGrath Michael, printer, r. 274 Forquer

McGrath Michael, r. 118 E. Michigan

McGrath Nicolas, lab. bds. 66 Butterfield

McGrath Patrick, foreman, r. 73  11th

McGrath Patrick, lab. P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. r. 283 Desplaines

McGrath Patrick, lab. Chicago Rolling Mill Co.

McGrath Peter, bds. 2 Sherman

McGrath Roger, carpenter, r. 101 Ewing

McGrath Roger, puddler, Chicago Rolling Mill Co.

McGrath Stephen, lab. Michael N. Greenebaum

McGrath Thomas, butcher, r. 458 W. 12th

McGrath Thomas, lab. r. 141 W. 22d

McGrath Thomas, lab. r. 151 Meagher

McGrath Thomas, mason, Wade & Hope

McGrath Thomas, r. 233 Walnut

McGrath Thomas H., builder, r. 182 W. Jackson

McGrath William, carpenter, r. 72 Damon

McGrath William, lab. r. 38 W. Pearson

McGrath William, lab. 138 Coolidge

McGrath William, lab. r. 346 Illinois

McGrath William, stonecutter, Gleeson & Cooper, r. 121 N. Sangamon

McGrath William P., carpenter, bds. 76  S. Green

McGrath & Rinn (James McGrath and Philip Rinn), coopers, 23 to 39th Rawson

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