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                             Chicago City Directory Listings
                                    Cook County, Illinois


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Contributor:        Brenda Gaetz, June 2000

Page 124-125

(These pages were VERY hard to read, but are as accurate as I could get them by scanning,
enlarging, and darkening.)


Abrahams Jacob, glazier, r. 91 Canalport av
Abrahams Louis, furniture, r. 149 Maxwell
Abrahams Moses, __, r. rear 16 Evans st
Abrahamsen Adam, sailor, r. 196 Des Plaines
Abrahamsen Charles, painter, bds. 201 N. Desplaines
Abrahamsen Nils, lab., r. 378 W. Erie
Abrahamsen Ole, lab., bds. 21 Cook
Abrahamsen Solomon, carpenter, r. 270 West Ohio
Abrahamson Abraham, lab., r. 145 Wesson
Abrahamson Andrew, mason, bds. 252 W. Erie
Abrahamson Charles, plasterer, r. 163 Bremer
Abrahamson Charles, sailor, r. rear 162 N. Desplaines
Abrahamson Edward, mason, r. 252 W. Erie
Abrahamson Erland, lab., r. 154 Bremer
Abrahamson John, lab., r. 6 Oak
Abrahamson Joseph, lab., r. rear 155 Wesson
Abrahamson Joseph, tailor, r. 29 Elm
Abrahamson Louis, lab. r. 230 W. Erie
Abrahamson Peter, carpenter, r. 30 Bremer
Abrahamson Sven A., carpenter, r. 125 Bremer
Abrams D.O., student, bds. 183 18th
Abrams Gus, grainer, bds., 17 S. Curtis
Abrams Morris, tailor, 109 1/2 Clark
Abramson Isaac, agt., r. 136 3d av
Abridge Milo M., machinist, r. 330 Park av
Abs Ferdinand, saloon, 527 Clark
Abstein Charles, clk., r. 147 W. Ohio
Abts William, bartender, bds. 280 N. Halstead
Aburns Joseph, carpenter, r. 236 Maxwell
Aca___Favarger, Mme., ___Newell, 2_6 Michigan av
Academy European Hotel, C.G. Manzy, prop. 78 S. Halsted
Academy of Music, C.R. Ga_liner, manager, 81 to 85 S. Halsted
Academy of the Christian Brothers, Bro. Hilary, director, ws. Desplaines, bet. Adams and Monroe
Academy of the Sacred Heart, Mme Neiderkorne, superior, 183 W. Taylor
Ac__i  Charles, lab., r. 85 Superior
Ace Elijah, driver, bds., 120 W. Adams
Ace Pierce, driver, bds., 120 W. Adams
Acers Standish, printer, r. 286 Napoleon pl.
Acers Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 286 Napoleon pl.
Achen Robert, carpenter, r. 15 Erie
Achert Edward E., cigar mnfr., 132 N. Clark, r. 221 Chicago av
Achhammer Michael, gardener, r. 806 Larrabee
Achhammer Thomas, gardener, r. 806 Larrabee
Achlabig A., cabinetmkr., r. 16 Centre
Achtabusk Anton, shoemkr., r. 50 Ingraham
Achten Mathias, carpenter, r. 97 Archer av
Achten Peter, lab.,  r. 17 Sheridan pl.
Achter Henry B., clk., bds. 10 W. Randolph
Achter Julius, upholsterer, r. 86 Blue Island av
Achton Theodore, carpenter, r. 356 23d
Ackelbein Frederick, lab., r. 141 Hurlbut
Acken Edward, plumber, 548 Archer av., r. 143 W. Harrison
Acker Amelia, wid. Philip, r. rear 313 Mohawk
Acker A., fancy goods, 228 W. Madison, bds. Johnstone House
Acker Charles, lab., r. 1_1 Canalport av
Acker Edwin, com. mer. r. 521 S. Jefferson
Acker George H., lab., bds. 32_ W. Lake
Acker John, machinist, Goss & Phillips Mnfg. Co
Acker Michael, policeman, r. 40 Finnell
Acker Peter, carpenter, r. 222 28th
Ackerberg John, carpenter, r. 48 Clark
Ackerly  Charles W., painter, bds. 661 State
Ackerly Louis R., clk. Bds. 661 State
Ackerly ___, r. 551 W. Madison
Ackerman Anne. Wid. Peter, r. 38 W. Erie
Ackerman Christian, bricklayer, bds. 363 Clark
Ackerman Daniel, cigarmkr., R. 562 Wentworth av
Ackerman David, butcher, r. 65 Purple
Ackerman Edward, machinist, bds. 117 Milwaukee av
Ackerman Emil, lab., r. rear 21 Penn
Ackerman George H., clk. Bds. 22 O'Brien
Ackerman Jacob, wagonmkr., r. 256 North av
Ackerman John, carpenter, r. 166 McGregor
Ackerman J.C., Swarth___, Ackerman & Co. r. New York
Ackerman Peter, driver, r. 32 Western av
Ackerman Reynolds, engineer, r. 111 Meagher
Ackerman Bolert, shoemkr, 325 W. Randolph
Ackerman William K., treas., I.C.R.R. r. Lake ave nr. 47th
Ackermann Charles V. meat market, 637 W. Lake
Ackermann Friederich W., carpenter, r. N. Wood nr. Julian
Ackermann George, cigarmkr. bds., 118 Kinzie
Ackermann John, lab. r. Western av. nw. cor. Congress
Ackermann John W., architect, 87 and 89 Clark, r. 571 Fulton
Ackermann Nicholas, carpenter, r. 560 S. Morgan
Ackermann William, shoemkr., Division sw. cor. Wells
Ackers Thomas, clk. r. 369 Fulton
Ackers Thomas, teamster, bds. 385 S. Canal
Ackerson Peter, stonecutter, bds. 350 Arnold
Ackerstrom C. carpenter, I.C. car shops
Ackerty Thomas, supt., r. 22 Quincy
Ackholl Henry, saloon, 21 Milwaukee av. r. 216 N. Halsted
Ackhorn J.F., lab., r. 31 Wesson
Acklan James, carpenter, bds., 182 Indiana
Ackland Edward, confectionery, 765 Hubbard
Ackland John, blksmith, r. 324 Chicago av
Ackleman Charles, bds. r. 227 W. 19th
Ackler Fritz, lab. r. Nut
Ackley John, mason. r. 6 Seymour
Ackman Lewis, tinner, bds. 271 W. Randolph
Acott William H., clk., r. 143 Superior
Acres Standish, printer, r. 28th bet. Garibaldi and Stewart avs
Ada James, slater, bds. 2_1 W. 12th
Ada Malens, lab., r. rear _1 Front
Ada Street M.E Church, Rev. T.R. Strobridge, pastor, Ada. bet. Lake and Fulton
Adair Alfred, bds. 18 S. Peoria
Adair Ann, wid. Robert, r. 708(?) Hubbard
Adair David, hops, r. 120 Lytle
Adair John D., lawyer, room 15, 161 LaSalle, r. 44 Wabash av
Adam Albert, lab., r. 98 Hastings
Adam Carl, lab., r. rear 381 Sedgwick
Adam Godfrey, boarding house, 182 Indiana
Adam Henry, lab., r. 293 Church
Adam Henry, teamster, r. 2__ Short
Adam Jacob, hatmkr. bds. 2_1 Clybourne
Adam James, clk., bds. St Dennis
Adam John, carpenter, r. 29 Star

Note: I was unable to read the rest of the page.


Submitter:        Polly Weldon Siegel, [],  May 31, 2001

Coburn, Charles E. (Cook, Coburn & Co.), r. 1081 Michigan av.
Coburn, Clarissa, wid. James, r. 171 Park av.
Coburn, David, stone cutter, bds. Rear 359 W. Polk
Coburn, Fitz Henry, clk. R. 239 Ewing
Coburn, G. W. mer. R. 177 W. Washington
Coburn, James, blksmith, bds. 489 Division
Coburn, John, blksmith, r. 686 N. Robey
Coburn, John, helper, r. 686 Hubbard
Coburn, John, machinist, r. 301 W. Superior
Coburn, Joseph, lab. R. 77 W. 21st
Coburn, Joseph L. r. 275 W. Van Buren
Coburn, J. C. physician, 175 and 177 Clark
Coburn, Lewis L. (Coburn & Munday), and lawyer, room 52, 59 and 61 Clark, bds. Gardner house
Coburn, R. G. with Munger, Wheeler & Co.
Coburn, William C. cabinetmkr. r. 378 Hubbard
Coburn & Munday (Lewis L. Coburn and John W. Munday) solicitors of patents, rooms 52, 54, 59 and 61 Clark

Contributor:        Jeanne Arguelles	August 2003
1873 Chicago City Directory

McGrath Albert, carpenter, bds. 117 S. Jefferson

McGrath Ann, wid. John, r. es. Hovne av. bet. Carrill av. and Kinzie

McGrath Anthony, clk. r. 142 S. Green

McGrath Bernard, mason, r. 465 Warren av.

McGrath Bridget Mrs. r. rear 10 Liberty

McGrath Bryan, clk. r. 108 Garibaldi

McGrath Christopher, salesman, r. 142 Sholto

McGrath Cornelius J. sign painter, r. 113 Johnson

McGrath Dennis, lab. r. 765 N. Ashland av.

McGrath Edmund, teamster, r. 316 W. Polk

McGrath Edward, seaman, r. 397 S. Desplaines

McGrath Edward, sewer builder, r. 206 Henry

McGrath Edward, stone cutter, r. 145 W. 13th

McGrath Edwin, printer, r. 104 W. Madison

McGrath Edwin, teamster, r. 316 W. Polk

McGrath Elizabeth, wid. John, r. 289 Sedgwick

McGrath Ellen Mrs. r. 192 13th pl.

McGrath James, brickmkr. R. 143 W. 22d

McGrath James, bricklayer, r. rear 205 W. Polk

McGrath James, lab. r. 114 Wright

McGrath James, lab. r. 214 Newberry av.

McGrath James J., salesman, r. 591 Fullerton av.

McGrath John, bricklayer, bds. 125 N. Wells

McGrath John, carpenter, r. rear 85 W. 13th

McGrath John, cigarmkr. bds. 72 Damen

McGrath John, expressman, r. 378 3d av.

McGrath John, japanner, r. 273 S. Morgan

McGrath John, lab. r. rear 71 Shurtleff av.

McGrath John, lab. r. 172 Barber

McGrath John, lab. r. 348 3d av.

McGrath John, lab. bds. 601 S. Jefferson

McGrath John, lab. bds. 748 Archer av.

McGrath John, lab. r. rear 37 Ruble

McGrath John, mason, r. 54 Ray

McGrath John F. business manager, Western Catholic, 3 W. Madison, r. 144 S. Clinton

McGrath John F., cooper, bds. 479 Elston av.

McGrath John J., importer and mnfr. paper hangings, decorations and window shades, 174 and 176 State, 5. 107 Cottage Grove av.

McGrath John T. cooper, 27 to 31 Rawson, bds. 479 Elston av.

McGrath Joseph, driver, r. 158 W. Taylor

McGrath Julia Mrs., r. rear 85 W. 13th

McGrath Margaret Mrs. boarding, 855 State

McGrath Mark J. (Hughes & McGrath), r. 153 S. Desplaines

McGrath Maurice, clk. bds. 929 N. Halsted

McGrath Maurice J. chief clk. P.O. bds. 759 Michigan av.

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 11 Redfield

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 126 Hubbard

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 365 4th av.

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 564 S. Jefferson

McGrath Michael, lab. r. rear 149 Maxwell

McGrath Michael, paper ruler, bds. 91 W. Jackson

McGrath Michael, printer, r. 280 W. Superior

McGrath Michael, r. 719 W. 14th

McGrath Michael J. baker, r. 16 Hubbard

McGrath Michael J. bookbinder, bds. 91 W. Jackson

McGrath Owen, lab. bds. 176 S. Clinton

McGrath Patrick, lab. r. rear 37 Ruble

McGrath Patrick, lab. r. 79 Miller

McGrath Patrick, lab. bds. 127 N. Wells

McGrath Patrick, lab. bds. rear 293 May

McGrath Patrick, lab. r. 307 S. Jefferson

McGrath Patrick, saloon, bds. 1065 State

McGrath Phebe Mrs. r. 110 W. Polk

McGrath Peter, saloon, 1065 State

McGrath Richard, lab. bds. ss. Barry Point rd. 1st n. of Homan av.

McGrath Robert, lab. r. 141 Cornell

McGrath Roger, puddler, r. 800 N. Ashland av.

McGrath Rosa A., wid. William, r. 68 Wesson

McGrath Terence, milkman, 69 Illinois

McGrath Thomas, brickmkr, r. 141 W. 22d

McGrath Thomas, butcher, r. 442 W. 12th

McGrath Thomas, carpenter, bds. ns. Columbia bet. Ashland av. and the river

McGrath Thomas, lab. r. 79 Stewart av.

McGrath Thomas, lab. bds. 115 12th

McGrath Thomas, lab. r. 518 S. Morgan

McGrath Thomas, lab. r. rear 234 Townsend

McGrath Thomas, mason, bds. 29 Whiting

McGrath Thomas, r. 316 W. Polk

McGrath Thomas H. builder, r. 176 S. Leavitt

McGrath Thomas, r. 233 Walnut

McGrath William, carpenter, r. 72 Damen

McGrath William, carpenter, 85 W. 12th

McGrath William, carpenter, r. ns. Columbia bet. Ashland av. and the river

McGrath William, grocer, 541 Arnold

McGrath William, lab. r. es. Dashiel bet. 36th and 37th

McGrath William, lab. bds. 114 Ontario

McGrath William, stone cutter, r. 692 W. 14th

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