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                                        1875 - 1876
                             Chicago City Directory Listings
                                    Cook County, Illinois

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Contributor:        Jeanne Arguelles	August 2003
1875-76 Chicago City Directory

McGrath Anthony, salesman, r. 474 W. Taylor

McGrath B. clk. M. C. R. R.

McGrath Christopher, porter, r. 467 W. Huron

McGrath Cornelius, painter, r. 113 Johnson

McGrath Dennis, insp. 10 N. Wells, r. 96 W. Ohio

McGrath Edmund, teamster, r. 316 W. Polk

McGrath Ellem, wid. James, r. 122 Hurlbut

McGrath Frank J. trav. agt. 172 Lake, r. 899 Wabash av.

McGrath James, agt. bds. 446 W. Jackson

McGrath James, engineer Union stk. yds.

McGrath James, lab. r. 25 Broom

McGrath James, lab. r. 114 Wright

McGrath James, lab. bds. 129 Cologne

McGrath James, lab. bds. 133 Deering

McGrath James, tabacco, r. 136 Schiller

McGrath James J. (Mooney & McGrath), r. 446 W. Jackson

McGrath James J. tax comr. City hall, r. Park se. cor. Fontenoy

McGrath John, cigarmkr, bds. 72 Damen

McGrath John, clk. bds. 383 N. Clark

McGrath John, com. mer. 56 W. Lake, r. 410 Blue Island av.

McGrath John, express, r. 378 3d av.

McGrath John, lab. r. 426 W. Erie

McGrath John, lab. r. 597 S. Union

McGrath John, porter 75 Monroe

McGrath John, puddler, r. 537 Fontenoy

McGrath John, saloon, 143 Division

McGrath John C. police, r. 429 33d

McGrath John F. canvasser, bds. 30, 32 W. Madison

McGrath John J. wholesale and retail dealer in paper hangings, decorations and window shades 174 and 176 State, r. 303 Park av.

McGrath John T. grocer 66 Gurley

McGrath Joseph, teamster, r. 220 Aberdeen

McGrath Julia, wid. Roger, r. rear 85 W. 13th

McGrath Kate, wid. James, r. 19 John pl.

McGrath Mark J. (Hughes & McGrath), r. 153 S. Desplaines

McGrath Mary, fancy goods 165  N. Halsted

McGrath Maurice, lab. r. 337 N. Franklin

McGrath Maurice J. supt. r. 946 Wabash

McGrath Michael, driver 93 S. Water

McGrath Michael, express, r. rear 59 Superior

McGrath Michael, lab. r. rear 26 Barber

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 70 Blue Island av.

McGrath Michael, lab. bds. 1065 S. Dearborn

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 564 S. Jefferson

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 126 Hubbard

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 719 W. 14th

McGrath Michael, lab. r. 760 Archer av.

McGrath Michael, printer, r. 592 W. Superior

McGrath Michael J., bookbinder, r. 7 Sholto

McGrath Nicholas, lab. r. 121 Wentworth av.

McGrath Owen, porter, r. 663 W. Indiana

McGrath Partick, clk. p.o. r. 431 W. 14th

McGrath Patrick, fireman, r. 597 S. Union

McGrath Patrick, lab. bds. 663 Emerald av.

McGrath Patrick, lab. r. 32 Springer

McGrath Patrick, lab. r. rear 500 Michigan av.

McGrath Rodger, tinner, r. 192 13th pl.

McGrath Roger, lab. bds. 758 Indiana av.

McGrath Rosanna, wid. William, r. 132 Erie

McGrath Terence, milk, r. 69 Illinois

McGrath Thomas, butcher, r. 442 W. 12th

McGrath Thomas, clk. M. C. R. R. bds. 108 Garibaldi

McGrath Thomas, lab. r. 106 W. 13th

McGrath Thomas, lab. ss. Columbia nr. Ashland av.

McGrath Thomas, r. 316 W. Polk

McGrath Thomas, r. 233 Walnut

McGrath William, carp. r. 72 Damen

McGrath William, clk. p.o. r. 292 Illinois

McGrath William, lab. r. 22 Pleasant

McGrath William, stonecutr. r. ss. 12th nr. Paulina

McGrath William, teamster, Am. Ex. co.

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