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                             Chicago City Directory Listings
                                    Cook County, Illinois


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Contributor:      Diane G, added May 2001

1877-78 Chicago Directory 

SURNAME/Business Name       FirstName                  Occupation/Business Address                 Address
=========================   ======================     ====================================        ============================= 
DUB                         Peter                      painter                                     house 262 21st.
DUBACH                      Andrew                     carp.                                       house 1395 Wentworth av.
DUBACH                      Andrew Jr.                 machinist                                   boards 1395 Wentworth av.
DUBACH                      Frank                      machinist                                   bds. 1395 Wentworth av.
DUBACH                      John                       machinist                                   bds. 1395 Wentworth av.
DUBACH                      Nicolas                    capt. eng. co. 8: 16 Archer av.             house 1411 Wentworth av.
DUBARRY                     Edmund L.                  supt. C.D.& V.R.R.: 97 Dearborn             boards Grand Pacific hotel.
DUBBELT                     Charles                    tailor                                      house 124 Cornelia
DUBBS                       Henry                      opr.                                        house 6 N. Oakley av.
DUBE                        T.C. Mme.                  dressmkr.                                   h. 1433 S. Dearborn
DUBESON                     George                     lab                                         house 1534 S. Lasalle
DUBE                        Theopulius                 machinist                                   h. rear 1433 S. Dearborn
DUBETZ                      Samuel                                                                 house 571 State
DUBEY                       Henry                      painter                                     house 175 W. Monroe
DUBIA                       Henry F.                   cash. 50 Randolph                           h. 345 S. Morgan
DUBIA                       Monroe                     porter                                      boards Woodstock house
DUBITZ                      Henry                      peddler                                     house 729 S. Morgan
DUBKEE                      August                     cabinetmkr                                  house 205 13th pl.
DUBOIS                      Anson                      cooper                                      house 61 N. Wells
DUBOIS                      Charles L.                 painter                                     house 171 Randolph
DUBOIS                      Chretien                   tailor                                      house 32 Dussold
DUBOIS                      Daniel                     bartndr.                                    house 25 Bryant blk.
DUBOIS                      Erani                      painter                                     house 342 S. Halsted
DUBOIS                      Gustave                    actor                                       house 325 W. Polk
DUBOIS                      Justin H.                  student                                     boards 88 Harrison
DUBOIS                      Irene                      painter                                     house 342 S. Halsted
DUBOIS                      Helen M. widow of John     dressmkr.                                   187 W. Vanburen
DUBOIS                      William                    cooper                                      boards 74 N. Wells
DUBOIS                      William                    draughtsman                                 bds. 20 N. Sangamon
DUBRIDGE                    George H. brakeman         h. 733 W. Kinzie
DUBROCK                     August                     banker 398 Larrabee                         h. Lake View
DUBROD                      Frank                      saloon 119 S. Canal
DUBUIS                      Oscar F.                   architect                                   house 93 N. Ada
DUBISSON                    Desire                     wiper                                       house 1534 S. Lasalle
DUBUQUE                     Jules                      shoemkr. house 48 Johnson
DUBUQUE SHOT TOWER CO.                                 C. H. Vehmeyer agt. 4 State
DUBY                        Michael                    lab.                                        house 124 Hickory

DUPEE                       Charles A.                 (Hitchcock & Dupee) 44 Portland blk.        house 584 Wabash av.
DUPEE                       Charles B.                 prov. Clark sw. cor. 16th                   house 46th nw. cor. Woodlawn av.
DUPEE                       C. Fred                    bkpr. Clark sw. cor. 16th                   h. 23 33d
DUPEE                       Horace M.                  (H.M. Dupee & Co.) 223 Kinzie               house Kenwood
DUPEE                       H.M. & Co.                 (Horace M. Dupee and---) prov. 223 Kinzie
DUPEE                       John                       lumber 14: 165 Washington                   house 68 Oakwood boul.
DUPEE                       John Jr.                   com. mer. 165 Washington                    house 234 Park av.
DUPEE                       Peter                      lab.                                        house 287 21st.
DUPERRY                     Louis A.                   paperhanger                                 house 188 Larrabee
DUPERRY                     M.J. Mrs.                  dressmkr. 188 Larabee
DUPIL                       Frank                      painter                                     house 198 N. Sangamon
DUPINGER                    James                      tailor                                      house 133 Bunkr
DUPKE                       Henry                      tailor                                      house 205 13th pl.
DUPKE                       William                    lab.                                        house 205 13th pl.
DUPLAINS                    Francis P.                 machinist                                   house 30 Cornell
DUPLESSIS                   Charles O.                 supt. 65 Washington
DUPONT-HANSEN & CO.                                    hardware 309 W. Indiana
DUPONT-HANSEN               Frederick                  (Dupont-Hansen & Co.) 309 W. Indiana
DUPONT'S GUNPOWDER                                     J.J. Whitehouse agt. 7 State
DUPRE                       Catherine widow of Victor                                              house 495 S. Union
DUPRE                       Charles C.                 clerk                                       house 495 S. Union
DUPRE                       Louisa widow of Frederick                                              h. rear 202 W. 14th
DUPRE                       Marcus W.                  clerk                                       house 554 1/2 W. Indiana
DUPREY                      Paul                       painter                                     house 364 3d av.
DUPUIS                      Achille                    cook                                        house 34 Sigel
DUPUIS                      August                     goldbeater                                  house 34 Sigel
DUPUIS                      Etlenne                    painter                                     house 220 Centre av.
DUPUIS                      Frederick                  yardmaster P.C. & St.L.R.R.                 house 267 W. Indiana
DUPUIS                      Isaac                      switchman                                   boards 16 Arbor pl.
DUPUIS                      Thomas                     tel. opr.                                   house 22 Gold
DUPUY                       Henrietta                  teacher Newberry schl. Orchard cor. Willow  house Lake View
DUPUY                       Henry                      clerk                                       house w?. N. Halsted nr. Fullerton av.

EHRHORN                     Gustav                     music teacher                               h. 1390 S. Dearborn
EHRHORN                     Henry                      clerk                                       house 1390 S. Dearborn
EICHHORN                    Killian                    lab                                         house 36 Cornelia
EINHORN                     Barbara Miss               j?                                          boards 123 Front

EINHORN                     Joseph                     saloon 330 S. Canal

 (NOTE: this is how address is printed, therefore I do not know if the address 
        is a business or a home, or possibly both.) 


Submitter:        Polly Weldon Siegel, [],  May 31, 2001

Coburn, Charles, foreman, boards 112 N. Branch
Coburn, Charles, teamster, boards 9 N. Branch
Coburn, Charles E. (Billings, Coburn & Co.) 36 Indiana av. house 426 Michigan av.
Coburn, Edward A. salesman 250 Madison, boards 334 W. Washington
Coburn, Frank, shoemkr. Boards 74 N. Wells
Coburn, George L. live stock com. Union stk. yds. House 174 Egan av.
Coburn, G. W. Mrs. House 797 Wabash av.
Coburn, Joseph, hostler 195 Clark
Coburn, Joseph L. house 275 W. Van Buren
Coburn, J. C. physician 1, 177 Clark, boards Sherman House
Coburn, Lewis L. (Coburn & Thacher ) 58 Ashland blk. Boards Grand Pacific
Coburn Medical Institute, 177 Clark
Coburn, Nancy Mrs. House 470 Wabash av.
Coburn, Remington G. bkpr. 5 Metropolitan blk. House 72 S. Morgan
Coburn, Stephen M. engineer, house 19 Rush
Coburn, William C. cabinetmkr. h. 1313 Shurtleff av.
Coburn & Talcott (Lewis L. Coburn and Harvey H. Talcott) 58 Ashland blk.
Coburn & Thacher (Lewis L. Coburn and John M. Thacher) lawyers 54 Ashland blk.

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