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                             Chicago City Directory Listings
                                    Cook County, Illinois

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Contributor:        Alice Rosenberger	 added May 2001

1881 Chicago City Directory

Emil Rosenberger, Harness Maker 15 W. Randolph St., House 25 W Randolph


Submitter:        Jan Tynan Dempsey, added May 2001

Tynan,  Edward,     lab,                       boards, 367 24th
Tynan,  Hugh,       lab,                       boards 367 24th
Tynan,  James J.,   bartndr, 2256 Archer ave,  boards 2254 Archer av
Tynan,  James P.,   clerk, 241 South Water,    h 162 Blue Island ave
Tynan,  John,       lab,                       house 4107, 5th av
Tynan,  Joseph,     clerk, 2221 Archer,        h 367 24th
Tynan,  Patrick,    shoemkr,                   house 61 13th pl


Submitter:        Polly Weldon Siegel, [],  May 31, 2001

Coburn, A. L. treas. 98 Metropolitan blk. House 526 W. Lake
Coburn, Charles E. (Billings, Coburn & Co.) 36 (old no.) Indiana av. boards 12 Harrison
Coburn, C. J. lab. Boards 411 W. Taylor
Coburn, Edward A. buyer 250 Madison, boards 416 W. Washington
Coburn, Edwin A. buyer 246 Madison
Coburn, George W. house 1612 Wabash av.
Coburn, Joseph L. 54 Ashland blk.
Coburn, Joseph, switchman, house 582 State
Coburn, Lewis L. (Coburn & Thatcher) 52 Ashland blk. House 1819 Michigan av.
Coburn, Nancy P. boarding 470 Wabash av.
Coburn, Remington G. bkpr. 1 Metropolitan blk. House 72 S. Morgan
Coburn, William, lab. House 85 Erie
Coburn, William C. cabinetmkr. house 51, 29th
Coburn & Newman Publishing Co. (The), S. M. Newman, pres; A. L. Coburn, treas; Marshall Beck, sec; publishers 98 and 100 Metropolitan blk.
Contributor:	Jan Tynan Dempsey []	Sept 2002
1881 Lakeside Chicago, Illinois General & Business Directory

Tormey, Phillip, lab., h-3419 Ullman
Contributor:	Jeanne Arguelles	August 2003
1881 Chicago City Directory - McGrath

McGrath Andrew, lab. house 102 Sholto

McGrath Beulah Mrs. house 233 Walnut

McGrath Bridget, wid. Roger, house 158 W. 18th

McGrath Catherine, wid. John, house 115 W. Taylor

McGrath Christopher, salesman, h. 467 W. Huron

McGrath Cornelius J. painter, house 113 Johnson

McGrath Daniel, lab. boards 2924 Deering

McGrath Dennis, helper, boards 689 Elston av.

McGrath Dennis, lab. house 799 N. Robey

McGrath Edmund, express, house 316 W. Polk

McGrath Edward, lab. house 498 31st

McGrath Edward, lawyer 143 W. Madison, house 206 Henry

McGrath Edward, police, house 311 Illinois

McGrath Ellen, wid. Rogers, house 139 Lytle

McGrath Frank J. salesman 172 Lake, house 244 Chestnut

McGrath Hannah, laundry 998 W. Monroe

McGrath James, currier, house 16 Currier

McGrath James, engineer, h. Transit nr. Packers av.

McGrath James, lab. house 29 Broom

McGrath James, lab. house 114 Wright

McGrath James, lab. house 285 4th av.

McGrath James, lab. house 3194 Archer av.

McGrath James, messenger, boards 115 W. Taylor

McGrath James, real est. 23 Uhlich blk. house 631 Larrabee

McGrath James, painter, house 3023 Calumet av.

McGrath James, wirewkr. house 149 Indiana

McGrath James J. (Gannon & McGrath) 193 Van-buren, boards Gault house

McGrath James J. clerk, h. Park cor. Fontenoy ct.

McGrath John, boarding, house 4162 Wentworth av.

McGrath John, butcher, boards 24 McGregor

McGrath John, cigarmkr. boards 70 Damen

McGrath John, lab. house 426 W. Erie

McGrath John, lab. boards 480 Warren av.

McGrath John, lab. house 2228 Crawford pl.

McGrath John, packer, house 62 W. 13th

McGrath John, painter, house 93 Indiana

McGrath John, painter, boards 122 Hurlbut

McGrath John, painter, boards 139 Lytle

McGrath John, porter, boards 311 Illinois

McGrath John, puddler, house 687 Elston av.

McGrath John, saloon 143 Division

McGrath John, saloon 4015 S. Halsted

McGrath John jr. clerk, boards 4162 Wentworth av.

McGrath John C. lab. house Robinson nr. 31st

McGrath John C., S. Div. city poundkpr. h. 429, 33d

McGrath John F. engineer, house 52, 75 Madison

McGrath John J. sign painter, house 93 Indiana

McGrath John J. wall paper, 174 State, house 220 Dearborn av.

McGrath John T. clk. P.O. h. cor. Fontenoy ct.

McGrath John T. japanner, house 254 W. Polk

McGrath Joseph, driver, house 27 W. Polk

McGrath Joseph, sailor, house rear 203 Bushnell

McGrath Justus C. clerk 78 Randolph, house 22 N. Hoyne av.

McGrath J. C. printer, boards 256 State

McGrath Katie E. teacher, house 2973 Archer av.

McGrath Mary, boards 998 W. Monroe

McGrath Mary, clerk 122 State, house 152 13th pl.

McGrath Mary Mrs. confectr. 1322 State

McGrath Mary Mrs. notions 3194 Archer av.

McGrath Mary, wid. Luke, house 2973 Archer av.

McGrath Maurice J. supt. mails P.O. house 3239 Michigan av.

McGrath Michael, lab. house 102 W. Ohio

McGrath Michael, lab. house 149 Maxwell

McGrath Michael, lab. house 717 W. 14th

McGrath Michael, lab. house 2989 Archer av.

McGrath Michael, printer, house 594 W. Superior

McGrath Michael J. (Hughes & McGrath) 153 S. Des-plains

McGrath Michael J. bookbinder, h. Phoenix hotel

McGrath Morris, driver, house 2228 Crawford pl.

McGrath Nano Miss, clerk 81 Jackson, h. 173 Brown

McGrath Nicolas, brklayr, house 229 Bushnell

McGrath Nicolas, lab. house 3654 Dashiel

McGrath Owen, clerk 72 Monroe, house 15 Sholto

McGrath Owen, porter, house 13 Herndon

McGrath Patrick, butcher, house 578 S. Jefferson

McGrath Patrick, driver, house 994 W. Harrison

McGrath Patrick, express, h. 2228 Crawford pl.

McGrath Patrick, lab. house Robinson nr. 31st

McGrath Patrick, lab. boards 19 Barber

McGrath Patrick, lab. house 483 S. Morgan

McGrath Patrick, printer, boards 70 Damen

McGrath Patrick J. county agt. 34 W. Washington, house 431 W. 14th

McGrath Peter, teamster, house 186 W. Polk

McGrath Peter, teamster, house 370 Wabash av.

McGrath Peter, teamster, house 2939 Archer av.

McGrath Philip, insp. 1626 State, house 809 Clark

McGrath Philip, lab. house 1619 Clark

McGrath Richard, teamster, house 3729 Emerald av.

McGrath Rogers, lab. boards 139 Lytle

McGrath Samuel, printer, boards 196 W. Lake

McGrath Stephen, carrier P.O. boards City hotel

McGrath S. D. printer, house 216 W. Washington

McGrath Terrence, milk, house 69 Illinois

McGrath Thomas, bartndr, 394 Clark

McGrath Thomas, butcher, house 367 Centre av.

McGrath Thomas, carp. boards 1246, 32d

McGrath Thomas, lab. house 86 Foster

McGrath Thomas, lab. boards 893 Blue Island av.

McGrath Thomas, lab. house 2228 Crawford pl.

McGrath Thomas, lab. house 3704 Emerald av.

McGrath Thomas, sailor, house rear 301 S. Jefferson

McGrath Thomas, teamster, bds. 3214 S. Ashland av.

McGrath Timothy, lab. boards 3802 S. Halsted

McGrath William, house 72 Damen

McGrath William, cabinetmkr. 150 N. Wells, house 150 N. Wells

McGrath William, carp. house 1246, 32d

McGrath William, confectr. house 72 Damen

McGrath William, driver, house 242 W. Congress

McGrath William, foundry, house 22 Pleasant

McGrath William, lab. house 3653 Dashiel

McGrath William, stonectr. House 702 W. 12th

McGrath William J. clerk 34, 126 Washington, boards 72 Damen

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