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Cook County ILGenWeb Genealogy User Submitted Data

                             Chicago City Directory Listings
                                    Cook County, Illinois


Information contributed for use in Cook County ILGenWeb
   possible multiple Contributors for this file

Contributor:       Jan Tynan Dempsey, added May 2001

Tynan,  Albert,      gasftr,                               bds. 4077, 5th av
Tynan,  James,       lab,                                  h 3510 Lowe av
Tynan,  James E.,    adv. soler, Record, 3723 Emerald av
Tynan,  James P.,    plumber,                              h 3510 Lowe av
Tynan,  John E.,     fireman,                              h 383 Wasbhburne av
Tynan,  John E.,     bartndr,                              h 274 Blue Island av
Tynan,  Joseph,      lab,                                  h 3400 Lowe av
Tynan,  Joseph E.,   clk, 9 city hall,                     h 350 Laflin
Tynan,  Louis,       lab,                                  h 3244 Emerald av
Tynan,  Peter,       switchman,                            bds. 1711, 89th pl
Tynan,  Terrence,    clk, Wayman nw cor. N.Jefferson,      h 88 N. Hermitage
Tynan,  Timothy,     carp,                                 bds. 3249 Union av
Tynan,  William,     collr,                                h 4077, 5th av


Submitter:        Polly Weldon Siegel, [],  May 31, 2001

Coburn, Albert L. saloon 3214 Archer av.
Coburn, Alexander, bds. 1717 Wabash av.
Coburn, Almon A. teamster, h. 37 Selden
Coburn, Alonzo J. salesman 200 Adams, h. 3634 5th av.
Coburn, Charles E. supt. J. The Rookery, h. 347 Elm
Coburn, Ernest G. clk. 6560 Wentworth av. h. 6835 Sangamon
Coburn, Frank, h. 1726 Indiana av.
Coburn, Frank S. clk. H. 79 N. Clark
Coburn, Frank S. Mrs. mngr. 79 N. Clark
Coburn, Frederick L. polish. H. 188 S. Peoria
Coburn, George W. miller, h. 5439 Madison av.
Coburn, Henry M. lawyer 39, 95 Clark, h. 5522 Lowe av.
Coburn, John, grip. h. 179 39th
Coburn, John J. (Ennis & Coburn) 58, 92 LaSalle, h. 
Coburn, John M. sec. W. 120th nr. S. Peoria, h. 6510 Kimbark av.
Coburn, J. Frank, engineer, bds. 1726 Indiana av.
Coburn, Lewis L. (Coburn & Thacher) 1006, 205 LaSalle, h. 1819 Michigan av.
Coburn, Marienne F. wid. George A. bds. 215 48th
Coburn, Robert, fireman, bds. 1726 Indiana av.
Coburn, Robert R. salesman, h. 3447 Rhodes av.
Coburn, Stephen M. furniture 204 W. Randolph, h. 177 W. Washington
Coburn, Stephen M. Mrs. Furn. Rooms 177 W. Washington
Coburn, Thomas H. clk. 35 s. Canal, h. Maywood
Coburn, William C. decorator, h. 3634 5th av.
Coburn & Thacher (Lewis L. Coburn and John M. Thacher) lawyers 1006 Home ins. Bldg.

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