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                           The Bennett Medical College: Class of 1895
                                      Graduation Program
                                    Cook County, Illinois


Information contributed for use in Cook County ILGenWeb by
        Eugene A. Eastman, , Jun 1999.

The Bennett Medical College - Class of 1895

NOTE: Information taken from my father's uncle's graduation program


"The Bennett Medical College requests your presence at its twenty seventh
annual Commencement Exercises Tukesday afternoon, March twenty sixth,
eighteen hundred and ninety five at two o'clock  Hooley's Theatre, Chicago

Program:  Overture Mignon, Ambrose Tomas, Hooley's Theatre Orchestra

Invocation: Rt. Rev. Samuel Fallows

Vocal: "Jewel Song," Faust,- - -Gound  Mrs. Genevra Johnstone Bishop

Report of Secretary, - - - O. O. Baines, M.D.

Conferring of Degrees, - - -H. K. Whitford, M.D. 1st vice President

Dances of Henry VIII
[a] "Moordish Dances,
[b] "Sheperd's Dance -  - - by German.
[c] "Torch Dance,"

Valedictory Address - - -A. J. Weaver

vocal, [a] Sieveking, - - -Wooing
       [b] Donizetti, - - -La Zingara
           Mrs. Genevra Johnstone Bishop.

Address, - - -Rev Carlos Martyn

Two Step March - - Lozani

Anson L. Clark, A. M., M. D. Dean
H. K. Whitford, M. D.,
Samuel Fallows, A. M., M. D.,
E. M. Reading, A. M., M. D.,
H. E. Whitford, M. D.,
E. F. Beucking, M. D.,
J. B. McFatrich, M. D.,
John Tascher, M. D.,
A. L. Willard, M. D.,
H. S. Tucker, A. M., M. D.,
E. J. Farnum, M. D.,
Finley Ellingwood, M. D.,
A. W. Strong,
L.L. B. Arthur Weir Smith, M. D.,
Oscar O. Barnes, M. D.,
Howard N. Lyons, M. D.,
W. H. Hipp, M. D.,
A. L. Freund, M. D.,
J. V. Stevens, M. D.,
N. A. Graves, M. D.,
F. E. Thornton, M. D.,
Julius H. tascher, M. D.,
H. H. Latimer, M. D.,
Jessie G. Forrester, M. D.,
George W. McFatrich, M. D.,
Arthur H. Reading, M. D.,
J. Frank Hubert, M. D.,
O. M. Blood, M. D.

Class of "95"
J. Friedman
L. H. Baldwin
Wm. Blauw
S. S. Felker
Frank J. Quirk
A. J. Weaver
Alice C. Bellows
W. A. Pratt
B. B. Masten
J. B. Roe
R. Hutter
A. N. Perlman
John Aberly
J. A. Williams
F. A. Winslow Merton
Eli Eastman
M. Wilkenlow
R. S. Brown
A. Novak
R. C. Brophy
Harry F. Bennett
Emma J. Meyers
A. A. Duclos
C. H. Blair
R. M Tafel
A. Caird
Chas. Boehm
S. P. Falconer

Class Officers:
President, J. B. Roe
Secretary, L. H. Baldwin
Vice-President, H. F. Bennett
Treasurer, S. S. Felker
Valedictorian, A. J. Weaver

Executive Committee:
Merton Eli Eastman
W. A. Pratt
A. N. Perlman

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