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                                   Misc. Marriage Records
                                    Cook County, Illinois


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Contributor: 	Sharon I. Dickson []

St. James Catholic Church, 29th and Wabash, Chicago, IL.

May    1, 1882     James H. Birmingham m. Mary C. Sullivan
                         Witnesses:  John Sullivan & Mary Birmingham

Aug    9, 1882     John Cudahy m. Margaret F. O'Neill
                         Witnesses:  Michael Cudahy & __________

Oct.  17, 1882     Thomas E. Sullivan m. Annie Ellen Miller
                          Witnesses:  John Sullivan & B. J. Jackson

Nov.  28, 1882     Ralph T. _____ m. Margaret Walsh
                         Witnesses:  James O'Neil m. Margaret Shehan

Dec.  10, 1882     James Jordan m. Bridget Trainor
                          Witnesses: (Julius)? F. O'Neil & Margaret Jordan


Contributor: 	S. Anger
NOTE: submitter has no further information on this data...

Chicago Daily News
5pm Edition
30 Dec 1882

	Dec. 26, by the Rev. G. Lorimer,
	both of Chicago.

Submitter's note: both spellings used in paper.


Contributor: 	S. Anger
NOTE: submitter has no further information on this data...

Chicago Tribune
31 Dec 1882

	On Tuesday, Dec. 26 by the Rev. A. E. Kittredge,
	William H. Waterbury and Ida M. MacBride, both of Brooklyn, N.Y.

	At Milwaukee, Dec 28,
	Miss Eva M. Brainard and Mr. William F. Hellmann.

	On last Thursday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock
	at St. Patrick's Church, corner Adams and Desplaines sts.,
	by the Rev. Dean Terry,
	Miss Mary O'Connor and Mr. John J. Kneip, both of Chicago.

	Mr. H. C. Boyd, of the Mailinekrott Chemical Works, St. Louis, Mo.,
	and Miss Susie Curtis, daughter of W. D. Curtis, of Chicago
	were married Tuesday evening, Dec. 26, at Indianapolis, Ind.

	Dec 25, by the Rev. W. L. Ferris,
	at the residence of the bride's parents, 126 Milwaukee av.,
	Miss Jennie C. Allen and George W. Ferris of Chicago.

	On Thursday, Dec 28,
	at the Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church, Detroit,
	by the Rev. Mr. Kellogg,
	William Borden, of Chicago, and Mary DeGarmo Whiting,
	daughter of J. Talman Whiting of Detroit.

	At Valparasio, Ind., Dec. 17,
	by the Rev. E. S. Riley,
	Frank T. Manahan of Chicago and Mabel E. Hallam of Hoopeston, Ill.


Contributor: 	Linda Atkinson [], [], May 2001

State of Illinois Marriage License --#64079
County of Cook - City of Chicago, IL

Peter FIERECK age 26 years 
Johannah FAMULA age 21 years
August 9, 1882

Married at St. Adalbert's Church, Chicago, IL
August 15, 1882

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