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                        Denni Hlasatel "Ceskoslovensky Den Sportu"
                               at Soldier Field, 02 Sep 1934
                                    Cook County, Illinois


Information contributed for use in Cook County ILGenWeb by
        Beverly S Aylor [], Jan 1999.

These businesses sponsored sporting events,
i.e. "Ceskoslovensky Den Sportu" at Soldier Field;
2 Sep. 1934.

I thought perhaps it might help those whose ancestors were in business during this time
as it gives names and addresses.

NOTE:  All of this came from a very old and yellowed clipping I found in my GMs recipe book.
       On the back of this page are a number of recipes she had cut out.

V Ceske Kalifornji:

Zaljesdova kancelar Sparty,
26 ulice a Ridgeway Ave.

Leader Dept. Stores
26. ulice a Turner Ave.

Fenclova kavarna
2609 jiz. Lawndale Ave.

Basta a Musil, preplav,
Crawford Ave. u 26 ul.

Brown's Garage
30 ul a Lawndale Ave.

J. BILY, spravkarna obuvi,
4056 zap. 26 ul.

BURDA, reznietvi
28. ul. a Springfield Ave.

BATKA, reznietvi
3917 zap. 26 ulice

CHOBOT, restaurant,
Cermak rd. a Sawyer Ave.

Delight Utilities
26 ulice a Lawndale Ave.

3735 zap. 26 ulice

GLASER restaurant
3551 zap  26. ulice

J. HRBACEK, Stationary
3549 zap 26. ulice

Kaplan hostinice
3900 zap  26 ulice

KOLAR, Stationary
Cermak Rd. blize Kedzie Ave.

KOLAR, Groceries
30 ui. a Trumbull Ave.

KOSTIKA restaurant
Ogden  a Crawford Aves.

J. KRATOCHVIL  Candy Store
4331 zap. 26 ulice

MACHA Stationery
4109 zap Cermak Rd.

LINKA, knihkupec
3918 zap. 26 ulice

MACH'S  Store
3804 zap. 26 ulice

MATUS  Dairy
3152 jiz. Ridgeway Ave.

NOVOTNY hostinec
30 ula Kostner Ave.

OBENRAUCH, zlantnik
3635  zap. 26 ulice

PANCNER, knihupec
3505 zap, 26 ulice

RIHA'S Restaurant
27th. & Central Park Ave.

2520 S. Crawford Ave.

Kedzie Ave. blize 26 ul

SOLAR Music Store
26 ul. a Sawyer

STERBA, holirna
2659 jiz. Ridgeway Ave.

VANCK A nt. & Sons

3707 zap. 26 ulice

VODRASKA Sporting Goods
3359 zap  26 ulice

VOPAT hostinec
2801 jiz. Hamlin Ave.


V Cicero

BENEDIKT, reznictvi
5632 W. Cermak R.

Casino Moderne
5912 zap Cermak Rd.

FORT, pekarstvi
2301 jiz. 52 ave.

JIRANEK restaurant
5006 zap Cermak Rd.

5205 zap 25 ulice

KESSLER Groceries
25. ulice a 54 ave.

2131 jiz. 61st ct.

KUCERA Service Station
5927 zap 16 ulice

5829 Roosevelt Rd.

PANCNER Stationery
6135 zap. Cermak R .

PEJRIL hostinec
5928 zap Cermak Rd.

5349 zap 26 ul.

PITNER, reznictvi
2329 jiz. 56 ave.

POHAJDA, grocery
5707 zap. Cermak Rd.

SKOREPA, restaurant.
5700 szp. Cermak Rd.

Sokol Slavsky
Cermak Rd. a Lombard Ave.

SVRCEK,  restaurant
5838 zap. Cermak Rd

VEPENKA, hostinec
5532 zap. 25 ulice


V Berwynu:

ANDEL, restaurant
2145 zif. Oak Park Ave.

KOUBA, Chas.
2441 jiz. Highland Ave.

KOUCKY, lekarna
6348 zap. 26 ulice

STEPANEK, holirna
2707 jiz. Ridgeland Ave.

Sokol Tabor
16 ulice a Clarence Ave.

TROY Dry Goods
6217 zap. Cermak Rd.

URBAN  Grocery
2502 jiz Clarence Ave.

6514 zap Cermak Rd.


V Town of Lake:

5135  jiz. Kedzie Ave.

BRABEC Dept. Store
51 ulice a Damen Ave.

V. DVORAK, C.S.P.S. Hall
48 ulice a Honore

KNAPAREK Gas Station
Kilpatrick & Archer Ave.


V. Plzni:

Americka sin.
1440 zap. 18 ulice

Bohemia Cafe
1412 zap 18 ulice

Deuni Hlasatel
18 ul. u Ashland Ave.

Little Bohemia
18 ulice a Loomis St.

18 a Allport ul.

SALTA restaurant
2010 Blue Island Ave.


Na Severni Strane ( On north Side)

BEZVODA hostinec
5215 sev. Crawford Ave

Leader Stores
Chicago a Ashland aves.

Sokol  Cechi
1643 sev. Cicero Ave.

Utuin a Sirotconee
5065 sev. Crawford Ave.

Vyletni zahrady, hostince atd.
ve vzdalenejsich mistech:
(can't translate this too well: very, very loosely it is a listing of businesses in
 various parts of the greater Chicago area not listed above.)

HOUDEK, restaurant, Lyons, Ill
Lawndale Ave., a  Joliet Rd.

MEJDA, Stickney,
6914 zap. Pershing Rd.

SEDA, North  Riverside
2519 jiz. Desplaines Ave.

ZAHORA, Lyons.
8744 Ogden Ave.

7236 zap. Pershing Rd.

ZDENEK, (Libuse Cafe), Stickney
4301 jiz. harlem Ave.

MELICHAR, Groceries
Westomont, Ill.

JOCH, Groceries
Downers Grove, Ill

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