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                                    BETHANY BIBLE SCHOOL
                                    Cook County, Illinois


Information contributed for use in Cook County ILGenWeb by
        T. G., June 2002 

BETHANY BIBLE SCHOOL (college level)




Senior Class                                        Home State


BRUBAKER, Lila                      Illinois

EISENBISE, Viola D.                Kansas

FUNDERBURG, Drue D.          Ohio

LEAR, John W.                          Illinois

MALLOTT, Floyd                     Ohio

METZLER, Burton                     Indiana

MOW, Anna Beahm                   Virginia

MOW, Baxter M.                       Indiana

POSTMA, Elizabeth                   (no state given)

SHULL, Jesse                            Illinois


Junior Class


BEAHM, William                       Virginia

BRANDT, Paul K.                     Kansas

EBBERT, Nora                          Kansas

EBBERT, Samuel                       Kansas

EISENBISE, Esther                    Kansas

FISHER, Cora                            Indiana

FISHER, Everett                         Indiana

GRAHAM, John                         Pennsylvania

HERSHEY, John                        Pennsylvania

HOFF, Mrs. E.B.                        Illinois

KESSLER, Agnes C.                  Indiana

MOYER, Glen                            Ohio

NEHER, Minneva                       California

PHILLIPS, George                     Indiana

REBER, Edna                             Pennsylvania

ROOP, Ethel                               Maryland

ROYER, Catherine                      Ohio

SHULL, Clara M                         Colorado

STINEBAUGH, Walter               Indiana

WEYBRIGHT, Edith                   Indiana

WHITE, Ralph                             Alabama

YODER, Gertrude                       California


Sophomore Class


BIXLER, Mary E.                        Maryland

BOWMAN, Edith                        Indiana

BUCHER, Fannie                         Illinois

DOTTERER, Edna A.                  Maryland

NEHER, Ada Shank                     Iowa

SARGENT, Lutie                         Illinois

SWADLEY, William H.                Tennessee

WINGER, Inez Byers                   Pennsylvania

WIRT, Florence                            Minnesota

WOLFE, Marshall R.                    Maryland

WOLGEMUTH, Anna                  Pennsylvania

ZOOK, Mildred Bowman              Indiana


Freshman Class


ALBRECHT, Louis M.                  Nebraska

ALBRECHT, Minnie C.                 Nebraska

BECK, Olive                                  Ohio

BOWMAN, Mrs. Curtis                 Kansas

BRANDT, Pearl D.                         Kansas

BREON, Jessie                               Kansas

BUCKINGHAM, Minnie                Illinois

DAVIS, Orley G.                            Illinois

DOUTY, Ada                                 Pennsylvania

ERBAUGH, Ivan                            Ohio

FRANTZ, Bertha                            Nebraska

FUNDERBURG, Ethel                   Ohio

HARLEY, Mabel                            Virginia

HUFFMAN, Emma                        Virginia

KINTNER, Owen                          Washington

KINZIE, Kenneth                           Virginia

LEAR, Mrs. Martha E.                    Illinois

LEHMAN, Galen                            Illinois

MILLER, William                            Ohio

MOHLER, Elizabeth                        Missouri

MOYER, Lela A.                             Ohio

MYERS, Earl R.                               Kansas

NOLT, Enos                                     Ohio

REPLOGLE, Walter                         Alabama

ROYER, Milton D.                           Maryland

SCHWENK, L. Anna                       Pennsylvania

SHAMBERGER, Jane                      Idaho

THOMAS, J. Walter                         Maryland

WILLOUGHBY, Lillian                     Illinois

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