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Contributor: 	Sharon I. Dickson

Chicago Daily Tribune
Sunday, April 17, 1864

Alien Voters 1864

"We present the names of a sweet-scented crowd in this issue--sneaks and copperheads--
who on the day of the last charter election voted for Sherman.

Just as soon as there was a remote prospect of a draft, this fragrant crowd
started straight for the British Counsul's office, and secured their "exemption papers."

These are the chaps who have loudly prated in years gone by, of their regard for the
Constitution and laws.  The Irish element of course largely predominates.

Today we give the list in the Third, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Wards:

                          Third Ward
Allen, Joseph					Jones, John Henry
Brickley, Thomas				Kelly, James
Brickley, F.					Kelly, Michael
Brown, John					Kelly, William
Brown, James					Lawlor, John
Burn, John					McCarthy, John
Burns, Patrick					McGrath, James
Carroll, Patrick				McGuiness, John
Clark, James					McMahon, Thomas
Clark, Geo. Simpson Watson			Murphy, James
Conway, Lawrence John				Murphy, James
Connolly, Patrick				Murphy, Michael
Connor, John					Murphy, Michael
Davis, John					Murphy, John
Donoghue, Michael				O'Brien, Daniel
Dowling, Timothy				O'Neil, John
Doyle, Michael					Quinlan, Edward
Duffy, John					Quinlan, Edward
Hennaughan, Patrick				Ryan, John
Hickey, John					Ryan, John
Hogan, Jerry					Smith, Thomas
Hogan, John					Smith, John
Howe, William					Sullivan, John
                          Total   47

                          Fifth Ward
James Brown					John Welsch
William Baker					Patrick Lyons
John Brown                               	John Lynch
Michael Conmell                        		John Lynch
John Conway                             	Thomas McMahon
James Clary                              	John McGregor
John Connolly                            	James McNamara
John Collins                               	James McGrath
Michael Donoghue                      		J. Miller
John Doyle                                 	Michael Murphy
Patrick Donoghue                       		John Mitchell
Patrick Donohue                         	Pat Murpey
John Donohue                             	Pat Murray
William Eagan                            	Thos. Morris
John Hogan                                	Timothy Mahoney
John Hickey                                	Wm. Mackey
Michael HIckey                           	John Murphy
John Johnson                              	John Miller
Patrick Kelly                                	Pat Murray
James Kelly                                 	Dennis Murphy
Thos. King                                   	James Murphy
James Rooney                             	M. Newman
John Smith                                  	M. O'Connell
John Sullivan                               	John Ryan
John Sullivan                               	John Ryan
James Tracey                             	James Ryan
William Tracey
                           Total  53

                           Sixth Ward
John Anderson                                	James Murphy
John Burn					William O'Brien
Thomas Butler                                 	John O'Neil
Daniel Connell                                 	Wm. O'Brian
James Doyle                                   	Ed. O'Connor
Thomas Haley                                 	Ed. Quinlan
John Hickey					Patrick Ryan
Michael Kelly					John Ryan
John Kelly					John Stephens
John Kelly					Pat Smith
John Lynch					John Sullivan
Daniel McCarthy					Tim Sullivan
J. McDonald					William Tracey
John Madden					William Taylor
Michael McDonald				James Walsh
James Miller					John Wall
John McDonnell					Thomas Welsh
John Murray					John Wilson
John Murphy
John Murphy
Patrick Murphy
                           Total  39

                         Seventh Ward
Richard Barry					Pat O'Connor
Patrick Cosgrove				James O'Conner
James Collins					John Payne
Patrick Carroll					Patrick Ryan
John Conner					James Ryan
James Clark					Henry Roach
Michael Curtin					John Sullivan
Con. Collins					R. C. Smith
M. Casey					Patrick Smith
J. Callaghan					James Tracey
John Cunningham					James Field
Michael Dwyer					Jos. Fitgerald
Timothy Donovan					John Ford
Michael Donnoghue				Pat Grady
Patrick Dennis					John Gordon
James Fitzgerald 				John Gilbert
John Flannagan					Thomas Hanley
J. Fitgerald					Robert Hall
John Murphy					William Hayes
John Murray					John Hogan
James McNamara					John Johnson
Michael McNamara				Michael Kelley
John McCarthy					Charles Kelly
Daniel McCarthy					Patrick Kelly
M. McMahon 					James Kelly
John McCarty 					Charles Kelly
Michael Murphy					William Lewis
Michael Nolan					John Madden
M. Nolan					James Martin
John O'Neil					Pat Mahoney
Wm. O'Brien					Michael Murphy
John O'conner
                         Total    65

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