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Miscellaneous Items

Updated April 2009

Prices effective April 1, 2009

  Back issues of CIGA are available.
  A few issues are out-of-print, however, copies of individual articles can be purchased.
  Complete volumes are available for years 1970-2008 (VI - XLII) Complete Sets per year are $11.00 or $3.00 per issue including postage

Purchased individually, the cost would be $466.00 for a complete set of all 39 years.

By Mail - Buy the complete set 1970-2006 for **$150.00 Postage & Handling included

Purchased at the DGS Library $130.00

  An index to the Table of Contents to Vol I - XXIV (1965-1988) $9.00

 "From Grandma's Recipe Box"
  Collection of favorite recipes and advice from Grandma's era to the present
By Mail **$15.00 Postage & Handling included
At DGS Library $10.00

  The Family Tree Chart, a great gift idea! Printed in beautiful autumn colors on parchment paper. Chart is 18 x 24 & fits into a standard size frame. Well organize, easy to follow, and spaced for six generations. Perfect for use in a wall arrangement of ancestor pictures or by itself.
By Mail - Shipped in a sturdy mailing tube.**$5.00 Postage & Handling included
At DGS Library $4.00

Family Group Sheets Packets of 36, 8 1/2 x 11, punched for 3-ring binder.
Places are provided for both husband & wife plus their parents. Room for 15 children & their spouses.
By Mail **$5.00 Postage & Handling included

5 Generation Charts(aka Pedigree Charts) Packet of 36, 8 1/2 x 11 punched for 3-ring binder.
Pedigree forms for five generations with space for birth, marriage, & death dates plus location of event.
By mail **$5.00 Postage & Handling included

MACON COUNTY, ILLINOIS PIONEER CERTIFICATE APPLICATIONS Must be directly descended from a person who lived in MACON COUNTY, IL before 1880. Anyone may apply. There is no need to be a Macon County resident or a member of our society.
 COST - $10.00 for each certificate; $5.00 for each additional certificate ordered at the same time for the same pioneer ancestor
(i.e. - order a certificate for each of your children; first is $10.00; each additional is $5.00).
Those applicants with a pioneer before 1850 will have a gold seal with ribbon, and those from 1850-1880 will have only a gold seal.

PO Box 1548
Decatur, IL 62525-1548

  "I Found My Ancestors"
Tote Bags are 15" x 15" with sturdy black web strap & 4" gussets.
Made of natural canvas with a silhouette illustration, the bag can be used to carry books, lunch or genealogy. Great gift!
  By Mail **$15.00 Postage & Handling included
At the DGS Library $10.00

  In 1975-76 Tracy CHEN, Decatur architect, did a series of line drawings used on the cover of the "Central IL Gen Qtly".
These are now available in a set of five prints, 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 suitable for framing. Each print has description attached.
By mail**$4.00 Postage & Handling included
At DGS Library $3.00

They include:

Lincoln Courthouse
[Lincoln Courthouse] Decatur's first courthouse, now located in Fairview Park, was completed in 1832 and was used until 1837. The drawing was made by Mr. Tracy Chen from a photo taken March 13, 1909 by J. K. Stafford. It is one of many fine photographs taken by Mr. Stafford. Prints from his collection of negatives are in the Decatur Public Library.

Carnegie Public Library
[Carnegie Public Library in Decatur] The Carnegie Public Library in Decatur was dedicated July 1, 1903. This library which seved Decatur residents for 70 years was located at the corner of Main and Eldorado Streets. The interior of this building was as beautiful as the exterior. The drawing, made by Mr. Tracey Chen shows the building as it appeared in 1910.

James Millikin Homestead
[James Millikin Homestead] This beautiful home, built in 1876 is located on the corner of West Main and Pine Streets in Decatur, Illinois. The drawing was made by Mr. Tracy Chen.

Spring in Fairview Park
The Spring in Fairview Park as it was photographed by Mr. J. K. Stafford March 31, 1909. The Spring was on the south side of the park, west of the place where Park Place enters the park. Prints from Mr. Stafford's. The drawing was made by Mr. Tracey Chen.

Entrance to Fairview Park
The drawing by Mr. Tracy Chen, of Decatur shows the West Eldorado Street entrance into Decatur's Fairview Park. This land has been used as a park since 1890 and can evoke memories for most Decatur people as well as many visitors to our city who have passed through these gates. This scene was photographed for a 1908 post card.