1860 Transcribed Census - Surnames D

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Alphabetical Index by Surnames

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Dagell, Ada
Dale, Geo. T.
Dale, Sarah E.
Dale, Wm.
Danels, Ed.
Danels, Hannah
Danels, Irvin
Danels, Pery
Danels, Sarah
Danels, Wm.
Danner, Caroline
Danner, David
Danner, Elanora
Danner, Isaac
Danner, Julius W.
Danner, Mary C.
Danner, Sarah J.
Danner, Theodore
Darbin, Amos H.
Darbin, D. W.
Darbin, Eliza A.
Darbin, Nancy A.
Darrove, Albert H.
Darrove, Elias
Darrove, Elizabeth A.
Darrove, Malinda
Darrove, Rachel
Darsham, Jno. W.
Darsham, Levi
Darsham, Minerva
Darsham, Rachel L.
Darsham, Saml.
Davenport, Amand L.
Davenport, Amanda E.
Davenport, Arminta Jane
Davenport, Catharine A.
Davenport, Comfort M.
Davenport, Dejalma
Davenport, Dovey F.
Davenport, Eber
Davenport, Elcy S.
Davenport, Florence B.
Davenport, Gabriel E.
Davenport, Geo. F.
Davenport, Geo. W.
Davenport, Green L.
Davenport, Hugh L.
Davenport, Hugh L.
Davenport, Hugh L.
Davenport, Isiah
Davenport, Isyphena
Davenport, Jane E.
Davenport, Joanna
Davenport, John
Davenport, Julia Ann
Davenport, Laura J.
Davenport, Lavida
Davenport, Levi
Davenport, Linda J.
Davenport, Lucinda
Davenport, Lucinda J.
Davenport, Lydia A.
Davenport, Mary P.
Davenport, Mary R.
Davenport, Nelson S.
Davenport, Pleasant J.
Davenport, Sarah
Davenport, Soleman
Davenport, Squire
Davenport, Theodore
Davenport, Theodosia
Davenport, Thos.
Davenport, Thos.
Davenport, Uriah
Davenport, W. W.
Davenport, Wesley F.
David, Eliza Ann
David, John A.
David, Joshua
David, Margaret
David, Mary C.
David, Thos.
Davidson, Jas.
Davis, A. M.
Davis, Abraham
Davis, Alex
Davis, Alex.
Davis, Ann
Davis, Christopher
Davis, Dianna
Davis, Dorcas
Davis, E. E.
Davis, Edwin M.
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elyina
Davis, Emma
Davis, Essa
Davis, Etta
Davis, Francis F.
Davis, Geo.
Davis, Hipocrates
Davis, Hiram
Davis, Irena D.
Davis, Isaac
Davis, Isaac T.
Davis, Jane F.
Davis, Jeremiah
Davis, Jesse S.
Davis, Jno.
Davis, Joana
Davis, John
Davis, Johnathan H.
Davis, Jos.
Davis, Lavina
Davis, Lucinda
Davis, Lucretia
Davis, M. L.
Davis, M. V. B.
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Marthy E.
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary E.
Davis, Mary S.
Davis, Meric
Davis, Millie
Davis, Nancy D.
Davis, Nancy J.
Davis, Remus
Davis, Sallie Ann
Davis, Sally Ann
Davis, Saml. N.
Davis, Sarah J.
Davis, Sarah J.
Davis, Thos.
Davis, Thos.
Davis, Thos. D.
Davis, Versalius
Davis, Wecome
Davis, William
Davis, Wm.
Davis, Wm. C.
Davis, Wm. H.
Davison, Ann M.
Davison, Anna
Davison, Artes
Davison, Cassa
Davison, Emma
Davison, Emma F.
Davison, George W.
Davison, Hannah
Davison, Hilda
Davison, Isaac
Davison, Jeremiah
Davison, Jno. F.
Davison, John W.
Davison, Mary J.
Davison, Michael
Davison, Millard
Davison, Rebecca
Davison, Sarah C.
Davison, Sarah J.
Davison, Stephen O.
Davy, Florence
Davy, Harry
Davy, Henry
Davy, Lincoln
Davy, Mary
Davy, Mary
Dawson, Eliza
Dawson, Emma J.
Dawson, Henry
Dawson, John
Dawson, Lucretia
Dawson, Nelson
Dawson, Wm.
Day, Abraham L.
Day, America
Day, Andrew
Day, Anna
Day, Benj. A.
Day, Carolina
Day, Caroline
Day, Caroline
Day, Cath.
Day, Chas.
Day, Chas.
Day, Chas. A.
Day, Chas. W.
Day, Danl. P.
Day, Dennis
Day, Drusilla
Day, E. O.
Day, Edmund
Day, Elfirman
Day, Eliza
Day, Eliza
Day, Elizabeth
Day, Elizabeth
Day, Elizabeth E.
Day, Ellis J.
Day, Emily
Day, Emma
Day, Emma
Day, Emma
Day, Esack E.
Day, Geo.
Day, H. F.
Day, Ira M.
Day, Jary N.
Day, Jas.
Day, Jno.
Day, John E.
Day, John E.
Day, John S.
Day, John Stilman
Day, John W.
Day, Lafayette
Day, Maria
Day, Maria
Day, Martha E.
Day, Marthy
Day, Mary
Day, Mary
Day, Mary
Day, Mary Jane
Day, Nancy D.
Day, Nath. E.
Day, Philip M.
Day, Rachel F.
Day, Saml., Jr.
Day, Saml., Sen.
Day, Sarah J.
Day, Sarah M.
Day, Thos.
Day, Willis
Deaborough, Wm.
Deacon, Thressa
Dean, G. W.
Debois, Amy A.
Debois, Anna M.
Debois, F. M.
Debois, Lafayette
Debois, Sylvia S.
Debois, Wm.
Debois, Wm. H.
Decker, Cynthia C.
Decker, John
Decker, Mary J.
Decker, Sarah
Decker, Sylvester
Decker, Wm.
DeHart, Alex
DeHart, Elizabeth
DeHart, Narcissa
DeHaven, Eliza Jane
DeHaven, Elizabeth J.
DeHaven, Isaac
DeHaven, Joseph Henry
DeHaven, Mary Virgiinia
DeHaven, Wm. Thos.
Deland, Ada M.
Deland, Chas. E.
Deland, Ed.
Deland, Elizabeth
Deland, Emily
Deland, Emma L.
Deland, Flora
Deland, James
Deland, Jas.
Deland, Wily B.
Delavou, Cath.
Delavou, John
Delavou, John
Delay, Chas. S.
Delay, Coleman
Delay, Jas.
Delay, Kesiah
Dement, Lewis
Demsey, John
Demsey, Mary
Demsey, Mary E.
Demsey, Michael
Demsey, Peter J.
Denett, Chas.
Dennis, Chas. F.
Dennis, Chas. L.
Dennis, Jos.
Dennis, Mary E.
Dennis, Sarah
Denton, Fannie
Denton, Lizzie
Denton, Saml.
Denton, Sarah
Derby, John N.
DeSpain, Edgar
DeSpain, James
DeSpain, Jane
DeSpain, Nick
DeSpain, Wm.
Deter, Frederic
Deter, George
Deter, Mary
Deter, Solomon
Deverse, Edmund J.
Dew, Bertha
Dexter, Jas. H.
Dickerson, Amanda
Dickerson, Annie
Dickerson, Minnie
Dickerson, T. S.
Dickey, Eliza Ann
Dickey, Jas.
Dickey, Jas. B.
Dickey, Jno. Wm.
Dickey, Margaret
Dickey, Robt. Carl
Dickson, Jas.
Dickson, Margarett
Dickson, Polly A.
Dilavou, Amos
Dilavou, Jacob
Dilavou, Jerome
Dilavou, John J.
Dilavou, John W.
Dilavou, Minerva
Dilavou, Rebeca
Dilavou, Robt. G.
Dilavou, Saml.
Dilavou, Sarah
Dill, Amos
Dill, Elizabeth
Dill, Jacob W.
Dill, Mary A.
Dill, Mary A.
Dill, Mary Ann
Dill, Wm. F.
Dillavou, John T.
Dillavou, Luther C.
Dillavou, Maria
Dillavou, Mary J.
Dillavou, Robt. L.
Dillavou, Sarah
Dillavou, Wm. D.
Dillavou, Wm. R.
Dine, Charlotte
Dine, Danl.
Dine, Jno.
Dine, Mary E.
Dine, Robt.
Dingee, Hannah A.
Dingee, Harriet J.
Dingee, John
Dispain, Jackson
Dispain, Wm.
Dixon, Martha
Dockrim, Esther
Dockrim, Lester
Dockrim, Miller
Dockrim, Mylan
Docum, Mascul
Dolley, Geo. W.
Donaho, Catharine
Donaho, Patric
Donahue, Michael
Donelson, Eliza Jane
Donelson, Harriet
Donelson, Jas. M.
Donelson, Jno.
Donelson, John Albert
Donelson, Louis Henry
Donelson, Marium
Donelson, Sarah Elizabeth
Donelson, Susan Catherine
Donelson, Wm. Harvey
Doner, Elisabeth
Doner, Johnathan C.
Doner, Louisa
Dongon, Bridget
Dongon, Bridget
Dongon, Philip
Donigan, Jas.
Donigan, Jno.
Donner, Geo. W.
Donner, John B.
Donner, Lydia P.
Donohue, Michael
Doolittle, Geo.
Doran, Peter
Doran, Thos.
Dotson, Hiram
Dotson, Margaret
Dotson, Nancy Ann
Dotson, Wm.
Doty, Nancy
Doty, Saml.
Dougherty, Geo.
Downey, Laura C.
Downey, May
Downing, Elenora
Downing, Jas.
Downing, Jas.
Downing, Joseph
Downing, Reason
Downing, Susan
Doyle, Agness
Doyle, Caroline
Doyle, Hugh
Doyle, Jefferson
Doyle, Jno.
Doyle, Louiza
Drake, Allen
Drake, Hannah
Drake, Mary
Dregsten, David H.
Dregsten, Margaret
Driecack, Amanda
Driecack, Ammon
Driecack, Christianna
Driecack, Danl.
Driecack, Elmira
Driecack, Geo.
Driecack, Sarah
Drudley, Frances H.
Drudley, Reuben
Druly, Amy A.
Druly, Cassius P.
Druly, Jas. S.
Druly, Jas. W.
Druly, Jerusha B.
Druly, John E.
Druly, Josiah F.
Druly, Martha J.
Druly, Rachel E.
Drum, Eliza
Drum, F. Marvin
Drum, Israel
Drum, John W.
Drum, Madusa E.
Drum, Margaret
Drum, Marshal
Drum, Philip
Drurry, Jno.
Drurry, Lucinda
Drurry, Martha F.
Drurry, Mary A.
Drybread, Mary
Drybread, Mary O.
Drybread, Nancy
Drybread, Rebecca
Drybread, Sarah
Drybread, Wm. H.
Drybread, Wm. L.
Dudly, T. W.
Dugan, Eliza A.
Dugan, Ellen
Dugan, Jas. C.
Dukusm, Wm.
Duncan, Emeline M.
Duncan, James
Duncan, Jno. Alex.
Duncan, Lewis
Duncun, Jno.
Duncun, Mary Ann
Dunger, Chas.
Dunger, Jas. W.
Dunger, Martha E.
Dunger, Mary J.
Dunham, Amy L.
Dunham, Eliza
Dunham, Hellen A.
Dunham, Jeremiah O.
Dunham, Mary L.
Dunham, Rebecca
Dunham, Wm. W.
Dunlap, Lavilla A.
Durkee, Elizabeth
Durkee, Johnathan
Durkee, Ruth
Dutrel, Sarah A.
Dye, A. M.
Dye, Catharine
Dye, Geo. E.
Dye, Kate
Dye, Nancy
Dye, Wm. H.
Dyer, Clement
Dyer, Geo.
Dyer, John
Dyer, Margaret
Dyer, Ruth
Dyer, Wm.

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