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Edgar County
1881 Chronology Page

Transcribed and contributed by
Jane A. Fullington

Chronological Events of the Past Year
as Recorded in the Gazette
Jan. 5 Plans and specifications for the new school building presented for inspection and adoption.
Jan. 5 Geo. A. Bandy, an old resident of this county, dropped dead at Winsdor, on the 29th ult.
Jan. 5 Marriage of Eld. J. B. Mayfield of this city, at Charleston, Dec. 30th ult.
Jan. 12 Obituaries of Mrs. Elizabeth Clark, John Sheets, Robt. P. Gist and William Tichenor, all old residents of this Co.
Jan. 12 Death of brakeman Baldwin near Dudley in this county, by falling under the cars.
Jan. 12 Birth of twin babies to Mrs. Geo. Gosnel--One in 1880 and one in 1881.
Jan. 19 Sale of the old Guthrie saw mill.
Jan. 19 Death of Rhodes Epperson, of this county in Colusa county Cal.
Jan. 26 Residence of W. Alexander four miles south of the city, destroyed by fire.
Jan. 26 Marriage of M. M. Meyers and Miss Anna V. Nelson of Highland county, O., on the 29th.
Jan. 26 Withdrawal of T. B. Shoaff from Paris Gazette.
Feb. 2 LaGrange & Bell awarded the contract to build the new high school building.
Feb. 2 Death of Mrs. Anna Boyer of Kansas station, Jan. 21.
Feb. 2 Accident to Mr. John Means.
Feb. 2 Marriage of Dr. J. N. Downs and Miss Estella A. Vance.
Feb. 2 Marriage of Mr. John Bell (colored) of this city and Miss Hester White of Terre Haute.
Feb. 3 Silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Matts.
Feb. 9 Death of Mrs. Lizzie H. Harris of Indianapolis, Feb 1st-daughter of Elijah Patterson of this township.
Feb. 9 Death of Miss Cora E. Cady of Cold Water, Mich. at the residence of her uncle, Jonathan McLain in this city Feb. 6th.
Feb. 10 Julia Rive-King concert Opera Hall.
Feb. 13 Two prisoners broke jail--captured afterwards, at Newton, Ill.
Feb. 14 Vote of $5,000 additional for the new high school building.
Feb. 14 Removal of Gordon & Talmer to their new corner building.
Feb. 16 Death of E. T. Jenks, father of Mrs. W. J. Hunter of this city, at New Goshen, Ind., Feb 8th.
Feb. 23 Ninth Anniversary of the Paris Gazette.
Mar. 3 Marriage of Geo. Montok and Miss Millie Wetzel.
Mar. 4 Ferris' Drug Store at Vermillion destroyed by fire.
Mar. 4 The Chinese laundryman shot by W. S. O'Hair.
Mar. 5 Death of John Wallace, an old citizen of this county, at Winchester.
Mar. 19 Completion of the large organ in the Presbyterian Church.
Mar. 21 Grand Organ Concert with F. R. Webb of Ohio, as organist.
Mar. 27 Nomination of city officers.
Mar. 29 Death of Mrs. Henrietta B. Anderson, of this city.
Apl. 2 Death of Hon. R. N. Bishop of this city.
Apl. 5 Death of Walter Booth of this city.
Apl. 7 Death of Miss Mary Alice Hinds.
Apl. 11 Death of Mrs. Harriet Kemper Patton, and old resident of Paris.
Apl. 11 Samuel Gish received a severe wound in the hand from a circular saw.
Apl. 15 City Elections.
Apl. 17 Easter services by Palestine Commandery.
Apl. 21 Jesse Terrell, a boot-black shot in the groin by W. J. Bowen.
Apl. 21 Death of Jennie Boland.
Apl. 21 Work on the new school building commenced.
Apl. 28 Death of Dr. Geo. R. Steele at Ridge Farm, and his burial in Edgar Cemetery.
May 1 The Gazette appears in a new type.
May 3 Jacob Harding of this city received news of the death of his son, George, editor of the Indianapolis Herald.
May 6 News received of the the death of John Vance a former citizen of Paris, in Idaho.
May 12 Shooting contest between the Taylorville Guards and the P. L. 1 in this city--Guards victorious.
May 17 Rendition of the "Pirates of Penzance" under the direction of W. A. Ogden of Bellfontaine, O.
May 26 Charley Redmon shot by Amos Wright in Lynch's Billiard room.
May 29 Opening of Colaon's Ice Cream Parlor.
May 30 Decoration of Soldiers graves.
June 6 Seventh annual commencement exercises of Paris High school.
June 8 Marriage of Frank Shutt and Miss Minnie Connely; and Neely McLain and Miss Anna W. Down.
June 10 Laying of the corner stone of the new high school building with imposing ceremonies.
June 13 H. Clay Moss attempts suicide by taking laudnium.
June 18 The P. L. 1, get scooped, at Taylorville by the Guards.
July 2 Assassination of President Garfield.
July 4 Celebration of Independence day.
July 4 Death of Jacob E. Perisho and old resident of this county, in Grandview township.
July 12 Litta Concert.
July 13 Death of Mrs. Lawson Kimble of this city.
July 13 Death of Jennie Stewart Harding in Danville.
July 15 Death of Mrs. Anna Jurey of this city.
July 16 Celebration of the colored Odd Fellows.
Aug. 1 Musical Institute commenced.
Aug. 4 It didn't rain and an old "saw" busted.
Aug. 6 Burr Robbins' circus exhibits in Paris.
Aug. 16 Death of Clement Turner.
Aug. 17 Death of Isaac Ely, and old resident of Paris.
Aug. 19 Death of Rev. G. W. Riley, an old resident Baptist minister of the county, at Urbana, Ill.
Aug. 20 Location of the Edge Tool manufactory.
Aug. 21 Death of Joshua Gibson of this city, aged 83 years.
Aug. 26 Closing concert of Prof. Wilson's Musical Institute.
Aug. 28 Death of Preston Poor near Mulberry Grove.
Aug. 28 Close of 10 years' service of Rev. Dr. VanDeursen, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of this city.
Aug. 31 The Paris Gazette dons a new engraved heading.
Sept 1 Dr. VanDeursen "suprised" by his parisheners and presented with a handsome silver water set.
Sept 7 Establishment of a "bucket shop" in Paris.
Sept 7 Death of Mrs. Polly Parrish of Elbridge township--mother of Robt. N. Parrish of this city.
Sept 7 Fletcher Gibbs killed by being run over by a wagon.
Sept 14 Marriage of A. J. Gregory and Miss Minnie Morrison.
Sept 14 Marriage of C. D. Griffith and Miss Jessie Barrick of Terre Haute.
Sept 15 Marriage of Will H. Levings and Miss Nellie VanDeursen.
Sept 15 Riley Memorial services at the Baptist church in this city.
Sept 19 Death of President Garfield, at Long Branch.
Sept 22 Re-union of the 79th Regt. I. V. I. at Kansas.
Sept 24 Consolidation of the D. & S.W. with the W.St.L. & P. R.R.
Sept 26 Memorial Services by the citizens of Paris on the death of the President.
Oct. 1 Bad wreck of two freight trains on the I & St L east of Sugar Creek.
Oct. 4 27th annual county Fair.
Oct. 4 Death of Mrs. Sarsfield Clark, near Woodyard.
Oct. 23 Regular opening of the Telephone exchange in this city, with 72 subscribers.
Oct. 26 Marriage of Matthew F. Barks, of Washington, Ind. and Miss M. Viola Hunter of this city.
Oct. 31 Death of Mrs. Harriet Wilkin, wife of Rev. M. D. Wilkin.
Nov. 1 Marriage of Will Hill of Paris and Miss Laura Hess of Terre Haute.
Nov. 4 Marriage of A. W. (rest not legible)
Nov. 11 Formal opening of the Grand Central Hotel.
Nov. 11 Banquet of the officers of the Grand Lodge (rest not legible)
Nov. 16 (not legible)
Nov. 20 Death of Mrs. John D. Wallace of Paris.
Nov. 21 Death of Lucius Booth of Terre Haute.
Nov. 24 Marriage of Geo. H. Augustus and Miss Ora B. Redmon.
Nov. 24 Death of Mrs. Sarah Vance widow of the late Wm. B. Vance.
Nov. 26 Death of Wm. O. Gilkey of Ross township.
Nov. 26 Sudden death of David A. Woodbridge, and old resident of this city.
Nov. 30 Death of E. W. S. Hume, the founder of the village of Hume, in Young America.
Dec. 1 Brilliant Military Hop at Armory Hall.
Dec. 21 Issuing of a grand Illustrated Holiday Edition of the Paris Gazette.

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