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Welcome to the Effingham County, Illinois Genealogy web site.  My name is Linda (Kralman) Lambert.  Even though I live in Arizona now (about 50 miles northwest of Phoenix) and have been here since 1972, I adopted the Effingham County GenWeb site in the spring of 1997.  I was raised and educated in Teutopolis (3 miles east of Effingham).  I graduated from Teutopolis High School in 1960.  My family still lives there.  As you can see, my roots are still deeply embedded in Effingham County, Illinois.

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Effingham County NEEDS VOLUNTEERS to do lookups.  If you own or have access to any Effingham County reference books (such as census, cemetery, marriage, obituaries, newspaper abstracts, etc.) and would be willing to do lookups for other Effingham County researchers, then please contact me.

Do You Know Why.......

Do you know why.............I provide links to so many places instead of posting the information here?  It's because I want the people who do the work to get the credit for it.  If I posted it here, even though I put their name on it, it could be construed that I did the work when I actually did not.

As someone whose work has been "stolen" and posted on other sites without credit, I am extremely sensitive to this issue.  I would rather be criticized for providing links than let anyone think I am "stealing" their work.

So now you know why............


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I started this list for those of us who have roots in Teutopolis.

You can subscribe to the list in mail mode by sending an e-mail message to: that contains only the word "subscribe" (without the quotes).  Do NOT add anything else to the body of your message.  Leave the subject line blank.


Effingham County was formed in 1831 from Fayette and Crawford counties.

Effingham County (as well as the county seat, Effingham) was named after a British nobleman, Lord Edward Effingham, who resigned his commission as general in the British army in 1775, refusing to serve in the war against the colonies.  (Information courtesy of Jon N. Austin, Executive Director of The Illinois State Historical Society.  From Origin and Evolution of Illinois Counties published by the Illinois Secretary of State, 1994).

There is a growing belief that the county was named after General Edward Effingham.  He was a surveyor in Effingham County and served with General Ewing in the Blackhawk War.  It seems that it was a common practice to name communities and counties after the surveyors who surveyed them.

So.....there are two possibilities to account for the origin of Effingham County's name as well as the city of Effingham's name .

Effingham County traces its roots back to 1814, when the first pioneers settled along the Little Wabash River.  For the next 40 years, this area witnessed little growth, adding population only when a farm family journeying west along the old Cumberland Trail stopped to work for a living in the rich prairie soil.

When the railroad came in the early 1850's, the sleepy farming area changed. Stores and hotels opened as the county's first "boom" took place.  The first name of the community located on the ground where Effingham now stands was Wehunka, named for an Indian chief whose followers had located here.  The name was changed from Wehunka to Ewington and then to Broughton (not to be confused with Broughton in Hamilton County).  In 1859, the village of Broughton was made the county seat and its name was changed to Effingham.  The second "boom" in 1959 took place when the Interstate Highway System was formed.  The city of Effingham is located at the intersection of I-57 and I-70 and has become a hub for America's motoring public.

Effingham County---the "Crossroads of America"

Information needed and welcomed!!!!!!!

If you know of anything that is genealogy or history related that you would like included here, please contact me.  This means genealogy workshops, genealogy seminars, family reunions, school reunions, family anniversaries (particularly 25th and 50th anniversaries), church picnics, genealogy software classses, (anything related to genealogy), genealogy society meetings, genealogy software user group meetings, historical tours, etc.

Send me your information (use the link above) so that I can add it. Don't you think this would be a good way to reach those long-lost cousins? Perhaps they would attend......(it's worth a try, don't you think?)

February 14, 2008 - Effingham, Illinois

Historical lectures sponsored by both the Effingham County Genealogical and Historical Society and the Effingham County and National Road Museum Association.  7:00 PM at Effingham High School in the Administrative Meeting Room.  No registration necessary (room limited to 40 people). 

February 14, 2008 - Dr. Henry Poterucha (Topic: Doctors/Physicians of Effingham County)
March 20, 2008 - Marion Burford  (Topic: History of the Stained Glass Windows in St. Francis Church, Teutopolis, Illinois)

Contact Kate Bourland for additional details and information on any of the above.

March 3, 2008 through March 8, 2008 - Galesburg, Illinois

10th Annual Genealogy Computing Week at Carl Sandburg College

Phone-in registration has begun. Our offerings include:

Overview of Free Genealogy Online—Monday 3 March 2008
Using—Tuesday 4 March 2008
RootsMagic---Wednesday 5 March 2008
Family Tree Maker 2008—two days---5 and 6 March 2008
Using 8 March 2008

More information can be found at

To register by phone, call 1-877-236-1862 (ext. 5260). Nancy in the college's office will be happy to process your registration. If she does not pick up, leave name, number and best time to call (during 9-5).


Civil War Veterans

I'm trying to accumulate a list of Civil War veterans who are buried in Effingham County and I need your help.  If you have a Civil War ancestor who is buried in Effingham County, please send me that ancestor's information, along with any details you may have such as the cemetery, the unit, years in service, etc.  I'm going to give you credit for the information you provide, along with a contact link. You  may find some new "cousins"!!!!  Please help!  Please contact me (Linda).

2nd Brewery in Effingham  County???????

Was there ever a brewery in Effingham?  I recently heard of a map on E-bay that had an entry for an "Anhueser Busch Brewing Company" in Effingham County.  I'm sure the spelling that was given to me is incorrect, but it got me thinking. The only brewery in Effingham County I know of was the Krieg Brewery located on Salt Creek north of Teutopolis in 1868, owned by Mathias Krieg.  The brewery was discontinued shortly after opening because the water wasn't suitable for brewing.

I can't find information on any other breweries in Effingham County.  I'm hoping someone knows something about this second brewery, or can tell me that this is incorrect.  Please contact me (Linda).  Thanks much for the help.


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Then and Now..... (Includes Diseases/Causes of Death; Occupations; Time Line for Effingham County; and The New Time Line for Wars, Epidemics and Natural Disasters)   Coming Soon!!!!  BIOGRAPHIES!!!!
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