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10 February 2008 - Robert Davis

Surname:     DAVIS, SHOUSE

I am looking for information on Isaac H. SHOUSE and his wife Mary Hudla DAVIS SHOUSE. They were married on December 18, 1859, and were on the Effingham County census for 1860. Thank You.

02 February 2008 - Andrea Walston


I'm researching Joseph HATKE, born 10 October 1817 in Bragel, Germany and died 18 May 1905 in Teutopolis, Effingham County, Illinois.  He married Maria Anna FELDMAN,  born 07 April 1925 in Germany and died 13 July 1863 in Teutopolis, Illinois.  They were married about 1840 and had the following children: Maria Anna Bernadine HATKE, born 15 July 1843; Josephine Anna HATKE, born 30 August 1847; Maria Catherine HATKE, born 29 August 1849; Anna Maria HATKE born 1855; Maria Elizabeth HATKE, born 07 February 1856; Joseph Wilhelmus HATKE, born 30 October 1858; Maria Wilhelmina HATKE, born 30 October 1858; and John Theodore HATKE, born 19 December 1860.  I would like to contact others doing research on the HATKE, DEITERMAN, and WENTE lines.

01 February 2008 - Pat Crawford

Surname:     CRAWFORD

I am looking for information about my father, Joseph CRAWFORD, who died when I was ten years old.  He graduated from Effingham High School in 1931 or 1932.  He passed away on November 6, 1956 in a hospital in Aurora, Illinois and is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery in Wheaton, Illinois.  I'm told his middle name was Michael, but he changed it to Charles (I don't know when). He was a veteran of the US Army and served as a clerk in a hospital in India during WWII.  Any information about him or the CRAWFORD family would be very much appreciated.

27 January 2008 - Penny Hobson


I am looking for missing siblings of Herman Julius ROST, who was killed by a train in November, 1884.  He and his wife Anna (EYBIN, EDEN-ROST are buried in St. John's Lutheran Cemetery in Effingham, Illinois.
His two natural daughters Christina (Stena) and Laura Rosella were born and lived in Effingham until they became adults. Laura (ROST) ALTHOFF went to Urbana, Champaign County, Illinois.   Christina (Stena) ROST married Charles BECKER and lived in Effingham. They (and several children) are buried in Watson Cemetery.

Anna was first married to Minger Janssen EDEN. They had five children.  He died about 1871.  Anna married second Herman J. ROST  I think Minger is also buried at St. John Lutheran Cemetery in Effingham, but I'm not completely sure.  A step-daughter, Ardena Gesine EDEN born in Germany, married Henry J. Reinholt/Reinholdt and moved to Urbana, Champaign County, IL, where he ran a business.

Any help, hints, or tips would be appreciated.

25 January 2008 - Michael Hebler

Surname:     SHARRICK

I am searching for information on Josiah SHARRICK/SHARICK/SHERRICK, etc, but SHARRICK is the correct spelling. Josiah was born on May 13, 1817 in what is now Effingham County; however, I believe Effingham County wasn't established until 1831 (14 years later), so possibly Fayette or Crawford counties. I am not aware of any brothers or sisters nor his parents names. I am in touch with many distant cousins regarding Josiah, but we all seem to be stuck at this point. Any direction you can point me into would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure his death information would be of benefit or not, but just in case, it's: February 8, 1922 in Springfield, Greene, Missouri (yes, he lived to be 104 years old).

23 January 2008 - Charlotte Antonic

am looking for relatives who have lived in the Shumway area in the late 1800's to 1900's. The names would have been SCHROYER and FRITTS. I was told my grandfather, Sam SCHROYER, may have lived there until he came to St. Louis, but I do not know exactly when. Approximate dates may be 1875-1905. I am seeking information on GEORGE and AMMALINE SCHROYER for a possible connection there. Another name that has come up it MATTHEWS but I don't know if there is a connection there. Anything I can find out I would be most grateful for.

21 January 2008 - David J. Manske

Surname:     HUTTON

I am looking for information on Thomas HUTTON (wife Elizabeth). They are listed as living in Summitt Township, Effingham County, in the 1870 census. Both died in 1878, according to my information.

10 January 2008 - K. Price


I am trying to locate where brother and sister,  Lewis PATTERSON and Mary E. PATTERSON are buried in Effingham County. They died somewhere between the 1860 census and the 1870 census. They were the children of Thomas & Christen PATTERSON. Thomas and Christen are both buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Moccasin Township, so I was wondering if the two children are there also?? Thank you very much for any information.

05 January 2008 - Mike Askins

Surname:  ASKINS

I'm looking 
for information about Jonathan ASKINS, born in 1793 in Virginia, died between 1850-1860 in Effingham County, Illinois.  I've been unable to find his burial place.  Does anyone have a transcription for Agney Cemetery?  I think he is buried there.

19 December 2007 - James Robby McGaughey


I am trying to link my gandfather Glen Jackson MCGAUGHEY to his parents who are James MCGAUGHEY and Emily LUCAS from Effingham County.  What I really need is information on James and Emily and their families. Any help is greatly apreciated.

18 December 2007 - Sharon Gerhardt


I'm looking for information on my great grandparents William D. MEEKS born December 9, 1861 in Effingham County, Illinois; died Augusut 2, 1946 in Effingham. He married Melison (Mellie) SMITH on February 12, 1882.  She was born December 17, 1864 in Boone County Kentucky and died February 9, 1947 in Effingham.   William was known as Bill MEEKS and was the chief of police in Effingham about 1915 until he retired.

I would like to find information on William MEEKS' parents, William R. MEEKS and Rebecca DAVIS, who were married March 1, 1858 according to the Illinois State Marriage Index 1763-1900.    William R. MEEKS was born about 1834 and died 1864 (he may have died in the Civil War).

18 December 2007 - Terry Backs


Am looking for information related to the following families who resided in the Effingham/Altamont area from the mid to late 1800's to now.
Henry MOON and Opal VAULTENBURG MOON,  Ed VAULTENBURG, Nora ARNOLD VAULTENBERG, Lloyd NELSON and Zalia NELSON, Raymond BACKS, and Henrietta MOON BACKS.  Effingham doesn't appear to have a lot of useful genealogy/vital records information on the internet, so any information that could be provided concerning these families would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your assistance.

28 November 2007 - Susan Pena


Looking for pictures and/or information, especially  pictures of the graves of Julia Ann GILMORE IDLEMAN (1835-1914) and Jacob IDLEMAN (1822-1878).  They are buried at the Wabash Baptist Cemetery at the corner of Illinois Highway 735 and Illinois Highway 400 in Effingham County.> I was in this part of Illinois in 2005 but I didn't know where they were buried at the time so I did not get over that way.

These are great great grandparents of mine.  Any information about them and their children is appreciated.  Mary Nettie IDLEMAN, their daughter, is my great grandmother.

24 November 2007 - Bobby Joe Paasch

Surname:   HEWKIN

I am looking for a marriage license for my great-great granparents,  Mary Jane STEVENSON (from Effingham, Illinois) and William George PAASCH possibly married in Effingham County in 1867. They later moved to Nebraska in 1870.

31 October 2007 - Bill Coffman

Surname:   HEWKIN

I'm looking for any information about Joseph and Lucinda HEWKIN between 1865 and 1877. Their children were Mary Jane, Holly Josephine, William, Joseph, George Benton, Ella, and Freddie Elmore.  Joseph was from England and served in the Union Army during the Civil War.  Joseph returned to Effingham, Illinois after the war.  He later moved to Missouri I believe around 1877. The next record I can find for Joseph was the Missouri 1900 census. 

28 October 2007 - Tony Holland


I'm looking for information on Betty Jean HOLLAND.. She is the daughter of Herbert HOLLAND and Genevieve KOESTER HOLLAND.  Following Herbert's death in World War II, Genevieve married a man named WILLENBORG in 1947 and they had, I believe, three children.

19 October 2007 - Jay Tegeder  (Jay, I put in the wrong link; please contact me privately. Linda)


I am searching for death records and any other information on two Effingham County, Illinois ancestors of mine. The first is Christian RIEMANN, who entered Effingham County in 1838 and died in 1868. He was a founding member of Saint Aloysius
Church. Christian Riemann was my great-great-great grandfather.

The second is Henry NIENABER who taught at the Saint Aloysius
School in 1856. He was my great-great grandfather.

Thank you for any information you can give me on his birth, death or other.

10 October 2007 - Debra Bladt


I am looking for any information on my great-grandmother's family.  Her maiden name was Birtie Mae MCGEEHON.  Her parents were W.H. and Laura (DEVORE) MCGEEHON. She was born circa 1880 in Effingham County, Illinois.

10 October 2007 - Roger G. Perkins


I am looking for dates and parents of a Christian MUSSER who is the father of Christopher MUSSER (March 1799 - 25 July 1871) and Mary Abrams MUSSER (1800 - 29 November 1886) married 22 October 1818. Christopher and Mary had a son Jacob MUSSER (1828-1862) who was killed
on 31 December 1862 in Stone Rivers, Tennessee. This Jacob MUSSER had married Priscilla CARPENTER 14 July 1849. That union born a Christopher Columbus MUSSER (16 February 1860- 4 June 1914) who married on 24 December 1882 to Cora CUTLER (3 April 1853 - 3 September 1916).

The Musser family lived in Effingham County, Liberty Township from 1850-60 to the present.  Most of the deceased decendants are buried in Effingham County.

07 October 2007 - Michael Corns


I am looking for information on Eliza LOCKARD who died in 1851 in Effingham County. She married Andrew LOCKARD in Effingham County in 1848.  I believe her maiden name was OLINGER, since she is buried next to many OLINGER graves in Tipsword Cemetery, but first married a TROXELL.  Because in the 1850 census, Andrew LOCKARD was living in Effingham County with wife listed as Eleanor (although I believe it was Eliza since oldest daughter was also an Eleanor) and children with the last name of LOCKARD and TROCHILL which I believe is TROXELL misspelled.  One of the daughters is Sarah M. TROCHILL (TROXELL) who in 1857 married my great-great grandfather Upton MYERS in Effingham County.  Can anyone help me figure out this mess?

23 September 2007 - Phyllis Kilgore


I am looking for information on Lillie Ann BUTCHER (OLINGER, SHEEHAN) of Effingham, Illinois.  Her husband was Walter OLINGER. Walter had a twin sister Winnie or Minnie OLINGER that married a BABBS. Walter and Lillie had eight children: Vera OLINGER (Kilgore); James OLINGER; Louis OLINGER; Ina OLINGER; Paul OLINGER; Elmo OLINGER; Bertha OLINGER (STARK); Francis OLINGER.  Lillie's second husband was Frank (Shorty) SHEEHAN Sheeham (Shorty). Any information on the twins or surnames would be appreciated.

23 September 2007 - Jack Tucker

Surname:   Merry

I have a family bible that says my great-grandfather married Minnie MERRY in Effinham County, Illinois on October 15, 1891.  I have another souce that says they were married in Clay County, Illinois.  Minnie's parents were Thomas and Mary (Dunn) MERRY.  I am trying to 1) confirm the location and 2) try and track down any surnames of MERRY that may be still in the area and connect with them to trace that side of my family.  I wish to hopefully fill in some gaps of my heritage. Thanks.

23 September 2007 - Matt Russell

Surname:   Funkhouser

I am looking for the gravestones of Colonel John J. FUNKHOUSER (and his family).  He was wounded in the Civil War at the battle of Chickamauga.
Are they buried in Funkhouser Cemetery?

20 September 2007 - Jerry (Jeri) Greenwood Wesley

Surname:   Greenwood, Murphy

I am a direct descendant of Thomas J. GREENWOOD, Sr., who lived in Effingham County, Illinois with his family.  He was married to Salina MURPHY in 1844 in Effingham County, Illinois. Thomas J. GREENWOOD, Sr. was my great- great grandfather. He died on or about March 27, 1863 in Jernigans Thicket, Delta County, Texas.  His son, Thomas Jefferson GREENWOOD, Jr., my great grandfather, was born on February 7, 1853 in Effingham County, Illinois.  He died on December 27, 1910 in Sunset, Montague County, Texas. I would love to correspond with anyone from either of these families and would love to know where Selina MURPHY is buried.

17 September 2007 - Dennis Erickson

Surname:   Oxley, Stiles

I am looking for John Franklin OXLEY, who died in Altamont May 1, 1929.  Would like to find grave site location and obituary.
Also looking for Eliza OXLEY, possibly Eliza Oxley Cantor Stiles, whose short obituary only says her funeral was at Bethel.  Date possibly 1901.

23 August 2007 - Janet Donner

Surname:   Babbs, Carmen, Cooksey, Parkhurst

I am looking for information on Nellie BABBS daughter of William and Sarah (Cooksey) BABBS. She married Ead CARMEN in 1895. Evidently she married  a Clive or Oscar PARKHURST. When she died in 1910 there are 2 obituaries. One names Ead CARMEN and the other names CLIVE PARKHURST. Nellie is buried in Mahon cemetery under the name CARMEN. Any information would be helpful.

19 August 2007 - Penny Hobson

Surname:   Althoff, Becker, Eyben, Eden, Gerard, Rost, Reinholt, Wissen

I am working on Althoff, Becker, Eyben, Eden, Rost, Reinholt, Wissen, born in Germany and Effingham, IL.  If you are researching any of these families please contact me. I'm interested in sharing and pictures and stories. I am seeking marr. of marriage of Clarence Herman Althoff and Martha E. Gerard.

17 August 2007 - Polly Eckles

Surname:   Burgoon, Clow, Wills

I am searching for the death date of Charles CLOW who married Alice BURGOON on June 9, 1892 in Effingham County.  His son Charles Jr. married Julia WILLS (unknown marriage date).  Thank you.

09 August 2007 - Theresa J. Hoelscher

Surname:   Hoelscher

My great-grandfather was Henry John HOELSCHER of Teutopolis. His son (my grandfather) was John Henry HOELSCHER of Teutopolis. I would like information regarding Henry John HOELSCHER, including other children, parents, etc.

29 July 2007 - Juanita Strohl

Surname:   Claypoole, Wilkinson, Writere

I am looking for the burial places of three of my ggg-parents,  Benjamin Newkirk WRITER and Ann (or Elizabeth) WRITER. Ann died between 1865 and 1870.  I was told that she was buried in Cherry Tree Cemetery, but I cannot find that cemetery. Benjamin died after 1880. They lived in Mason and in and around Effingham County.

I'm also looking for where James CLAYPOOLE is buried. His first wife,  my ggg-mother, is buried in Union Cemetery in Mason, Illinois.  He remarried, to a Martha WILKINSON.

17 July 2007 - Koni Power

Surname:   Ledbetter

My grandfather Ewell LEDBETTER (born January 5, 1905) was a truck driver and was killed by a train in Altamont on June 5, 1943.  I'd like to hear from anyone with information on the truck/train wreck or information of how to find a copy of a local obituary that might have appeared in the paper then. Thanks for any help!

09 July 2007 - Shelly Fleming

Surnames:   Higgs, Michels

I have a picture of my Great-Great-Great Grandfather George MICHELS with another "old" man.  The back of the photo reads "Grandpa Geo. Michels and Uncle George HIGGS".  Does anyone know of a connection between these two families? Or.......... could it just be a way showing close friendship between them?

19 June 2007 - Nancy Peterman

Surname:   Claypool, Mitchell

Would appreciate information on husband and wife, Luke Walton MITCHELL and Ellie CLAYPOOL, the parents of Joseph Oscar MITCHELL, born November 18, 1876 in Edgewood, Illinois and Louis Marsh MITCHELL. I think Marsh and Walton are passed-down family names. Luke and Ellie MITCHELL are my great grandparents.  Oscar is an uncle. Louis MITCHELL is my grandfather.  I would like to know more about the background of my family.

12 June 2007 - Linda Meyers

Surname:   Beesing, Besing, Busing

I'm seeking information on the Henry and Louisa BEESING/BESING/BUSING family.  Their son William was born in 1864.  He married Augusta  ALWERT(?)  The BESING family lived in West Township,  Effingham County in 1870.

03 June 2007 - Phyllis Phillips

Surname:   Allen, Shumard, Wilkinson

Zachariah ALLEN married Rebecca SHUMARD on April 19, 1861 in Effingham, Illinois (she was his 2nd wife). They are found in 1870 in Effingham County, Illinois.  I believe that their son was Oran ALLEN, born October 1883.  Zachariah's children by Alice WILKINSON (mortality census 1860 Effingham County, Illinois) shows Aaron William Henry ALLEN, born Mary 1856; Oscar E. ALLEN, born 1855; and Francis A. ALLEN, born 1853 (according to the census).  Aaron William Henry ALLEN married Emma "Unknown".  Their children were Gracie, Alva, George, Harry, Ora and Meryl.

I have been unable to locate the other sons of Zachariah or his death date.  He may have moved to Jasper County in 1900. 

Any additional information or corrections will be appreciated.

20 May 2007 - Nancy May

Surname:   WOODS

Looking for information on the WOODS family from Canada, living in Effingham per the 1880 Federal Census (page 10) WOODS J. X., age 35, railroad engineer; Margaret, age 55, mother;  A. P. age 21, brother, railroad fireman; Jennie, age 23, sister; J. B., age 13, brother; Cadden Belle, age 19, sister; James, age 6/12, nephew.  Page 41 WOODS ,Joseph, age 27, barber; Jennie, age 24, wife; Joseph J., age 2, son, born Ohio. I think the father is Francis born about 1825 in Canada.

Any info will be greatly appreciated

6 May 2007 - Wayne Shelley

Surname:   TARRANT

I have some info on the Tarrant family but it would be good to know more.
My great-great grand mother Lucinda Elizabeth Wood Shelly is an older sister of Mary Ann (Molley) Wood born in Georgia July 1849. Mary Ann Wood married John Tarrant of the 98th IL US Army. Elizabeth and Mary Ann were among a company of women arrested for treason by William T. Sherman in July 1864. They were working at the textile mills at Roswell, Georgia. The 98th IL was in the area at that time.
I noticed two men listed in the 98 Il Co K by the name of Torrant.  Most likely this is John and Newton Tarrant. My great aunt married a John Tarrant with the same Military history ( see 1860 Effingham Co, IL census Leonard D Tarrant age 48 born in South Carolina.  Leonard  is the father of John.

I am always glad to share the info that I have.  I would like to make contact with someone of the Tarrant family.

4 May 2007 - Arlene Michael

Surname:   THOMPSON

My family comes from Effingham County.  My mother, Gladys THOMPSON was born in 1898 in Watson, Illinois and died in 1967. Her father was Henry THOMPSON, born 1859 and died in 1938.  Her mother was Hattie MCCLAIN THOMPSON, born 1868 and died 1944. 
My mother told me the courthouse burned down and all the records were lost.  My question is: Is there any way to find records?  I'm trying to find Henry's parents names.  Thanks for any help.

16 April 2007 - Scott Stroud

Surname:   STROUD

I am researching the Thomas STROUD line.  I am descended from his son Ephraim Joy STROUD who migrated to Oklahoma after serving in the Civil War.  I understand that there is a STROUD Family Reunion held in Effingham County and would like information about that as well.

05 April 2007 - John Holler

Surname:   HOLLER

My grandfather's name is Walter William Holler, born 10/20/1887 in Edgewood in Effingham County. He died on 9/3/1924 and his burial was in Oak
Ridge Cemetery in Effingham.  His father's name was John Holler.
My grandmother's name was Mary Ellen Elizabeth (Marion) Holler. She was born 11/1883.This is about all I have on my grandmother. In the 1920 US census they gave her name as Ella Holler.  In the 1910 US census, she was listed as living with her father and family, along with my 1 year 11 month old dad.  She was listed as Ellen Holler, a daughter.

31 March 2007 - Cathi Blankenship

Surname:   PENWELL

I would welcome any information on my mother's family.  She is the granddaughter of Lewis T. PENWELL.  He is a Civil War veteran and is buried in the cemetary on the North side of old highway 40 between Vandalia and Effingham (I'm not sure if it's called Effingham Cemetary or something else).  Her parents were Clyde A. PENWELL and Sarah K. PENWELL, born in Vandalia, but later moved to Decatur (where I was born and raised).
Thank you for any help you can give me.

30 March 2007 - Pamela Sue Moody

Surname:   BLUNT, MOODY

I am searching for information on Joshua MOODY who was born in 1814 in Kentucky and passed away in Effingham on 25 Dec. 1852.  He was married to Irena BLUNT in 1839 and had three children.  Joshua is my husband's great-great grandfather.  Thank you.

01 March 2007 - Barbara Head Ward


I am searching for information regarding Usual OSBORN who married Jemima BROOKHART on 15 July 1817 in Madison County, Illinois.  According to records given me they spent their married life in Effingham County, Illinois.  Usual died about 1840, and Jemima died about 1860.  They had 9 children.  Usual had 5 children by a previous marriage.  Any information on this couple and/or their children would be most helpful ....thanks.

23 February 2007 - La Nere Williams

Surname:   WILLIAMS

Is there anyone researching Edward W. WILLIAMS who was born about 1832 in Illinois and is on the 1860 and 1870 census for Effingham County Illinois?  Would like to know who his parents and siblings are.  Thank you.

15 February 2007 - William Gillespie


I am searching for information on the father of  James B. GILLESPIE, born 3 June 1830 in Ewington, Effingham County, Illinois. James marrried Cynthia Ann WILSON in Watson, Effingham County, Illinois in 1859. One of their sons was my grandfather, Oliver. Family rumor has it that James' father was Joseph or Josiah.   Thanks.

12 February 2007 - Rick Wood

Surname:   NOKES

I'm researching my great-great-great-grandparents, Amos & Mahala NOKES in Effingham, Effingham County, Illinois 1850-1900.   Hope to connect with anyone else researching this family in order to share information.  Thank you.

27 November 2006 - Adam Gale


I've got a Great Great Great Grandfather that I'm looking for by the name of Columbus CUNNINGHAM (maybe Christopher Columbus CUNNINGHAM).
Christopher Columbus CUNNINGHAM was evidently born in Edgar, IL about 1852. He lived most of his life in Effingham, as I understand. I know he had children born in Effingham County (Charles Franklin CUNNINGHAM), but I can't find when/where he was born.  Can anyone point me the right direction?

26 November 2006 - Carol Woron

Surname:   MARTIN, MEARS

I am looking for information regarding Presley Marmaduke MARTIN.  I am his great-great-grand-daughter and am researching his history.  I have his diploma from medical school which he attended in the late 1850s in Washington, D.C.  My mother, Harriett Neville MEARS was born and raised in Watson in Effingham County, IL.  I know that Presley Marmaduke MARTIN moved to Effingham County after leaving Washington, D.C. in the early 1860s (1861?), but I am unable to find any records of him in Effingham County, Il.  Any information that you have (dates of birth/death, burial location, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

25 November 2006 - Mary Turton


I am looking for information on John MOORE who married Sarah MARHERT in Effingham County, IL on April 22, 1907 per the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index online via the internet. Sarah Salome MARKERT/MORKERT/MARKET is my great aunt.  She was sister to my grandfather Benjamin Franklin MARKET who was born and raised in Cumberland County, IL.  Sarah married John MOORE. They had a daughter, Sarah, who died in infancy shortly after she was born (about 1907) according to the family Bible. According to the 1910 census, John and Sarah were living in Cumberland County, but their infant daughter was deceased by then.  In 1917, Sarah married  Henry JOHNSON.  I do not know the cause of the end of John and Sarah's marriage.  I know nothing else about John except for what the 1910 census yields, which that John was a day laborer doing odd jobs and he was born in Indiana, and his father was born in Indiana and his mother in Illinois.  John and Sarah were living with or next door to Sarah's widowed father, Daniel MARKET, and his bachelor brother, John L. MARKET.

05 November 2006 - Nancy Shelton


I'm looking for any information on John WEIFENBACH that lived in Dieterich, Illinois in Effingham County.  He is my son's biological great-grandfather. We have no information on the family as all of Mr. WEIFENBACH's children were adopted out to different families because he was too old to care for them after his wife left him.  Thank you to anyone that can help.

20 October 2006 - Jean Caldwell Adams


I'm looking for burial information on Walter CALDWELL, son of Ann Mary WEST and Henry D. CALDWELL, born in Effingham about 1875.  Also the brother, Franklin. We know the other brother, Robert A. CALDWELL, was born in Mattoon on December 16, 1867.  I believe the family moved from Mattoon after 1869, possibly to Teutopolis, and were in Effingham by 1875 or before.

Do you know where any of these children could have been buried?

14 September 2006 - Marcella Kincaid Campbell


I'm searching for an obit/info on Letha COLWELL SMALLWOOD and her husband Robert SMALLWOOD.  Robert died in January of 1983.  Letha died sometime later, probably in the late 1990's or early 2000's (sometime before 2005, the time of her sister, Stella's, death).  Any information would be greatly  appreciated.  Thank you.

02 September 2006 - Debby Cook


I'm searching for information about the family of John William FORD who married Emelia F. MITCHELL in Effingham County, IL on January 29, 1871.  I am a descendant of their daughter Louise May FORD/COMBS who was born July 27, 1883, in St. Elmo, IL. I would appreciate any help with this family.  Thank you.

29 August 2006 - Shirley Bliven


I'm searching for information about John Nicholas GEISLER who married Annie WOLTMAN on October 16, 1872 in Effingham County, Illinois.

Would appreciate any information that can tell me more.

02 August 2006 - John Page


I'm searching for information about Sylvester Greely MITCHELL, born January 1846 in New York.  Died Nov 1912 in Mound Township,  Effingham County, Il.   He married Elizabeth (SHILLING) born March 1846 in Ohio, died August 1834 in Mound Township. Effingham County, Il.

14 July 2006 - Pamela Tikalsky

Surname:   HIGHTOWER

I'm looking for information about the Clark Matthew HIGHTOWER family.  The HIGHTOWER family owned an automobile dealership in Effingham in the 1950's.  Clark was born in 1884 in Effingham County, Illinois 1884.  He died in an automobile accident in Pima County, Arizona 1950.  He married Nelle B. JONES, born in 1889 in Murdock, Douglas County, Illinois.  She died in 1983 in Pasadena, California.

30 June 2006 - Paul Eugene Creech

Surnames:   CREECH

I'm looking for the place of burial of my great-great grandfather, Moody CREECH. He moved from Owen County, Indiana to Effingham in 1854 and died in 1855. His son and daughter-in-law, Jesse and Rosetta {KITCHEL} CREECH buried two daughters, Mary, died 9/5/1873, and Fanny, died 9/25/1872 and are buried in the King Cemetery, Bishop Township, Effingham County. Is Moody buried there as well? Information will be appreciated.

03 May 2006 - Pat Scoggins

Surnames:    Maurey, Mowrey

I'm trying to find information on my great-great grandfather, Frederick A. MOWREY/MAUREY.  According to court guardianship papers, he died in 1878 in Effingham County, Illinois.  Would like to find a record of his death, and also where he is buried. Any information would be appreciated.

July 28, 2005 - Patti Brackett

Surnames:  Alwerdt, Krohn, Maas, Marten

I'm looking for three generations of the ALWERDT family. Louis was born in Altamont in 1899. His father Rudolph was born in Altamont in 1868 and his parents Johann (d.1926) and Elisabeth (d.1906) KROHN ALWERDT are buried in Altamont. Louis is my grandfather.

Also trying to find information on Wilhelmine "Minnie" MARTEN born in Altamont in 1872. Her parents were William MARTEN and Friedericke MAAS. I have no other information on them. Minnie is the wife of Rudolph. They would be my great-grandparents. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

July 27, 2005 - Jenny Morrison Baker

Surname:  Thoele

My Grandfather was William H. THOELE.  His father was Joseph THOELE and his grandfather was Frederick THOELE.  According to the information that I have so far, Frederick THOELE was an original member of the German Land Company who were founders of Effingham.  I'm looking for more information on Frederick THOELE and his family, and if he was actually a member of the company that founded Effingham.

July 26, 2005 - Krista Nuxoll

Surnames:  Berger, Nuxoll

My last name is NUXOLL. My father is Kenneth Robert NUXOLL, brother of Dale, Linda, Karen, Mike and Betty. I have read much about the NUXOLL line but don't know the direct link between the research that I found on and our family. Also I would like to have background on my grandma's geneology - Lorraine was NUXOLL, now BERGER as my great grandfather passed away when my father was young and she remarried.

July 10, 2005 - Staci Roe

Surnames:  Kleier, Riemann

I'm looking for information on Gerard RIEMANN, born in Wiedenbrook, Germany, immigrated to US and lived in Teutopolis, Illinois.  He maried Elisabeth KLEIER, who was born in Essen, Germany.  They had four known children (girls are known to be born in Teutopolis): Mary Rose b. Aug. 25, 1866; Mary Catherine b. May 18, 1862; Mary Viola b. March 30, 1858; (all of these girls joined the School Sisters of Notre Dame)and Stanislaus b. ? and who joined the Franciscan order.  They ended up in Omaha, Nebraska

July 8, 2005 - Robert Davis

Surnames:  Clement, Davis, Sutton

I am looking for information on Mary Ellen DAVIS who was born on 2-5-1864 in Effingham, Illinois. Her father is Jacob DAVIS.She was married to a Mr. CLEMENT and had a son Charles F. CLEMENT in 1889. She then married Frank Riley SUTTON in Texas.

June 26 2005 - Merle Southern

Surname:  Southern

My SOUTHERN family came from North Carolina shortly after the Civil War, but prior to the 1870 census.  They were next found in the 1870 census in Effingham County, Illinois.  Can anyone tell me which land or river route they would have probably taken from North Carolina to Illinois?  Thank you.

Looking for my great-great-grandfather Samuel SOUTHERN who probably passed away in the 1872-1873 time period. He was living in the Effingham County area when he died.  Is there a listing of people buried in the various cemetaries in Effingham County?

June 25 2005 - Orville W. Troesch

Surnames:  Thrash, Tresch, Troesch

I am searching for members of the Troesch (may be spelled Thrash, Tresch or anything sounding similar) family.  Erasmus and Rosina immigrated from Grissheim, Germany via Antwerp, Belgium on or about November 24, 1854. They landed in New York City and then moved to Effingham County Illinois.

Their oldest son Henry was born in either NYC or Rhode Island.  To date I have been unable to locate his birth registry.  They can be found in the 1860 census with the addition of a daughter named Mary Ann.  In 1870 census Rosina was living and working as a baker in Decatur, Macon County, Illinois.  I cannot find anything to explain what happened to Erasmus. Any and all information on births, locations, marriages, ect., would be greatly appreciated.

June 10 2005 - Larry Spencer

Surnames:  McCoy, Phillips

I am looking for the death date of Russell PHILLIPS.  He was born December 20, 1902 and married Ora Lee McCOY on November 20, 1920.  I think he was born and married in Jackson Township, Effingham County, Illinois.

June 10 2005 - Cathie Hartlauer Schultz

Surnames: Hartlauer, Melson

Jesse Virgil HARTLAUER was born March 29, 1903 in Dieterich, Effingham County, Illinois.  His father was John HARTLAUER who died in 1876 in Effingham County, Illinois and was buried in the King's Cemetery.  John HARTLAUER married Mary MELSON of Dieterich.   I'd like to know birth dates, places, marriage information (including spouse). I know very little about my grandfather.  This is my direct line.  I'd appreciate any information that would lead me to Germany or Austria.  This has been a dead end for me.

June 10 2005 - Robert Lancaster

Surnames: Green, Greene, Lancaster

I am looking for information on Ony Merle LANCASTER, Chrystella GREEN (GREENE) and Benjamin Harrison LANCASTER.  Ony was born August 15, 1914, supposedly in Beecher City, Illinois.  I've been told that he was Native American.  I believe Benjamin Harrison LANCASTER was Ony's father.  Ony died in January 1972 in or around Taylorville, Illinois.

Would appreciate any help in gaining more information about this family.

June 06 2005 - Harold Shull

Surnames: SHULL, WOOD

I would like to hear from any descendants of Nelson SHULL and Catherine WOOD SHULL. They resided in Effingham County from about 1860 until their deaths 1905 and 1901 at Montrose, Effingham Cty., Illinois, They had at least seven children. Nelson is the brother of my gg-granddad Philip Shull.

May 10 2005 - Maxine Houser


My great, great grandmother was an American Indian.  We don't know from what tribe. Her name was Martha Jane RAMSEY.  She was born on Jan. 27, 1853 in Effingham, Illinois.  She married James Harvey BAKER on Sept. 7, 1874.  She died on May 5, 1943 in Monticello, Ilinois and was buried in Monticello.  He died in April 1941 in Monticello, Illinois and is also buried there.  We really would like to know what her heritage was. RAMSEY is the only surname I have for her.  Thank-you for your time.

May 08 2005 - Joan Banker

I am looking for any relative of John CHASTEEN and his wife Maude ELLIOTT CHASTEEN. They lived in Effingham County, Illinois in 1910.  I cannot find the family after that on any census records. He and his wife were 30 yrs old on the 1910 census. They had a son Paul and a daughter Dorothy. Also living with them were a brother and sister of Maude. Her brotherClaude/Clyde ELLIOTT and her sister Nora ELLIOTT. If any one has any data on either of these families, I would appreciate hearing from you. The Elliotts were my father's brother and sister. I would like to exchange information with any one interested.

May 07 2005 - Jane Kolegraff Wendell


Looking for information for Carrie ANDERSON, born September 27, 1875 in Cook County, Illinois and died April 1976?, possibly in Effingham County.  She was married to Charles F. ANDERSON.  Her maiden name was KOLEGRAFF or KOLGRAFF.

April 12 2005 - Terry Krider

Surnames: CRIDER

I was just wondering if there was anyone who has any information on Martin CRIDER born in Virginia. moved to Mason, Effingham County in 1858. He passed away June 7, 1895 in Mason, Effingham County. Thanks for your help.

April 02 2005 - Cathie Hartlauer Schultz


I am in search of any information on my great grandparents. John HARTLAUER married Mary Jemima MELSON in Springfield, Illinois and bought a farm in Effingham County, Illinois. John HARTLAUER was born May 1878 and died May 13, 1953 in Dieterich, Illinois.  He is buried in Kings Cemetery, Bishop Twp, Effingham, Illinois. Mary Jemima MELSON was born Dec 24,1878 in Dieterich, Illinois, and died Dec 1, 1953 in Effingham County, Illinois.  She was also buried in Kings Cemetery. They had 1 known child Jesse Virgil HARTLAUER born in Dieterich, Illinois Mar 29, 1903. John HARTLAUER was a foundling in New York City.  When he was 8-12 years old, he was sent on an orphan train to work on a farm in Ilinois. Mary Jemima MELSON's parents were Jesse MELSON (born May 7, 1847)and Emily or Emma WOOLEY (born Mar 17, 1854). They lived and died in Effingham County.

This has been our family's brick wall for many years. I am trying to locate any correct information on John HARTLAUER's parents or lineage. It is uncertain but John's parents' names may be John and Margaret. I am trying to locate any more children born to John Hartlauer and Mary Jemima Melson, whether live or stillborn births.
Any information, help, leads or articles as to where to do research will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

March 29 2005 - Stephen Leitzell


I am looking for information on the descendants of George W. LEITZELL and Matilda STRUNK LEITZELL. George and Matilda lived on a farm north of Altamont from 1866 until their deaths about 1900. I know they had nine children; Oliver, James, Rolandus, Charles, Robert (my great- grandfather), Anna, Lavinia, George and Margaret. I know when and where they were born, but other than Robert and Anna, I don't know what happened to them or when and where they died.

March 15 2005 - Pat Almquist

Surnames: PEEL, PEIL, PIEL

Researching Christian PEEL/ PEIL/ PIEL who was tallied in the 1880 St. Francis, Effingham County census. In this census his name is spelled PEEL even though the correct spelling is PIEL.  His wife's name was Louisa. Are there married records that far back?  Their first child, son Henry, was born in 1878 or 1879.  Their second child, daughter Mina, was 10 months old at the time this census was taken.

February 20 2005 - Deborah Bethards

Surnames: CLAAR

I am looking for information on the CLAAR family from the Effingham/Watson area. These would be relatives my family and I have never known. 
My mother was born to a Belva CLAAR. Belva passed away due to complications of child birth between March 21 1936 and March 26, 1936. We would like very much to know where Belva is buried.  My mother has one picture of her mother (Belva), but we would like any information about her, her family, etc. Thank you

January 20 2005 - Beverly Rico


I am looking for William KESSLER.  He supposedly was born in Shelby, Illinois.  I have reason to believe he may have married Myrtle SMITH FLEMING (daughter of Arzaba M. Smith & Sarah Geer) in Effingham County. Thank you.

December 31 2004 - Alva (Higgins) Warren


I am a descendant of James Knox Polk Higgins,Sr. born 1806 in Buncombe North Carolina. He lived much of his life in and around Effingham, Clark and Cook Counties, Illinois (between 1840-1860's).  He moved back and forth from Lewis County, Tennessee to these three counties in Ilinois.  It is believed he left last time from Tennessee about 1861 taking his family away from the war area.  He died approximately 1861 - 1866 near Effingham County, Illinois.  I can not find any proof of death.  The family members are: James K Polk Higgins, Sr. married Nancy Jane Hensley born 1808.  Their children were John Wesley, James K Polk Higgins, Jr. (born 1845), Margaret, Elizabeth, Taylor Chamberlin, Margaret C. Cynthia, Nancy and Mary J.  I need James K. Sr.'s parents names also.

December 16 2004 - Robert E. McLaughlin

Surnames:  McLAUGHLIN

I am looking for information on Robert K.
MCLAUGHLIN who purchased many pieces of property in Effingham County and bordering counties.  He first purchased land in Effingham in 1820. He continued his purchases until 1856. I believe he came from Kentucky.  He is listed in the BLM records for Illinois.  His father was James McLAUGHLIN. He is shown in the 1820 census of Bond County, Illinois.  Most of his land purchases were in Effingham County.  Thanks for your help.

December 15 2004 - Sharon Funk


Would like more information on Catherine FUNK, was she from Ohio?  Any information regarding the James H. WOOD and James MARTIN families that lived in West Township, Effingham County, around 1850 to 1880. Does anyone know about Ann WOOD and James MARTIN?

December 11 2004 - Judy Randolph

Surnames:  WHITE

Alaska William
WHITE born May 10,1860, parents unknown. It was alleged that he was born in Effingham County, Illinois.  Is there anywhere I can check for birth records? He had a brother with him when he came to Kansas in 1880 but his name was lost to time. I would appreciate any information / help you can give me. 

October 29 2004 - Marcia Long


I am seeking information about my great grandmother Dollie RICHARDSON. In the 1880 census she was the 6 year old daughter of C.E. and Ella Richardson. She also had a younger sister named Florence. Dollie married Lee BAKER in Wise County Texas and both are buried in the Grapevine, Texas cemetery.

October 26 2004 - Kathryn Louise Turley

Surnames:  WILKINSON

My third-Great Grandfather, John N. WILKINSON, resided in Effingham County, IL in the 1860 census.  According to his twin brother's Bible pages, John died on March 22, 1868.  Did he die in Effingham County, IL and if so, where is he buried?

October 17 2004 - Crystal Fite


I am hunting for parents of Henry Pendleton BAILEY.  He was born in 1809 and lived in Effingham County.  He was the first sheriff of Effinghan County.  Henry was married to Susannah LANDRETH and together they had 10 children.  Please contact me if you have any information.

September 14 2004 - Jeannette Elliott

Surnames:  FISCHER

I am looking for information to prove Pauline FISCHER was my grandmother.  I found her in the 1870 census as 10 years old in Shumway, Effingham County, Illinois.  I can't get  the 1890, 1900 or 1910 census, so I lost track of her.  Ulrich Fischer was her younger brother, born 1887, but is this the right Fischer family?  My grandmother was named Pauline FISCHER.  Her first marriage was to a Mr. JACOT.  Her second marriage was to William Albert GIMPEL on June 30, 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri.  My mother was Pauline GIMPEL/FISCHER/MEYER/VOGT, born April 26, 1907 in Dennison, Texas.  Her uncle was named Ulrich FISCHER.  She was adopted twice, first by Ulrich, and then by Dr. Rev. John MEYER. After his death, she was placed in the Hoyleton Children's Home on October 12, 1917.

September 14 2004 - Exie Lundquist

I am looking for information for Salina MURPHY GREENAWALT (or GREENWOOD).  She was born about 1829. She married Thomas GREENWOOD or GREENAWALT in Effingham County, Illinois. They owned a lot of land in Effingham County, Illinois before moving to Texas.  His parent were Issac GREENWOOD OR GREENAWALT and Charity HART who lived and died in Effingham County.  I am having trouble finding Salina's parents and sibling(s). Does anyone have this information?

September 09 2004 - Diane Halsey

I am looking for the grave of Alonzo STITH, born March 11, 1856.  He was married to Evalina SWINCHER in 1875 in Coles County, Illinois.  He died before 1895 in Illinois.  He is believed to be in an Effingham County cemetery. Can you help me locate his grave? 

September 09 2004 -  Bonnie Barnes Worley

I am looking for information on Charles STRANGE and Mary Ella CRAEGER, married 1885 in Effingham County, Illinois. He is my great-grandmother's brother.

September 09 2004 -  Betty Jewell Durbin Carson


I am trying to locate information onjJohn DURBIN born in 1794 in Allegany County, Maryland. He married Mary WINEBRENNERon November 7, 1818, in St. Patrick's, Allegany County, Maryland.  He died about 1847 and is buried at Teutopolis, Effingham County, Illinois.  Mary married Barney HINES after John's death.  I need to prove that this John DURBIN is a son of John DURBIN and Honora LOGUE DURBIN.   John, Sr. died in Knox County, Ohio in 1843. He is my Revolutionary War line I am trying to join the DAR under.  They are also questioning the parentage of Hannah Margaret DURBIN who is John, Jr's. and Mary WINEBRENNER'S daughter.  Hannah was my great-great-grandmother. She married Lewis DURBIN who was a son of Benjamin DURBIN,  brother to John, Jr.  I proved to them once with census records where she is living with Mary  WINEBRENNER HINES and Barney HINES. Would appreciate any help.  Agnes Grubaugh used to help me, but she is deceased.  We had our Durbin reunion up there about 8 years ago.

September 08 2004 -  Amy Marks


We had handwritten papers and a copy of the Effingham Republican sent to us.  The notes stated that Elias A. MARKS was prominent in Dieterich.
His estimated birthdate is 1853. He died March 20, 1921. His wife was Sarah C. JOHNSON.  We were told that he was the school district superintendent for many years there.  He is supposed to have been born in Indiana and his mother's first name may be Mary.  We are trying to get as much information as possible and to confirm dates.  Do you know of a contact with old school district records so I can research if they have any information on him?  Thank you for your time.

July 26 2004 -  Chris Carter


I am looking for anyone that may have the FOSTER surname. My wife's grandfather lived in Effingham County for about 20 years. Her great grandfather James FOSTER born January 16, 1844 in Pike County, Ohio married Annie KINNAMAN on March 22, 1894. They had 5 children. James Milton  (wife's grandfather) was born on October 24, 1896; Laura Edith Foster was born on January 14, 1900; Florence was born about 1898; Minnie Patsie was born about 1903; William Noah FOSTER was born on June 8, 1908 and died March 4, 1983 in Effingham County, Illinois.  He is buried in Hubbardt Cemetery in Shelby County, Illinois along with his father James who is a Civil War Veteran. Now William's father, James married 3 times before Annie. His first wife was Margaret BERGER married August 9 1865.  His second wife was Mary Ann COAKLEY married June 3, 1879.  His third wife was Huldah WELLS married March 12, 1885. James died October 31, 1932 and his wife Annie died November 15, 1936. I have some of James' military records but not all of them and have 3 of the 4 marriage records.  The only one I haven't gotten is the Huldah Wells and James FOSTER marriage. I have James and Annie's death certificates.

I am having trouble locating their children and their marriages with the exception of Laura FOSTER and Laurence GRABB. I have obits of James, Annie and Laura GRABB along with her husband, and her sister Minnie GALLO from Texas. I believe Minnie was married 3 times, first to Arthur GRITZMACHER.  In the 1930 census I located James, Annie and William Noah in Liberty Township, Effingham County, with Betty GRITZMACHER being with them. My mother found an article from the Decatur Newspaper about Minnie GRITZMACHER in a divorce proceeding which led me to this conclusion. Then second to a ROYSE from James and Annie's Obituaries. Then third to a GALLO.  I have Minnie's obituary.
Florence is really unknown but from her parents' obits she married a SMITH possibly married to a ATER before. James who was born in 1844 had other children Charles FOSTER, George W. FOSTER and Rosetta [who married a BLACK (from James' Obit)] from Mary Ann COAKLEY marriage. Then he had Cordia May who married Ezra OLIVER from the Huldah WELLS marriage.

If anyone has any connections, I would love to hear from you.

July 12 2004 -  Jan May

I am seeking to find out what cemetery that Henry Bookhout is buried in and the date on which he passed away. His family ties into mine (Daniels in Marion County, Illinois). All I know is Henry died in a train wreck in 1874. He was an engineer. His mother was Mary Bookhout. Is she buried in Effingham? I know he's buried in Effingham, Illinois. Any information at all would be appreciated.

June 29 2004 -  L. A. Magino

I'm seeking the death date and burial place of Minda "Ninnie" TIPSWORD, which is believed to be in Effingham County, Illinois.  She was born August 23, 1874, the daughter of Elizabeth Banning and Griffen Tipsword. She married James Eldridge on April 6, 1893 and had one child, Bessie Myrtle born April 2, 1894.  I would appreciate any information that is known about Minnie's short life.

June 12 2004 -  Alton R. Jenkins

Surnames:  BROCKETT, IVES   
Searching for information about the ancestors of William E. Brockett (1749-1821), husband of Martha Ives who died in Effingham, Illinois in 1841.
Some of their children had migrated to Illinois from Tennessee, thus the reason for Martha being in Illinois.

May 30 2004 -  Charles McClenahan

Surnames:  CLARK, WALLACE   
I am searching for the ancestry of my great-great-great-grandfather William CLARK and his wife Amelia.  They had a daughter Martha who married John H. Wallace in Effingham County on April 17, 1853.

May 20 2004 -  Pamela Zull


Looking for the surname STOVER in Effingham County, Ilinois. In the 1870 census in Effingham there are Israel STOVER (age 36 born in Pennsylvania) and his wife Sarah TILDEN (age 30 born in Pennsylvania) with Emma (age 7 born in Pennsylvania) and Elizabeth (age 3 born in Illinois).  I know who they are but also found in the 1880 census  Henry BAUER (age 28 born in Pennsylvania) with his wife SARAH STOVER and BOWER children (William H. age 5; Arfritta ?age 3; and Emma age 3 1/2). The sister in law Mary Ann STOVER is also living with them. I want to find out who the parents of Mary Ann STOVER and Sarah STOVER were. I think the mother was a Sarah STOVER found in the 1870 census (age 43 born in Pennsylvania) but have no name for the father. Ultimately, I would like to find out the parents of Israel STOVER. Thanks for any help.

 May 07 2004 -  Charlie L. Ausburn


Leda Bell Cheatum was my mother.  Her siblings were Wilbert Cheatum, Lawrence Cheatum, Bernadean Cheatum, and a half sister Nona Cheatum. Their parents were Earl Cheatum born January 26, 1885 in Effingham Illinois. He died November 2, 1935 in Watson, Illinois and was buried in Wabash Cemetery in Edgewood, Illinois.  Earl's wife was Naomi Jane McGaughey born in Newton, Illinois and died in Center, Arkansas. Earl's parents were James Cheatham of Mason Township, born in Kentucky, and Dora Thomas of Effingham. They were married in Mason on October 8, 1888 by Steven Harden, J.P.  Witnesses were Mary Harden and N. Hall. James' parents were Duncan Cheatham and Adeline Hutchinson. That is all I have and not sure it is 100% correct. I hope some one from this area will be able to help me on this family line.

April 13 2004 -  Shirley Hodges


I am looking for information and/or descendants of Edwin Flowers and Emma A. Flowers.  They are listed on the 1880 Census as living in Union Township, Effingham County with a son Charles who was one year old.  I believe that Emma was the daughter of John R. and Elizabeth Rucker Hunt.

April 04 2004 -  George S. Inman

Surnames:  INMAN, SYFERT

Robert Inman died about 1842 in Effingham County, Illinois.  I am trying to find where he was buried. His wife's name was Martha who later remarried  to a SYFERT. They had two (2) sons, George and John.  Any info would be more than I have now.  Thank you.

March 24 2004 -  Paula Freepartner


I know that my family is descended from Griffin TIPSWORD on my father's side (Lester Paul FREEPARTNER).   His mother was Minerva Jane MITCHELL. Her uncles were farmers around Beecher City.   Her sister was Lydia Ann (married name RICE). Her son Harvey died recently and lived in Funkhauser. My father referred to her as Liddy Ann. Many of the family names are the same as the children and grandchildren of Griffin Tipsword. I know there is a WADE connection and he was reported to be Indian. I believe the TIPSWORD connection is directly before this one and was female. I was wanting to join our local DAR. However, the last reference I had relating to Griffin TIPSWORD and his connection to the American Revolutionary war, was not as positive as the ones I have read in the Effingham County history.  Any information you can share would be helpful.

March 19 2004 - Ophelia Evans


Marmaduke ROBERTSON was living in Effingham County, Illinois in the census of 1850.  Two children, Willis, 12, and Sophronia, 10 are of interest to me. Marmaduke is listed on this census as Duke.  I believe that Sophronia Robertson is my great great aunt.  I have a picture that I believe to be Sophronia.  Is there anyone who could identify a picture of her?  Would appreciate any information about either Sophronia or Willis ROBERTSON.

February 26 2004 - Joseph E. Lane

Surnames:  ELLIOTT, LANE

I am looking for information on Mordecai LANE, widower of Nancy ELLIOTT.  Mordecai died December 1870 in Dieterich, Effingham County, Illinois and is buried in King Cemetery. I will appreciate any details on this and the names/dates/locations of his parents. Mordecai is the father of Stephen Elliott LANE, my grandfather. Thank you.

January 24 2004 - Joyce Nash-Wafford


I am looking for any information on CLABORN NASH and CHRISTENA BARKER.  They married in Effingham County, Illinois on April 4, 1843.
I am in hopes that this may be the parents of my great-grandfather, Claborn "Clabe" NASH, born 1835-1845, in Illinois.  I have no idea what county he was born in, nor do I know his exact birth date. I know that he lived with a Richard PIERCE and his wife Vivian (NASH) Pierce, in Richland County, Illinois, during the 1860 Census, (not sure what relation Vivian Nash was to Claborn Nash). I also know that he was living with his in-laws, John W. NASH (originally from Kentucky) and wife Hannah Hardin (originally from Indiana) (surname was spelled NANCE), during the 1870 Census, in Menard County, Illinois. Claborn NASH married Amanda NASH (same last name, daughter of John W. and Hannah NASH)) sometime between 1860 and 1870, not sure if this marriage took place in Illinois or Missouri.  Amanda NASH was born December 3,1844, not sure if she was born in Illinois or Missouri, as her older brother, Jeremiah "Jerry" NASH was born in Illinois. I do not know if Claborn NASH and Amanda NASH were related before their marriage or not.

This family is my Brick Wall.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If any of these names are familiar to you, please email me immediately.
Thank you for your help and your time.

January 20 2004 - Dennis Roll

Surnames:  MCCLURE

Looking for a death date or any information on  James McCLURE who lived near Freemonton, Jackson Township, Effingham County in 1870. He died there sometime between 1870-1880 and is buried in Bowling Green Cemetery. There are no inscriptions on the headstone, which is broken off. The family came there sometime after 1860 from Princeton, Indiana, after his wife Ann died. The 1870 census entry is as follows:

Jackson Twp. , Effingham Co .(Freemonton P.O.):
#26 McClure, James 60 M Farmer 600 Ire
Mary 47 F H.K.  Pa.
Ann 16 F Pa.
Marthey 12 F Ind.

23 December 2003 - Clarence L. Hunt


I am looking for any information on Joseph/Josiah- SHARICK/SHERRICK born May 1817 in Effingham, Illinois. As the story goes, this was Indian territory at that time and he was susposedly the first white child born in the territory. If anyone has any information on this man or his parents and siblings I would greatly appreciate a reply. Thanks.

01 December 2003 - Sandra J. Wilson


Looking for information on Teutopolis and Effingham County Hoelschers. I am the daughter of Clarence Hoelscher and Wilma Jean (Benson) Hoelscher. My paternal grandparents were Henry and Theresa Hoelscher and my maternal grandparents were Frank and Lucille Benson (divorced) Lucille's father was Mr. Eastman, who built many historical homes in Effingham.

22 November 2003 - Rebekah Broom-Knight


Looking for information on Asa Williamson BROOM born in Effingham County in July of 1854.  His parents were Samuel BROOM and Elizabeth Ann PETTY POOL.  Asa Williamson BROOM married Mary Ann WOODING-BROOM from Indiana? Mary Ann WOODING was the daughter of Richard WOODING and Ollie ALLBRIGHT. Why did the BROOM family leave Illinois and move to Texas?

28 October 2003  - Shari Phillips Horton


Looking for information on David WILLIAMSON, purchased land in Effingham, 12 JULY 1855.  Also looking for information on John WILLIAMSON, purchased land in Effingham, 21 OCTOBER 1896.  I am trying to find out which WILLIAMSON family they came from, their wives and children.

 30 September 2003 - Amy J. Barnes

Surnames:  BARNES

My paternal grandfather was Frank BARNES.  We have always been told he was from Effingham, Illinois.  He would have been born around 1875.  He married Teresa CALLAHAN of Logansport, Indiana and died in Indianapolis, Indiana around 1939.  He had seven sons.  I would like to know who his parents were and any brothers and sisters.

23 September 2003 - Carole Tucker


Looking for information on Benjamin Franklin TUCKER, the son of Henry TUCKER and Abiel Malinda PARKHURST. Benjamin was 7 years old in the 1850 census.  We have two different death dates for him, one in 1865 and one in 1877.  He was born in Effingham County, Illinois. Does anyone know where he is bured and his correct death date?  Did he have a family?  None of the family knows anything about him or his family.  We have all the other siblings completed, but wheat happened to Benjamin Franklin?  Henry's son Joseph Albert TUCKER had a son Benjamin Franking who came to Nebraska.  We know about that line.  Any help will be appreciated. 

11 August 2003 - Pat Crouse


Looking for information on William Thomas GALE, found in 1880 US Census (Illinois*Effingham*Other Townships*ED#133). This may be my great-grandfather. I need any additional information on his wife Adaline and daughter Effie (born about 1879) to prove or disprove the relationship.

05 JANUARY, 2002 - Neale S. Brown

Surname:  HUGHES

I am seeking information regarding Benjamin Tredwell HUGHES, born September 14, 1836, in Mt. Upton, New York.Y This quote from the family bible is the only clue I have....."Died at the home of his father in law...left a wife and three children" on February 25, 1864 in Effingham, Illinois.

Though I have his parentage, I have never been able to identify his wife and offspring, nor any details of his life beyond the above. Any help very much appreciated.

08 SEPTEMBER 2001 - David Wharton Phillips

Surname:  WHARTON

It has been reported to me that Benjamin and Lucy WHARTON moved from Guernsey County, Ohio to Effingham County, Illinois in 1854, and that Benjamin died and was buried there. Lucy appears back in Ohio in the 1860 census. Any information on this couple would be greatly appreciated.

07 AUGUST 2001 - Winnie Calloway


I am researching READING/REDDING, BLOUNT/BLUNT who married Racheal LEWELLEN in December, 1840 in Effingham County, Illinois.  Their children were Julia Ann BLOUNT who married John Conrad HORATH; Mary Ann BLOUNT who married Elza
T. GREEN. They also had Logan H. BLOUNT who died in Missouri.  Newton BLOUNT died in Effingham County.  Mary Ann and Elza GREEN had a daughter who married
Samuel DYE.  That family may have descendants still living in Effingham County.  Would appreciate any information on these families.

06 AUGUST 2001 - Karen A. Clarke


Looking for information on Jane (ALLEN) WRIGHT, who I understand spent the last few years of her life in Effingham County, where she lived with her son, Owen WRIGHT, a physician.  Jane was born May 27, 1806, and died January 16, 1872.  She was married to Morgan WRIGHT, grandson of Richard WRIGHT, Sr. of Rowan County, NC.  Would be happy to share information I have on the WRIGHTS.

26 JULY 2001 - Donna Dules


I'm looking for information on Marshall B. DEVORE and Chaney E. Nancy RAMSEY.  They were married in Effingham County, Illinois on November 14, 1864. Her father was Nathniel RAMSEY.  The RAMSEY family was living in Effingham County at that
time.  The RAMSEY family originally came from Tennessee and later moved to Texas.
Marshall B. DEVORE came from Hickman County, Tennessee.  I would appreciate any
help you could give me on these two families.

10 JUNE 2001 - D. Chatham


Wish to share information and correspond with anyone researching the CHATHAM, COHEA, and ROSS surnames of Effingham County, Illinois. Christopher CHATHAM was married to Lucy ROSS CHATHAM, who is believed to have died in Effingham County about 1861-1864.  He then married Elizabeth COHEA of Effingham County in 1864.  Known children of Christopher are Matilda CHATHAM CANFIELD, James Johnston CHATHAM, Thomas CHATHAM, Charles E. CHATHAM, Sarah C. CHATHAM BEARDSLEY, Rosina (Rose or Rosa)CHATHAM THOMPSON KING, and Robert CHATHAM.

Does anyone know where Christopher and Elizabeth lived until their deaths?

10 JUNE 2001 - Lori Yates


I'm looking for the parents and family of Henry Wheeler AGRUE.  He was born in New York around 1820.  He married Nancy CUMMINS and had seven children.  Henry's parents were said to have been from Maine.  He died around 1900 in Effingham County. Any information on his family is greatly appreciated.

09 JUNE 2001 - Margaret Wilson


Twins Elizabeth Jane BROOM and Sarah Ann BROOM born about 1833 in Effingham
County, to John and Mary BROOM.  I have seen sites that list Elizabeth's husband as James OSMAN, at a much later date.  Could this Elizabeth BROOM have had previous husbands, John DAY and John WOOD?  If so, does anyone have a list of her children?

Thank you so much, Margaret

28 MAY 2001 - Dana M. Enger

Surname:  FELDHAKE

I am trying to find out information on my grandfather's family. The only information I have is his name: William H. Feldhake,  born August 9, 1898 in Effingham, Illinois.  Died June 11, 1964 in Concord, California.  He married Dorothy Vernon September 22, 1937 possibly in Ohio.

20 APRIL 2001 - Megan Hawickhorst


I am looking for information on Johannes Fredericus HOEDEBECKE, Sr. and Bernard Francis Georg HABING. Johannes was my great-great-grandfather, and he was born in Germany in 1835 and died in Teutopolis, IL. in 1885. Bernard was my great-grandfather and he was born in 1897 in Teutopolis, IL. and died in Teutopolis in 1963.

I was wondering if anyone would have any information on either one of these men's occupations. I am doing this research for a family history project for one of my classes at Butler University. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

05 APRIL 2001 - Curtis Allred

Surname:  KITCHEL, LEE

I am trying to find the parents of William P. LEE .  He was born February 7, 1843 in Springfield, Illinois.  He married Sarah Kitchel on September 30, 1865 in Effingham, Illinois.

24 March 2001 - Eleanor Bounds

Surname:  WORKMAN

I would like to hear from persons who are interested in the Amos and Israel WORKMAN families of Effingham and Fayette counties, Illinois.



Thank you.

22 March 2001 - Mike Sutton

Surname:  LOY

I'm searching for information related to my LOY ancestors from Effingham county. I am descended from Clinton Dewitt LOY, who had a son named William Sherman in 1865 in the county. Clinton Dewitt's father was John LOY born Jan 6, 1784 and died 1865 in Watson Twp, Effingham, Ill. Any information would be appreciated.

26 FEB 2001 - Vicki Martin


I am looking for any information on my great grandparents. My grandparents, George W. & Flossie (DEPOISTER)LONG, grew up in and around Edgewood, Illinois. George LONG died before any of his grandchildren were born, Flossie never remarried, but moved to Momence, Illinois in the late 1950's. Both are buried in Keens Chapel Cemetery. All I basically have is their parents names and a couple of Flossie's siblings names (Roscoe, Roy & Ollie). I don't know if George had siblings or not. I would like to know more about their families, birth dates, marriage dates, death dates, where buried, siblings etc. Flossie's parents were Sherman & Minnie L. (PERKINS) DEPOISTER. Georges's parents were Hoffman & Lida S. (HOCKMAN) LONG.

26 FEB 2001 - Diane Erwin

Surname:  KLIER

Looking for a KLIER family who was in Effingham County before going to Clay County, Illinois by about 1850-60.  They were also in Ohio at one time, but were originally from Germany.  Please contact me by email if you have information.

26 FEB 2001 - Carole Reid


Looking for anyone who has information regarding the DIAL'S and FLOWERS'.
Edwin Flowers married Amelia Dial, who is the daughter of George Dial and
grand daughter of Isaac Dial. I know there are FLOWERS' AND DIAL'S in
Effingham and trying to find connection to Edwin Flowers.

6 FEB 2001 - Florann Field


My great-great-grandfather was Christian Kagay who had a farm in Union Township, Effingham County, Illinois. His daughter Lucretia married a  avanaugh (not sure on how many children). She then married Joseph SIDDENS (my great-grandfather) and had two sons Fidellus (grandfather) and Robert.  She then married a PINCKLEY. They had no children. If anyone has any information, I would appreciate it.

20 JAN 2001 - K. L. Aguilar

Surname:  TACKETT

I am looking for information on Aron R. Tackett who died in Effingham in Effingham County in 1940.  I believe that he might be my great uncle who was named Ara R. Tackett and was born in June of 1892.

20 JAN 2001 - Annette Patterson


I am researching the family of William Henry GILMORE born 1853 in Edgewood, Effingham County, Illinois.  He was a lawyer for the Illinois-Central Railroad and ran for Congress before dying of pneumonia in 1888.  He married Annie E. HOUTS.  Children, who all migrated westward were: Leota, William Henry, Edward, Charles, and Nellie.

06 JAN 2001 - Jeanine Scholz


I am looking for the Martin SONNENBERG family that moved to Effingham County in
late 1860's to early 1870's. He was a blacksmith in Dieterich and had served in the Civil War. Martin was married to Katarina SCHMIDT and they had 14 children. Both Martin and Katarina were from Germany. I am trying to find out what village they came from and their parent's names.

26 DEC 2000 - Becky Meinzer

Surname:  WEBB

Looking for information on George W. WEBB.  He purchased Public Land in 1839 in Effingham County, Illinois.  He was probably born late 1790s or early 1800s.  He married Mary Erwin in Greene County, Illinois, in 1832. They had one son, Robert WEBB born September 10, 1834 in Greene County, Illinois.

25 DEC 2000 - Charles D. Freeman

Surname:  WRIGHT

Am looking for the Morgan WRIGHT family . They lived in and
around the Mason area. He was a doctor. His children were Henry Clay WRIGHT
born June 12, 1846 in Fillmore, Putnam County, Indiana; Owen WRIGHT born 1835 in Indiana;Sally WRIGHT born 1837 in Indiana; Vincent WRIGHT born 1839; Morgan W. WRIGHT born 1841; Edward WRIGHT born 1844; Cynthia WRIGHT born 1845; and Zachery Y. WRIGHT born 1849 in Indiana.

23 DEC 2000 - Deborah Dunford

Surname:  MCGEE, WOODY

I am trying to find information on the parents of Pauline McGEE who
married Ross WOODY, Effingham, Ill. Does anyone know anything about a Hubert and Lotha McGEE. Ross was born in 1905.  Sadly that is the only date that I have.
Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and God Bless.

13 DEC 2000 - Lawrence Ripplinger


Looking for information on the following:
Margaret RIPPLINGER, b:17 Sep 1898, d:Jan 1982, resided in Edgewood,
Effingham county, Illinois 62426.
Samuel RIPPLINGER, b: 17 May 1893, d: Feb 1970, resided
in Edgewood, Effinham county, Illinois, 62426.

Can anybody furnish me with any information concerning these 2 people?
They were distant cousins of mine.

11 DEC 2000 - Matt Baker


I am seeking information on Sandford HENRY (born about 1820 in Lexington,
Kentucky) and his second or third wife Martha EDWARDS (born about 1835, widow
of John BAKER who died Dec 30, 1857) and their children. Sandford and Martha were married on June 15, 1861 in Clay County and I think they lived near Edgewood . Sandford is listed in the 1840 and 1850 Effingham County Census. His parents were Elijah HENRY & Lurana ALEXANDER. Sandford and his family show up in Orange County, Indiana in the 1860 census. He bought some land in Effingham County and Clay County in the 1840s and lived in the Mason area. His father Elijah HENRY died in Mason on Dec 16, 1867.

His children and step-children were: George M or W HENRY born about 1843; Mary E HENRY born about 1845; Martin T HENRY  born about 1849; Sarah A HENRY born about 1852; Margaret J HENRY born about 1857; Minerva J BAKER born about 1852; and John R BAKER born about 1858.

20 NOV 2000 - John Evans


Jacob A. EVANS was born September 25, 1842 in Shelby County, Indiana, and
died April 03, 1914 in Dieterich, Effingham County, Illinois. He married Lousia RAY November 16, 1862 in Clark County, Illinois, daughter of Burgess D. RAY and Lydia LAKE. Lousia was born November 10, 1846 in Shelby County, Indiana. Children of Jacob EVANS and Lousia RAY were: Mary Ann EVANS, born January 04, 1864 and died August 17, 1868; Amanda Jane EVANS, born July 25, 1867 and died August 11, 1867;
Rev. John EVANS, born February 29, 1872, Eberley, Effingham County, Illinois and died December 28, 1909 in Olney, Richland County, Illinois; William EVANS, born  November 30, 1874, Effingham County, Illinois and died August 09, 1964, Illinois;
Charles Grover EVANS, born April 07, 1885, Effingham County, Illinoisand died
June 1975, Mattoon, Illinois.

Jacob's second marriage was to Lydia HARRIS on August 21, 1892 in Dieterich, Effingham County, Illinois, daughter of Alderson HARRIS and Julia BAILY. Lydia was born in Jasper County, Illinois. They had no children that I am aware of.

Looking for individuals researching these familes.  Willing to share additional information.

16 NOV 2000 - Norma Boyer


I am looking for information on Anna TYNER PENWELL's parents. Anna  was born February 4, 1797 in Charleston, South Carolina. She married George PENWELL June 18, 1812 in Indiana.  She died April 11, 1878 in Mason (Effingham County), Illinois.

11 NOV 2000 - Vicki Martin


I am searching for information on the parents of America Angeline RINEHART born December 24, 1862 in Louisville, Clay County, Illinois and died February 11, 1941 in Mason, Effingham County, Illinois. America married October 4, 1888 David Irwin FITZGERALD born February 11, 1867 in Illinois and died December 21, 1911 in Flora, Clay Co, IL. Known children of their marriage: Inez, Itha and Irwin. (possibly two more sons named Crawford and Allen). Inez was born March 10, 1892 and married Jesse Cecil CRUSE; Itha married Hiram Dellace ALLEN. Inez (FITZGERALD) CRUSE had written down that her grandmother RINEHART's name was Hannah (VILES?) No first name was listed for her grandfather.

02 NOV 2000 - Bryan Bradford

Surname:  BEARE

I am looking for the cemetery that Jacob and Mary Beare are buried in. Jacob and Mary both died in Effingham County, Illinois. Jacob Beare died April 16,1878 in Effingham County, Illinois and Mary died February 8,1897, also in Effingham County, Illinois. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

31 OCT 2000 - John F. Peyton


I am intently looking for information on Perry HOFFMAN (my great-grandfather) who ran a butcher shop in Edgewood, Effingham County, Illinois.  He was married (ca1880's - 1890's) to Annie/Anna WHITE. I believe they are both buried in "Edgewood Cemetary". Since I reside in Virginia, it will be awhile before I can reasearch this personally. Their children are Oscar, Art, Bertha, Maggie and May (twins). I would appreciate any information (verified or not) that is available on any of the above. Any other avenues of research are also appreciated.

25 OCT 2000 - Gordon A. Curry


Matthew VAN DYKE was staying with his sister-in-law, Elvira [THOMPSON] . She was widowed 3 times, her last marriage was to James MULLENS. Before James she was married to William HOOPER. She lived in Beecher City, Effingham County, llinois. I'm trying to find out if Matthew died there. He was in the 1900 census, and would have been about 64.

25 OCT 2000 - Leona Kollman Garcia  


My ORE/ORRs were found on the Coles County, Illinois 1850 Census, and the Clay County Illinois 1860 census.  The 1870 Effingham County, Illinois census lists my great-grandfather, Jasper Winfield ORR, as being born in Iowa and is living with a family named "WRIGHT" as a farmer.  His father, William, and sister Ruth are listed on the 1870 Effingham County, Illinois census.  Caroline is not listed - ? may have died.  I want to find out what I can about Jasper and why he was living with the WRIGHT family.  Was he related? Father was William ORE and mother Caroline NIXON.  Grandparents of Jasper were Rebecca TURNER and William ORE. Half of the family changed to the original ORE and the other half changed it to ORR where it remains divided among descendants today.  My mother is an ORR. William ORE/ORR married Caroline NIXON in Warren County, Indiana in 1844. They had five children: Elizabeth, born 1846 in Indiana; Charles, born 1849 in Illinois; John, born 1852 in Illinois; Jasper, born 1855 in Iowa; and Ruth, born 1865 in llinois.

17 OCT 2000 - Sonya Smith


Need information on GARRET/GARRETT.  Looking for the family of Henry G. GARRET/GARRETT born in1846 in Tennessee.  The family was in Effingham County in 1850. Also, is there a record of the deaths in the Cholera epidemic of 1854/55?

12 OCT 2000 - Richard A. Breedlove


Looking for information on my great-great-grandfather William BREEDLOVE including any siblings or parents.  Civil War pension file says he died in Effingham (don't know if they mean county or city) in 1878.  File lists children Allen (my great grandfather) and Myrtle.  William's wife was Eliza or Louisa GALBREATH who married Harmon REESE after William's death.  Myrtle married Pearl HAGY in Fayette County.  Any information would be greatly apreciated.

30 SEPT 2000 - Eleanor Peters

Surnames:  PETT, REUTHER

I'm looking for two families: The REUTHER's and the PETT's. They were both German families who immigrated to Effingham in the late 1800's. I believe that the parents of each family. William and Henrietta PETT and Christof and Caroline REUTHER are buried at St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, although I haven't seen their graves. I just found the ship's passenger list for the PETT family: Willhelm, Henrietta, Carl (Charles), Wilhelmine (Minnie), Johanne (Jennie), Albert, Wilhelm and Ida. They arrived from Bremen to New York on 10 May 1873. I can't seem to find where in Germany they were from, and if anyone can think of any documents in Effingham that would have information I'd appreciate it.  I haven't even found a ship for the REUTHER's...they arrived in 1881 or 1882 per various census data, from what was then Bavaria. Any further information would be appreciated.

28 SEPT 2000 - Kim Robinett

Surnames:  MYERS, TAYLOR,

I'm trying to find anyone who is related to or has information on the TAYLOR  or MYERS family. I'm interested in William S. TAYLOR, born 1884 and Lucinda MYERS, born1891, both buried in Union cemetery in Altamont. I know nothing of  their parents, either. William and Lucinda had 8 children (Carl, Alvin, Gerald, Albert, Rose, Ruby, Elnora, and Cora). I know that Carl was living in Effingham, but died in 1991. Elnora lived in Altamont, but died in 1995. Anything would be a help. Thank you for your time.

15 SEPT 2000 - Alice Fry


I am seeking any family members of the Henry STEPHENS/STEVENS and Anna PRICE STEPHENS. Henry and Anna were married on August 15, 1864 in Clay County, Illinois. They were living in Effingham County in 1880 when Anna died. They were the parents of: James McPherson, born 1866; William C., born 1867; Sarah M., born 1870; Charles D., born 1874; Lucy A., born 1878; and Frankie, born1880 (4 days before her mother dies.) Frankie has shown up on census as both male and female. Henry remarried, to Elizabeth DENTON REED. Henry died in 1903 in Douglas County, Illinois and Elizabeth died in 1909. James McPherson is listed on the 1900 Effingham County census as Pherson Stevens as an undertaker with wife, Ida, age 28 and son Arthur, age 7. Any and all family members connected to these familes listed please contact me and let's compare notes. Thanks for your help.

30 AUG 2000 - Robert S. Brown


I  am searching for information concerning the CLAYPOOLE family of Effingham County, especially in the Edgewood area. Mary Catherine CLAYPOOLE, born 1850, Indiana or Ohio, first married John B. FENDER, March 19, 1868 in  Effingham County. Two children were born to the marriage: James Henry FENDER born 1868, and Evelyn FENDER, born about 1871. After John FENDER'S death, Mary CLAYPOOLE FENDER married John WILLIAMSON, April 1, 1875, Effingham County. I don’t know Mary’s date of death, but it was probably sometime between 1900 and 1910. I have not yet identified her parents.

18 AUG 2000 - Robert S. Brown


I am searching for John WILLIAMSON, born about 1839/1840 in Indiana, died September 16, 1915, buried in Edgewood Cemetery, Edgewood, Effingham County near the Clay County line.  He served in Company C, 98th Illinois Infantry, and I have ordered his pension record.  Present information, subject to change, indicates that he was first married to Nancy BAKER, then to Mary Catharine FENDER, then  to Zilpha BAKER, nee ROSE.  John is recorded in the 1860 and 1870 Clay County census records, Larkinsburg Township.  I don't at present have the census data for 1880 and later.

9 AUG 2000 - Debbie Rosenbloom


I would like information on William COLWELL, who settled in Effingham County and information on the rest of the COLWELL family. My great-grandmother, Cora COLWELL, died in the St. Anthony's Hospital fire, and I would like to get information on the fire and related articles. I also seek MAHON information, and would like to know if anyone would know the name of the first wife of Mack Ellis MAHON, and the name of their son, who died at an early age.

25 JUL 2000 - Marie Hoeny Farr


I am seeking information concerning my great-great grandparents, John HOENY, Sr. and Aldegundus BOZARTH HOENY, as well as information concerning my great- grandparents, John HOENY, Jr. and Flora BRADY HOENY. The elder John HOENY was editor of the newspaper in Effingham during the 1870's or perhaps earlier than that. I have an old letter from one of my father's cousins who said that their grandmother's brother was a Jim BRADY, living in Effingham, and that a Mr. GRAVENHORSE had information concerning the BRADY/HOENY families. I have no idea who Mr. Gravenhorse might be.

16 JUL 2000 - Rose Lawson


Looking for information on the family of Thomas H. WHITE born March 4, 1837 in Tennessee.  In 1862 he married Mary Elizabeth BRICKER in Effingham County.  I would like to know the names of his parents and siblings.

16 JUL 2000 - Ann McPherson


I am researching Ira MCPHERSON and Mary DEWEY.  I don't have much to go on except they were married in Effingham County, Illinois on September 4, 1877 per Vol/Page 001/0151, Lic 00002156.  I discovered thier names on their son Pearl's social security application.  Pearl was born in Danville, Illinois in 1898. This has been my brick wall for a long time and would really appreciate any information on this family.  Thanks in advance.

16 JUL 2000 - June Wilson

Surnames:  DICK, MOFFITT

Looking for any information on Samuel MOFFITT born 1823 in Wayne County, Illinois. I do not know date of death, but I know that he died in Effingham County, Illinois.  His wife was Mary Dick from New York. The children that I have are Joseph, Isabell (Belle), Olive, Christina, Sarah, and George.  Will share what information I have.  He also had a brother in Effingham named Alexander S. MOFFITT.

12 JUL 2000 - Teresa Davis

Surnames:  BACCUS, KERN

Elmer Luther KERN was my husband's grandfather.  This has turned out to be a 'thick' brick wall.  We can only guess at the birth date, being around 1879 in Effingham County, Illinois.  He married Lily BACCUS, on January 10, 1899 in Joppa, Massac County, Illinois. I had some documents, among them a hand-written Will by a Mary Kern (believed to have been Elmer's grandmother or aunt. He died in Greenville, Mississippi (Washington Co.) in the 1950's. (No, not sure what the death date is). My husband and brother-in-laws remember an Uncle Alva, which they believe was their Grandfathers brother. Not sure, but possibly from New York. If anyone has any information on this, I'd be thankful.

12 JUL 2000 - Bryan P. Bradford


I am looking for information on Enos Oliver BEARE/BEAR. Enos was born May
7,1852, in Perry County, Ohio. Enos is the son of Jacob and Mary(STRAWN)BEARE. Enos Oliver BEARE Married Mary BUHRMAN. I have no marriage date for them. Enos Oliver BEARE died Jan. 23,1892 in Effingham County, Illinois. I am wondering if there would be by chance an obituary that I can obtain. Any help is appreciated.

02 JUL 2000 - Shirley Reed


I am researching the family of George KELLER/KELLAR who was listed in the 1860 census for Ewington,  Effingham County, Illinois.  His wife was Helaner BETTS, and they were married March 13, 1834 in Franklin County, Ohio. Their children were Isaac, born about 1836; John, born about 1837; Elizabeth, born about 1839; James, born  about 1841; Sarah, born about 1843; Daniel, born about 1845; and Abraham, born about 1848.  All of the children were born in Ohio.  Daughter Elizabeth married Wesley COX.  I am looking for descendants of this family.

01 JUL 2000 - Leona Kollman Garcia


Looking for Jasper ORR, born in 1855 (he is suposedly on the 1870 Effingham County, Illinois census with a family named WRIGHT, but I can't prove this).  He might be with
his alleged parents William ORE and Caroline NIXON or living with a family named WRIGHT.   If you are able to find  sources in Effingham County, Illinois between 1850-1880 for William, Caroline, or Jasper ORE/ORR I would be willing to pay for this information. I would love to know who Caroline NIXON's parents were and who William ORE (on 1850 Coles County, Illinois census) parent's were.  ORE/ORR family is supposed to be connected to 3 brothers that came from Scotland. Name is spelled both ways on Illinois documents. Jasper, born Oct. 2, 1855,  is the person I am really tracing. Can you help?  Thank you.

27 JUN 2000 - Mary J. Stevens


I need death date and any information available about Eliza BUGG, born in Kentucky in March, 1830. She died in Effingham, Illinois ca. 1904/5 while visiting with daughter.  Possibly one of these daughters: Susan MCKIM; Caroline SHAY; Chestine

26 JUN 2000 - Sibyl Oder Etchason


My great-great-grandmother, Mary Jane MARTIN was born in Tennessee (probably in Smith County) about 1824 and married my great-great-grandfather Hiram Casey COOKSEY in Effingham County, Illinois on February 15, 1845.  I am seeking the names of the parents and siblings of Mary Jane (MARTIN) COOKSEY.  She died in West Township, Effingham County, Illinois on May 4, 1898. It is believed she had at least three or more brothers, but we're not sure if there were any sisters.

26 JUN 2000 - M. Carter


Bernard and Theresia WALLMAN DUST are listed in the 1860 Effingham County Census living next door to the Herman Henry DUST family.  Bernard and Theresia have four daughters at the time; Sophia C. (who is also S. Caroline) and who married William MANHANKE in Effingham County;  Francisca, who married Henry KETTMANN in 1878 in Effingham County; Anna (I know nothing about her); my great-grandmother, Mary DUST (who went by Clara) married Antony John TEGENKAMP in Effingham County, Illinois.  Since I am at a standstill working through Mary Clara to find out more about Bernard and Theresia, I am hoping to work through one of her sisters.  I am reasonably sure that Bernard and Theresia had at least two other children, Daron? and G. H. DUST.

26 JUN 2000 - Donna Yates

Surname:  DODD

Searching for information on Kendal B. DODD b. in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio. He was in Effingham County, Illinois in 1849. His son, Theodore DODD, was born there April 7, 1849. Kendal served in the Civil War and was discharged 9/13/1862 for a isability.  This is all I have. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

25 JUN 2000 - Berna David Hunter


Looking for additional information on Louisa Ellenor HUNTER, born 10-2-1843 in Trenton, Butler County, Ohio and April 27, 1892 in Beaver County, Oklahoma.  Her first husband is unknown, but their son, James HUNTER, born March 12, 1863 in Effingham, Illinois died July 29, 1958 in Ellsinore, Missouri.  James's wife was Suffronia (Sophronia) Jane STEPHENS on January 29, 1888 in Elsinore,  Carter County, Missouri.

30 MAY 2000 - M. Hensley Carter


Mary Clara DUST was 19 years old when she married Antony TEGENKAMP in Effingham, Illinois  on October 8, 1978.  M. Clara listed her parents as Bernard H. DUST and Theresia WALLBAUM.  I have very little information on Bernard and no information on Theresia.  The family was from Green Creek, Illinois.  Any leads, especially for WALLBAUM, would be greatly appreciated.

30 MAY 2000 - Karen Mullen


My grandfather, Charles Edward SCHUMACHER who was born in 1879 in Illinois, married Charlotte EYESTONE in Altamont, Illinois in 1906.The couple lived there and had two children, Catherine SCHUMACHER in 1906 and Gilbert Fay SCHUMACHER in 1910.  Charlotte who signed her marriage cert "Lotta" SCHUMACHER, died in 1932-35 in Georgia so I never knew her. Her father was W. J. EYESTONE and her mother was E. H. YATES.  According to my grandfather's death certificate he was born in Illinois, but the Effingham County Clerk has no record of his birth. There is a picture of him at about 15 taken at the Altamont Studios.  I believe the family lived in Altamont at least until 1920. Charles Edward SCHUMACHER was a grain dealer. I would like to know if my grandfather or grandmother had siblings, and where they lived in Altamont. And I would like to find out about my grandfather's parents, Charles and Louisa SUTTER SCHUMACHER who came here from Germany. I also wonder if there are any current relatives in Altamont or surroundings. Thanks, Karen Mullen

26 MAY 2000 - Janet Daniels


My ancestor, Bernard KREKE, married Wilhelmina WOLKING in Cincinnatti, Ohio on February 3, 1841. They moved to Teutopolis between 1847 and 1849 and began farming.  Bernard died in October, 1853 in the cholera epidemic and is buried at St. Francis Cemetery. The 1850 Effingham County census records say he was from Hannover, Germany. Does anyone know the name of the town in the big province of Hannover where the KREKEs came from?

13 MAY 2000 - Wanda Young


I'm looking for info on Thomas GREENWOOD and MARY SALINA MURPHY married in Effingham, Illinois on February 8, 1844.  Their children were:Frances, Sarah, James, Mary, and Thomas (all born in Illinois) and Charity, born in Texas. Charity was 2 years old in the 1860 Hopkins County, Texas census. I would like to hear from anyone related to this family. Thanks.

12 MAY 2000 - Don Sheridan


I'm seeking information on any CREWS/CRUZE/CRUSE lines that may have settled
in Effingham county during the mid-to-late 1800s, especially those descendants of John and Elizabeth McCown CRUSE of Vigo County, Indiana. Will swap information.

11 MAY 2000 - Steve Helderman


I'm looking for the parents of my great-grandfather, John Calvin WEST,
born in 1861, married Laura Elnora GILLESPIE, of Watson IL in 1886. J. C. WEST's mother possibly named Naomi; had sister Amanda, and sister "Pet" who married (Judge?) William B. WRIGHT of Effingham County.   Laura GILLESPIE, born Oct. 14, 1861, taught school before marriage, and had brother Samuel, and sister Flora (BRADLEY). I have no definite proof that WEST family lived in Effingham Co. prior to marriage, but it seems probable. I would appreciate any info in re above, and will share what knowledge I have. Thanks.

27 APR 2000 - Janice Enk


I am looking for information on the David WILLIAMSON family.  He was a Methodist minister in Effingham County, Illinois and lived in the Watson area.  He was born in Virginia in 1827 and died in Effingham County in 1878.  He married Mary BROWN in Owen County, Indiana in the 1840's.  Their children were Frances (Frank), John, Rosa and Mary.  Rosa married CLAAR (first name unknown)  and Mary married HANKINS (first name unknown). David was the son of George WILLIAMSON and Susannah MYERS.

29 MAR 2000 - Jan Walz

Surname:  OAKLEY

I am looking for any information on Matilda Ann OAKLEY, born August 14, 1860 in Effingham County, Illinois.  She is my great-grandmother and I don't have much information about her or her parents. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

28 MAR 2000 - Lisa Thompson


Looking for information on William and Christine SIEBERT/SEIBERT. Their German names would have been Wilhelm and Wilhelmina. They immigrated from Germany in the late 1800's settling in Altamont. Would be grateful for any information.

20 MAR 2000 - Brenda Williams


My great grandfather was Edward GUYETT born Dec 26, 1875, died June 12, 1951. He was married to Della Mae WAGNER (no information at this time).  They had a son, William Clarence GUYETT born April 21, 1904 in Illinois. I've been told that he was born in Effingham.  He died May 16, 1967 in Dayton, Ohio.  William married Norma Louisa VAN HORN and they had Helen, my mother.  Norma Louisa VAN HORN was born Dec 12, 1908 in Effingham and died Nov. 3, 1994 in Dayton, Ohio.  Her parents were William Joseph VAN HORN born July 8, 1868 in St. Elmo, Illinois .  I don't know his death date.  He was married to Mattie Mae SHADWELL born May 4, 1878 somewhere in Illinois (we presume Effingham). William Joseph's father was Vanburen VAN HORN born around 1841 in Indiana.  We don't know who he married. I have found that his parents were Ralph VAN HORN, Sr. and Hannah NICHOLS.  I know there are a lot of holes and hopefully I can get some help, especially where Mattie and Della are concerned.

18 MAR 2000 - Dawna Martin


Looking for information on the INGRAM family from Effingham County. I am decended from Hallick/Hallack INGRAM who was born in Effingham County on September 8, 1863 and is the son of Dr. George INGRAM. Hallick Ingram was born 8 Sept 1863 in Effingham County, Ill. He married Charlotte Bracken. Hallick died July 13, 1942 in Arkansas.

18 MAR 2000 - Duane E. Lamers


I am seeking the date of birth of Jesse SIDDENS. He was born in Allen County, Kentucky about 1818 to James and Sarah SIDDENS. The family moved to Putnam County, Indiana about 1828.  Jesse married Julia WILSON. He died in Mason Township, Effingham County, Illinois on November 10, 1855.It is likely that some of sons of Jesse (George, James, Benjamin, William, Joseph, John and Thomas) remained in Effingham.

9 MAR 2000 - Ann White


I am searching for anyone with information on Stephen VALENTINE (VOLUNTINE) and his wife, (Mary) Rebecca STEWART. Census records show they moved from Ohio to Effingham, Illinois by 1850. Their daughter, Rose Ann, married Henry BURGESS in Effingham County in December of 1869 and she, Henry, and her father, Stephen, then left for Nebraska. The mother, (Mary) Rebecca was born in Connecticut and died in Effingham County on June 26, 1876. Other children included Rebecca (married Marion GUDGEL), Sarah, Laruena (Reenie) married William MARSDEN, Samuel Preston married Hannah EDMUNDS, Eliza married Alanson FULLER.

5 MAR 2000 - Shirley Van Gordon-Venrick


Looking for the parents of Henry VAN GORDON, who married Catherine CARTER.  Henry was born in 1795  in New York or Pennsylvania. He married Catherine CARTER about 1820. They lived in Union County, Ohio, later moving to Effingham County, Illinois. Their children were: George W.; Henry, JR.; Samuel T.; Mary; Elisabeth; Charles B. and John W. Henry VAN GORDON married 2nd ANNA HATCHER.

Any information on who Henry VAN GORDON and Catherine CARTER's parents were will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

26 FEB 2000 - Dawna Martin


I am looking for information on Mary Etta (Ettie) HALL born about 1868 in Indiana. I understand that she married Robert Hunter SMITH in Effingham County. She died in 1892 and is buried somewhere in Effingham County. Ettie had 2 daughters before she died. I found a marriage between a Ettie HALL & Charles SMITH if that rings a bell. not sure why they had Robert as Charles. It is also my understanding that  Ettie was part Indian.  Her father was Indian, his name could be John. The census said he was born in New York.  Ettie's mother was possibly Mary FAULK who was born Ohio; died June 19, 1916 in Mason Township. Mary Etta could have had a brother named James. The census said there were 10 children.

21 FEB 2000 - Kathy Goldstein


I am trying to locate information on Charles EDWARDS born about 1827 in Illinois or Indiana.  His wife, Frances (surname unknown) was born about 1830 in Tennessee. They are listed in the 1850 Effingham Census with 1 yr old son William J. and again in the 1860 Census #128  in Mason, Illinois with the following children: William J. 10; Mary M. 9; James P. 7; John H. 5; Nancy J. 2; and George W. 8 1/2 mo.  I believe there was another daughter later named Sarah.  George W. was my great-grandfather and I would love to find any relatives out there.

21 FEB 2000 - Linda Edwards


Joseph GREENWOOD born about 1795 in Trimble County, Kentucky. He married Delila (last name unknown) and moved to the Effingham County area about 1831. Their children were Martin, David, Jackson, Joel, Charity, and Hiram GREENWOOD. Martin GREENWOOD married Oney NEVILLE in Effingham County in 1842. I have information on this line to the present time but am stuck going back any further.  Any information about any of these individuals is welcome. 

20 FEB 2000 - Erin L. Cooper


I am searching for any information regarding Ella Maud MARKS & Dr. William W. TRIMBLE who were living in Effingham County, IL, on the 1910 Census. Ella Maud was born January 11, 1881 in Jasper County; she died March 27, 1914 and is buried in Wheeler Cemetery, Jasper County, IL. William was born circa 1875 in IL; he died unknown. They had several children, but the only one I know for sure is Helen M. TRIMBLE, born 1907, died 1919, and buried in Wheeler Cemetery. Ella Maud's parents were Elias Alfred MARKS & Sarah Catherine JOHNSON. Al was a storekeeper in Dieterich with his father-in-law, David Johnson, and also sold farm implements. Al was also a member of the Odd Fellows Order. Any help with any of these folks or related people would be most welcome.Other related names include SCAMMAHORN, WOODS, LOY, MCWHORTER, and ADAMS (in Effingham).

19 FEB 2000 - Carmen J. DeWitt


I  am seeking information / family of my great grandparents Lulu NIEFT and John DE WITT. He apparently died about 1910 probably at Edgewood, Effingham Co. Her second husband was Aaron LANDRETH. They moved to Arkansas about 1912. Lulu and John had 3 children - Edward, Charles, and Viola DeWitt. The boys stayed in Illinois when she, Viola, and Aaron moved. Lulu and Aaron had twin sons. Does anyone know who John and Lulu's  parents were? Any information would be appreciated.

18 FEB 2000 - La Nere Williams


I am looking for the family of William WILLIAMS who married Crissey BAILS on July 22, 1844 in Effingham County, Illinois.  I have a Franklin WILLIAMS and I'm trying to find out if he is their son.

15 FEB 2000 - William Maples


I am searching for any descendants of Marmaduke MAPLES. He was married to Annie GREENWALT on August 28, 1858 in Coles County, Illinois. Their children were William David, born in 1859; Andrew Jackson born in 1861; George Benjamin born in 1865; John Riley born 1868; Joseph Frank born 1874 and Mary Francis, born 1875. Several of the MAPLES relatives settled in and around Effingham, as well as in Coles, Cumberland, and Jasper Counties.

Also searching for descendants of Charles R. STOWERS who was married to Mary Ellen FEAR in 1891. Charles died in St. Anthony's Hospital on February 8, 1944.

10 FEB 2000 - Barbara A. LeRoy


Can anyone give me information about Daniel PALMER and Kitty Ann STROUD? They were married in Effingham County July 28, 1870. I need to find out what happened to them and if they had any children -- I have two stray PALMER kids running around my family tree that need to find a home.

06 FEB 2000 - Dorothy Peterson


I am looking for information on Andrew PETERS, son of Hezekiah PETERS.  Andrew was born November 28, 1876 and died April 28, 1948.  He married Letha STEWART in February, 1900 in Greenup, Illinois.  They had the following children, all born in Effingham, Illinois: Ruth, Opal, Shemen, Hampton, Harry and Ruby. When Letha died in 1915, he married Iva Lewis in 1916.

04 FEB 2000 - Crystal Fite


I am looking for parental and sibling information on Henry P. BAILEY and his wife, Susan LANDRETH/LANDES. This couple lived most of their lives in Mason Township, Effingham County, Illinois.  Henry's mother lived with them for a while.   Henry was the first sheriff of Effingham County.  He was born in Campbell County, Virginia. Henry and Susan had twelve children: Eliza Jane; Wyatt; Leander Tandy; Cassandra Ann; William Henry; James Abraham; Nancy Francis; John L.; Maria Antoinette; and Rebecca.  Two other children died at birth.  Most of these children are believed to have been born in Effingham County.

04 FEB 2000 - Patti Strickler

Surname:  BROWNING

I am looking for the family of Zerz C. and Amanda (maiden name unknown) BROWNING. Zera was born September 20, 1838 in Harrison County, Ohio, but moved to Crawford County, Illinois as a teen.  He married Amanda about 1864 possibly in Cumberland County and moved to Effingham after 1870. He and Amanda had one son, Daniel Edward, born May 10, 1865.  Zeera died in January 1902.

Daniel married Rebecca C. (maiden name unknown) about 1887 and they had the following children: Charles Elmer, born April 1888; Bertha Nevada, born July 1889; Nellie Leota, born June 1892; John Henry, born September 1893; Unknown, born about 1895; Dessie May, born July 1887; and Minor St. Clair, born March 1900.  Daniel died in 1899 and his children were put under the guardianship of L. A. BROWNING, Zera's nephew.

If anyone knows anything about this family, please contact me.  I would love to find another cousin!

27 JAN 2000 - Mary Livingston


Looking for information on Aaron and Angela HIGHTOWER LIVINGSTON. They had a son, John William LIVINGSTON born in Watson Township in 1866.  His wfe was Cora Mae WEBB, born 1870 in Iowa.  Aaron was possibly from Alabama. Angela may have been born in Georgia in 1839.  She remarried a LOY after Aaron's death.

08 JAN 2000 - Mike Stover


Daniel SAFFORD born August 16, 1806 and died December 4, 1891.  He is buried in Oakridge Cemetery, Effingham. Seeking information on his daughter Mary G. SAFFORD RENFROW.  She married Stephen RENFROW November 9, 1884.  I'm also seeking information on Mary FRY SAFFORD.

04 JAN 2000 - Michael LaForest


Would like to contact any descendant of Joseph GUYON and his first wife, Sophia DESDELL (their daughter was Alice GUYON); and Joseph's second wife Carolyn DESNOYER.  This French Canadian family lived in Watson, IL, in the early 1850's.  Would like to share information.

03 JAN 2000 - Brenda (Westendorf)


My current research is centered in the Dieterich/Bishop Township areas of Effingham County. I am looking for any info on WESTENDORF, HARTMAN, VANPELT, and KEMME.  My Gr-Gr-Grandfather was Frank/France WESTENDORF, his son John Henry is my further connection.   If anyone has "anything" on any of these surnames please let me know.  I would be more than willing to share what I have.   Thanks in advance.

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