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Franklin County Queries   
October 2002 - December 2002

Submitter: Sally Jo (
Date: 27 Dec 2002

Looking for any references to the MUSGROVES + spelling variations in this county. Also looking for anyone who might have photographs taken by a Carmi, photographer named W. E. Goodman. Thanks to all.

Submitter: Charles W. Carlile (
Date: 26 Dec 2002

I am looking for information on Betty BELL d.19 Feb.1881 wife of I.J. DILLON 26 Feb 1851 - 15 Sep 1908. Her mother father and etc.

Submitter: Joann Droste (
Date: 26 Dec 2002

Looking for info on surname MARCHIANDO in Christopher and Coello, Illinois

Submitter: Vickie Winemiller Marklin (
Date: 23 Dec 2002

I am searching for information re Allen WINEMILLER and Martha BRADFORD, the parents of Fred WINEMILLER b. 12-26-1875, d 9-1958, in Maceonia,IL. Fred married Rachel Syvilla HUTCHCRAFT on 3 Mar 1903 He was my great grandfather. I have searched the census info available on you site and can find no mention of any of them...however one of Fred & Rachel's sons, my grandfather is listed. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Jane (Henderson) Day (
Date: 22 Dec 2002

My great-aunt, Nellie WILLIAMSON, lived in Sesser for many years. She had a son named Elmer WILLIAMSON who was married in the late 1930s-early 1940s to a woman in Franklin County. They had a daughter whose name was Sally, and Nellie raised her for a time around 1944-46. I would like to know her mother's name. I am told she still lives near Sesser, and what became of her. They were divorced, and he did not see her, and it is a mystery I would like to solve.

Surnames: GIBBS
Submitter: P.D. Gibbs (
Date: 19 Dec 2002

John A. GIBBS b. circa 1821, living in Franklin County in 1880 with wife Sarah and son, George C. GIBBS, age 8. Looking for any info on this family.

Submitter: Carol Eubanks (
Date: 19 Dec 2002

Information about the following family surnames: EUBANKS (Clarence Isaac); PLUMLEE; SIMPKINS; NEAL; and FURLOW.

Submitter: Robert L. Hampton (
Date: 16 Dec 2002

I'm looking for a John W. HAMPTON married to a Harriet HAYS 1855-1863 then married to a Susan CLAYTON 1863-until death 1906. Children John R. HAMPTON from the Harriet HAYS marriage. Any info would be appreciated.

Surnames: WEST
Submitter: Pamela Patzer (
Date: 13 Dec 2002

Searching for the WEST family married 1856. Children Albert, Margaret, Mayme and may be others any info appreciated. Thanks!

Submitter: LaVelda Faull (
Date: 10 Dec 2002

Searching for descendents of Nathaniel L. UPTON who died 13 Feb 1931 in Denning Township, Franklin County, Illinois. He was married three times. By his last wife, Emma GRAVES, he had sons, Morris UPTON, Martin UPTON and Myron UPTON. I am descended from his first wife, Magdaline D. TAYLOR through their daughter, Elmira Demaris "Nellie Dee" UPTON who was adopted at age 3 years by the POFFINBARGER family in Marion, Illinois. I know that Nathaniel L. UPTON and family was in Herrin, Williamson County, Illinois (per 1920 census) and then was in Franklin County, Illinois (per 1930 census).

Submitter: Joann Droste (
Date: 09 Dec 2002

MARCHIANDO, GIBBS, BERTINETTI, ROSSI, any info - Christopher, Illinois and surrounding areas - late 1800 and early to mid 1900's.

Submitter: Jacqui Marcella (
Date: 09 Dec 2002

Seeking information on the ARMSTRONG family and the McCONNEL family of Franklin County. In July 1840 Jacob ARMSTRONG married Lethy McCONNEL and in 1844 Payton ARMSTRONG married Eliza Jane McCONNEL. These families migrated to Washington Co AR by 1860.

Submitter: Margaret Marasco (
Date: 08 Dec 2002

I need someone who would be willing to go to the courthouse of Franklin County and look up and send me a copy of the marriage certificate for the following: Nathan MELTON, Jr. wed Harriet ADDISON on 03 March 1859. It is indexed as being on page 0164 volume 003 of the Franklin County Illinois records. I will be happy to pay copy fee and postage.

Surnames: SMITH
Submitter: Vanessa Fleming (
Date: 21 Nov 2002

Anyone with knowledge of the SMITH Family that lived in West End. Particularly the Andrew Jackson SMITH and Amy Madgline JONES SMITH family. He once owned a small grocery store in Thompsonville sometime before 1932. Andrew Jackson SMITH is well documented by family that he is supposed to be buried at Galatia, IL. But we can find a tombstone with his name on it. Thanks for helping!

Surnames: SUTTON
Submitter: Rick Demith (
Date: 20 Nov 2002

I am doing some family reasearch and I am looking for information on my great grandfather. His name was James Powderly SUTTON. He would be known as either James or J.P.. I have heard that he was in law enforcement and I am looking for some verification of that. I would like to find as much info as possible. Newspaper articles and so forth.

Submitter: Ray (
Date: 20 Nov 2002

Hello, Does anyone have any info on Authur JOHNSON who married Nancy ROBINSON Feb. 28th 1842 in Franklin County? Not sure if they left that area sometime after marrying or not since I'm unable to locate a death place or date. If anyone has ANY info about them "please" email me.

Submitter: Marina Wells (
Date: 17 Nov 2002

I am searching for family of Russell C. SUMMERS, possibly b. Illinois c.1900, married Frances Louise DORRIS. That's all I have. Anybody got any clues?

Submitter: Joe Lance (
Date: 13 Nov 2002

Did William LANCE, b. 1832 to James LANCE & Mahala MILLER, leave any papers, records as to who his grandparents were?

Submitter: Jerry Clampet (
Date: 12 Nov 2002

I'm looking for information and connections to my ggg grandfather Nathan CLAMPET born 15 Dec 1781 and died 15 Sep 1845 in Jefferson Co., IL. He and Frances (Fanny) DILLON were married 26 Sep 1811 in Sumner Co., TN. She was born 6 Nov 1791 and died after 1860. It is believed that Nathan's route was from NC to TN to Franklin County, IL to Jefferson County, IL. They may also have lived in Gallatin County, IL and Hardin County, IL (bought land in 1814). Ezekiel, a brother of Nathan, was born about 1760 and died in March 1832. Further info on leads to ancestors and descendants would be a great help.

Submitter: Marina Wells (
Date: 09 Nov 2002

Russell C. SUMMERS b. 1903 is shown on the 1930 Missouri census as being born in Illinois as were his father and mother. He married Frances Louise DORRIS - probably in Providence, Kentucky. I see many SUMMERS families in Franklin County and I'm hoping that my Russell will fit in with one of them.

Submitter: Becky Cline (Rebecca.Cline@hq.doe.gove)
Date: 31 Oct 2002

I am looking for any information about Anton (Tony) and Rosa (Rozalya) KRYSNOSKI. They lived in Buckner from at least 1917-1950s. They are both buried in Sesser.

Submitter: Daphne Ames (
Date: 30 Oct 2002

(not sure if these are the Correct spellings) I am looking for information on my grandparents Victoria BARNOWSKI (maiden name) born 26 Feb 1916 ? in Franklin County and Theodore SWEIKAUSKY born 2 Nov 1886 (not sure on year). They resided in the town of Orient. Particularly looking for death cert of grandfather, marriage certs and any other information or pictures.

Submitter: R.Sprouse (
Date: 28 Oct 2002

Looking for info on William G. SPROUSE. Seen on the 1860 US Census for Franklin Co. Illinois. Browning Twp. Listed with wife Mahulda. William also listed on Civil war Roster company A 110 Illinois Inf.

Submitter: Stephanie Chance-Welge (
Date: 27 Oct 2002

I am looking for any information on my grandmother Mary ESTES who died in the Tri-State Tornado and on my grandmother Arizona (JOHNS) CHANCE. Her mother was a Cherokee Indian and I was wanting any information on her and any information on my grandfather Marquis Lafayette CHANCE. If any one knows any information on any of this please write me!!

Surnames: KNAUS
Submitter: Rich Krzemien (
Date: 24 Oct 2002

Does anyone have any information on Buckner, IL? My mother (Rose KNAUS) and her family lived there from approximately 1915-1930. Her father (Ignac) and brothers (Rafael and Frank ) worked in Old Ben Coal Mine # 14. Her mother was Mary KNAUS (nee MALNAR) Her brother died in Buckner in about 1927. There were three other children. David, Agnes and Evelyn. My mother still remembers some of her classmates and her teacher (Mr. Browning). Any info would be appreciated. Thank You

Submitter: jerry Sneathern (
Date: 20 Oct 2002

Looking for Info. on Thomas A. SNEATHERN born in 1848 in Franklin or Saline County, IL.

Submitter: Barbara Hall (
Date: 19 Oct 2002

I am searching for information on Theodore (Ted) McCALLISTER. He died Oct 1966 in Illinois. The zip code for place of death was 62896 [West Frankfort]. He was my grandfather, which I never knew. I would appreciate any information.

Submitter: Denise Campbell (
Date: 17 Oct 2002

Am working on a family history of the BURGESSS' marrying the KOONS'. Have info that my great grandparents, William Oscar BURGESS and Lucinda Elizabeth KOONS, were married in Johnson City, IL on December 25, 1901. Am trying to verify that. Also, does Illinois have an online marriage index to check that affects this time period? Have only discovered the one that ends in 1900. Thanks for your help!

Submitter: Joe Lance (
Date: 16 Oct 2002

Descendants of John Miller
1 John Miller b: Abt. 1760 in Unknown (Probably NC or VA) d: Abt. 1829 in Franklin County, Illinois
. +Catharine Creek b: 1770 in Maryland d: 1867 in Franklin County, Illinois m: February 04, 1801 in Warren County , Kentucky
.... 2 John Miller b: Abt. 1796
.... 2 William Miller b: Abt. 1798
.... 2 Andrew Miller b: 1800 in Warren County, Kentucky
........ +Alice Delia Johnson b: 1799 in Tennessee
.......... 3 Levisa Miller
.............. +James Wilkerson m: May 21, 1846 in Franklin County, IL
.......... 3 William Riley Miller b: 1828 in Franklin County, Illinois
.............. +Elizabeth Giles m: April 25, 1850 in Franklin Co, IL
.... 2 Charles Miller b: May 13, 1802 in Warren County, Kentucky
........ +Harriet Rice b: 1806 in South Carolina m: December 13, 1829 in Franklin Co, IL
.......... 3 George Lowery Miller b: 1833 in Illinois
.............. +Sarah Gulley m: May 27, 1851
.......... 3 Isaac Miller b: 1837 in Franklin County, Illinois
.............. +Martha A. Webb b: 1837 in Illinois m: December 21, 1854 in Franklin Co, IL
.......... 3 Lilly Miller b: 1839 in Franklin County, Illinois
.............. +William Henson m: December 13, 1855 in Franklin County, IL
.......... 3 Almeda Caroline Ann Miller b: 1841 in Franklin County, IL
.............. +William McCasland m: July 06, 1858 in Franklin County, IL
.......... 3 Clauda Miller b: 1841 in Franklin County, Illinois
.......... 3 Mary Ann Miller b: 1843
.............. +William J. Dollins m: May 10, 1859 in Franklin County, IL
.......... 3 Babara Ann Miller b: 1846
.............. +Eli Smothers m: January 06, 1861 in Franklin County, IL
.......... 3 Julia Ann Miller b: 1848 in Franklin County, Illinois
.............. +John Bailey m: May 19, 1862 in Franklin County, IL
.......... 3 John Miller b: 1850 in Franklin County, Illinois
.............. +Sarah Strictlin m: August 18, 1873 in Franklin County, IL
.......... *2nd Wife of John Miller:
.............. +Missouri Adams m: October 09, 1889 in Franklin County, IL
.......... 3 Dicy Miller b: October 14, 1828 in Franklin County, IL d: September 11, 1903 in Franklin County, IL
.............. +Overturf
.......... *2nd Husband of Dicy Miller:
.............. +John W. Overturf; b: December 23, 1827 in Marion or Warren County, TN; d: November 17, 1900 in Franklin County, IL m: February 15, 1844 in Franklin County, IL
.......... 3 John R. Miller b: 1832 in Franklin County, IL
.............. +Artemissa Ward b: 1832 in Franklin County, IL m: February 21, 1849 in Franklin County, IL
.... 2 Vicia Miller b: Abt. 1804
.... 2 Mary Miller b: Abt. 1806
.... 2 Mahala Miller b: 1809 in Warren County, Kentucky d: February 28, 1879 in Franklin County, Illinois
........ +James Lance b: 1805 in Tennessee d: 1870 in Franklin County, Illinois m: January 14, 1827 in Fayette County, Illinois
.......... 3 Sarah Lance b: 1828 in Franklin County, IL d: in ? Mason County, IL
.............. +Jesse Pipken b: 1827 in Franklin County, IL d: in ? Mason County, Illinois m: July 19, 1849 in Franklin Co, IL
.......... 3 William M. Lance b: March 22, 1832 in Nwt,Franklin County, Illinois d: September 03, 1909 in Ewing, Franklin County, IL
.............. +Malissa Ward b: April 27, 1837 in Benton, FCIL d: January 09, 1895 in Ewing, Franklin County, Illinois m: March 25, 1852 in Benton, Illinois
.......... *2nd Wife of William M. Lance:
.............. +Martha B. Webb b: March 04, 1839 in Illinois d: November 26, 1921 in Franklin County, Illinois m: October 06, 1895 in Franklin County, Illinois
.......... 3 Perlissa Lance b: 1834
.......... 3 Melinda Catherine Lance b: 1836 in Franklin County, IL d: January 12, 1876 in Christian County, Missouri
.............. +Robert Thomas D. Barnfield b: October 15, 1836 in Wilson County, Tennessee d: March 17, 1912 in Bristow, Creek County, Oklahoma m: April 13, 1860 in Franklin Co, IL
.......... 3 John Lance b: 1837 in Macedonia, Franklin County, Illinois d: in Bernie, Stoddard County, Missouri
.............. +Tildy Daugherty
.......... *2nd Wife of John Lance:
.............. +Arthurly Jane Phillips b: Abt. 1840 in Tennessee d: in Missouri m: December 06, 1857 in Franklin County, Illinois
.......... 3 Abraham Lance b: April 18, 1839 in Franklin County, Illinois d: May 17, 1920 in Dix, Illinois
.............. +Nancy J. Rollinson b: 1842 in Franklin County, IL d: April 18, 1876 in Jefferson County, IL m: June 20, 1863 in Franklin Co, IL
.......... *2nd Wife of Abraham Lance:
.............. +Louisa m: Abt. 1877
.......... 3 Katy Lance b: 1843 in Franklin County, Illinois d: 1874
.......... 3 Caroline Lance b: 1849
.............. +Isaac G. Denhamm: August 31, 1867 in Franklin Co, IL
.... *2nd Husband of Mahala Miller:
........ +Alfred McClellan b: 1810 m: August 13, 1878 in Franklin Co, IL

Submitter: Kelly Green Donovan (
Date: 13 Oct 2002

I wish to share with any descendants of Felix W. JONES by his first wife, Honor Jones, or his second wife, Katherine COCKRILL the following URL which is a biography of Felix's first born son, Michael C. JONES. Felix settled in Franklin County, IL about 1848. His son, Michael married Nancy Henry CLAYTON, daughter of Foster CLAYTON & Nancy SUBLET also of Franklin Co. Michael & Nancy (Clayton) JONES eventually settled in Texas Co., MO.
The biography is most informative.

Submitter: Chera Trulock (
Date: 09 Oct 2002

I am looking for information on RENNER, Samuel who died in 1914. I am told he was run over by a train. I found him and his family in Madison County on the 1910 census and his family on the 1920 census in Franklin County. He is buried in Madison County but they have not been able to locate a death certificate on him so the family may have migrated to Franklin prior to his death. Any information on the RENNER family would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Submitter: Kelly Donovan (
Date: 08 Oct 2002

Looking for information on the descendants and ancestors of Foster & Nancy (SUBLET) (b. c. 1797) CLAYTON of Franklin Co., IL. Their daughter, Nancy Henry CLAYTON married Michael C. JONES in 1856.

Submitter: Sharon Misner (
Date: 04 Oct 2002

I am just beginning the search for relatives in Franklin County, mainly West Frankfort. My mother was a COVERT. Her name was Musetta, her mother married Edgar COVERT who was killed in a coal mining accident I believe in the 1930's. My grandmother's name was Neetis HALL. My grandfather had a sister by the name of Iva who had several children, one of them Robert and one Elsie. Can anyone help me get started - - I know very little if anything about this part of my family. I do know that after my grandfather's death that my grandmother moved to Missouri.

Submitter: SK Crabtree (
Date: 03 Oct 2002

I am trying to find out if anyone knew of Gideon & Hilda KITTILA, or Eula & Oxal KITTILA from Zeigler, Ill. I am somewhat sure my grandmother Eula (O'NEIL) KITTILA lived on North St. in Zeigler. I can not find alot of info on them. Hilda & Gideon were my g-grandparents who emigrated from Finland. If anyone who lived in Zeigler can remember these names, I would appreciate any info. Thank you SK.