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National Society

Daughters of the American Colonists

In the State of Illinois

George Rogers Clark Chapter


Past, Present, Future


Patriotic, Historical, Educational


Colonial Blue and Yellow

National Theme
Working together to promote lifelong learning.
National President's Project
To financally support a Learning Pavilion at St. Mary's, first colony and capitol of Maryland.
National Scripture

"An intelligent mind acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowldge." Proverbs 8:15 RSV

The emblem of this society shall be the oak leaf
The Object of the National Society

The Object of this Society shall be Patriotic, Historical and Educational; to make research as to the history and deeds of the American colonists and to record and publish the same; to commemorate deeds of colonial interest; to inculcate and foster love of Amerca and its institutions by all its residents; to obey its laws and venerate its Flag — the emblem of its power and civic righteousness.

Officers 2013-2015
Mrs. Bob Cole (Norma)
1st Vice Regent
Mrs. Victor G. Marty (Georganne)
2nd Vice Regent
Mrs. Norman A. Paul (Marilyn)
Mrs. George W. Swenson (Janice)
Recording Secretary
Mrs. Richard N. Greene (Judy)
Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Richard N. Greene (Judy)
Ms. Murle Edwards
Mrs. James F. Fiedler (Norma)
Mrs. Delmar Kesler (Evelyn)
Miss Ruth Denlinger
Parliamentarian (Appointive)
Mrs. Richard N. Greene (Judy)

In 1920 a preliminary meeting was held to form a National Society Daughters of the American Colonists. The Society was incorporated in the District of Columbia, Washington, D. C. on 25 April 1921.

A number of members of the National Society residing in Illinois wished to organize an Illinois State Society. A meeting of those members took place in Bloomington, Illinois on March 13, 1924 and the Illinois State Society was formed with Mrs. James E. Robinson elected as State Regent. At a State meeting on March 4, 1925, a motion was made that George Rogers Clark be the name of State Chapter No. 1, organized at the same time as the Illinois State Society with officers the same as those elected for the State Society. The George Rogers Clark Chapter, which had been meeting with the State Society with the same officers, decided in February 21, 1933 to elect officers other than the officers elected by the State Society and Mrs. A. M. Earel was elected Chapter Regent.


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