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Iroquois County Genealogical Society

Old Courthouse Museum
103 West Cherry Street
Watseka, IL 60970-1524

Iroquois County Original Land Purchases
E - K

LO--Federal Land Office
RR--Illinois Central Railroad
SL--School Land(Section16)
Last NameFirst NameTownshipSectionLand Type
EastburnJesse RConcord Twp19, 25, 31, 33, 36LO
. . Sheldon Twp6LO
EastburnJesse JrConcord Twp24, 25LO
EastburnJoseph BConcord Twp29, 31, 32LO
. . Sheldon Twp5LO
EastburnParker FSheldon Twp21LO
EastburnThomas FConcord Twp19LO
. . Middleport Twp13, 14LO
EastburnWilliam SConcord Twp32LO
. . Sheldon Twp5, 22LO
EdisonAbsalom OMartinton Twp18RR
EdwardsC H N JCrescent Twp21LO
EdwardsJeremiahBeaver Twp8LO
EdwardsJesse BCrescent Twp28RR
EdwardsPierpontAshkum Twp24RR
EdwardsRowland JMilks Grove Twp14RR
EdwardsSamuel HCrescent Twp22RR
EdwardsWilliam JChebanse Twp10RR
EgbertJamesMartinton Twp33LO
. . Middleport Twp15, 16LO
EgbertJosephMiddleport Twp27LO
EgleyGeorgeIroquois Twp32RR
EldridgeBenjamin SCrescent Twp4RR
EldridgeWylieMilford Twp6RR
ElliottByron HLovejoy Twp2LO
EllisRoswellOnarga Twp4, 18RR
EllsworthBowen WPapineau Twp28RR
EllsworthHenry LLovejoy Twp33, 34LO
. . Prairie Green Twp3, 14, 15, 18, 30LO
EllsworthHenry SFountain Creek Twp12, 13, 21LO
. . Pigeon Grove Twp13LO
EllsworthNancy RPapineau Twp28RR
EllsworthSamuelPrairie Green Twp6LO
ElmerChandler ORidgeland Twp32RR
ElstonThomas SMilford Twp3RR
ElvyGeorgeMilks Grove Twp2RR
EmersonThomas PPrairie Green Twp6, 8, 9LO
EndersThomas OAsh Grove Twp2, 4RR
EngeheusenFrederickArtesia Twp14RR
EnosPeterChebanse Twp17, 18LO,RR
EnosR HMartinton Twp34RR
EnsheartJames BLovejoy Twp8LO
EnslenHenryConcord Twp16, 21, 22, 34SL, LO
. . Iroquois Twp16SL
. . Sheldon Twp3, 10LO
EoffGarrettDanforth Twp24RR
EregueJoseph HMartinton Twp8LO
EshlemanWilliam CRidgeland Twp18RR
EtnireRachael EStockland Twp24LO
EvansDavid RMilks Grove Twp14RR
EvansEmilyPapineau Twp18RR
EvansJesseRidgeland Twp22RR
EvansJohnIroquois Twp28LO,RR
EvansSamuel VPigeon Grove Twp30RR
EvansSvordLoda Twp8LO
. . Onarga Twp24LO
EvansThomas MPapineau Twp14, 15LO
EvaultOsmers DConcord Twp4LO
EverettSamuel FRidgeland Twp22RR
EversoleDavidConcord Twp24LO
EwingJohnPigeon Grove Twp8RR
EwingJohn JrPigeon Grove Twp8RR
EwingWilliamPigeon Grove Twp8RR
ExlineMaryBelmont Twp9LO
FaganJohnBeaver Twp16SL
. . Middleport Twp16SL
FairbairnWilliamOnarga Twp8RR
FairmanCharlesCrescent Twp7LO
FancherSylvesterPapineau Twp18RR
FarleyPeterOnarga Twp8RR
FarmerAnnaDanforth Twp2RR
FarmerElihu KAsh Grove Twp16, 25SL
. . Milford Twp8, 9LO
FarmerJesseAsh Grove Twp25LO
FarmerWilliam AAsh Grove Twp25LO
. . Chebanse Twp16, 28, 29, 33LO
. . Milford Twp17LO
FarrAlfredArtesia Twp6LO
. . Onarga Twp6LO
FauldsRobertDouglas Twp8RR
FaulkenburgAlonzoOnarga Twp16SL
FayEdwin RDouglas Twp30RR
FeatherlingGeorgeBelmont Twp33, 34LO
FellowElijah CAsh Grove Twp26RR
FeltonWilliamBeaver Twp34, 35LO
. . Concord Twp26LO
FennerDavidOnarga Twp18RR
FerdinandRenaundPapineau Twp26RR
FergusonJamesRidgeland Twp16SL
. . Stockland Twp5LO
FergusonJohnMilford Twp4LO
FerrisWilliam AChebanse Twp2RR
FerryJosephChebanse Twp36RR
FertainMarcelleBeaverville Twp32LO
FertigJohnMiddleport Twp6RR
FickelJamesArtesia Twp28RR
FickelMartinArtesia Twp22, 24RR
FiddlerAlvinaIroquois Twp16SL
FiddlerGeorgeIroquois Twp4, 5LO,RR
FieldJohn HDouglas Twp10RR
FiesterWilliamMilford Twp2LO
FinchRobertPrairie Green Twp18, 25, 26, 27LO
FindleyC FMiddleport Twp32LO
FindleyEMiddleport Twp32LO
FinleyJames JrAshkum Twp18RR
FinnJamesDouglas Twp2RR
FinnTimothy NPigeon Grove Twp10RR
FinneyHoraceOnarga Twp30RR
FirmanLeroy BDouglas Twp30RR
FishEdward GMilks Grove Twp14RR
FlaniganPatrickLoda Twp11LO
FlemingAndrewBelmont Twp4LO
FlemingClement FStockland Twp2, 3LO
FlemingCornelius VPrairie Green Twp18LO
. . Stockland Twp4, 6, 19, 25LO
FlemingDavid WStockland Twp4LO
FlemingJames AStockland Twp3LO
FlemingJohn G JStockland Twp2, 3LO
FlemingSamuelBelmont Twp29, 30LO
FlemingWilliamPigeon Grove Twp2RR
FlemingWilliam P DStockland Twp3, 4LO
FlesherJacob JIroquois Twp28LO,RR
FlesherJohnIroquois Twp20, 21, 28, 29LO,RR
FlesherSamuel JIroquois Twp30LO
FlesherStephenIroquois Twp19LO
FletcherAlfredIroquois Twp30RR
. . Middleport Twp15, 20LO
FletcherJosephLovejoy Twp24LO
FlowersEllisConcord Twp24LO
FlowersJohn WConcord Twp19, 26, 35LO
FlowersSethConcord Twp19LO
FlowersThomasConcord Twp36LO
FloydMichaelBelmont Twp24LO
FlynnEdwardDouglas Twp4RR
FlynnMichaelDouglas Twp8RR
FogartyJohnChebanse Twp6RR
FooteWilliamStockland Twp30, 31LO
ForbesKenneyLoda Twp6RR
ForbesThomas CAsh Grove Twp20, 25LO
. . Artesia Twp3, 15, 21, 27, 29, 33LO
. . Ashkum Twp19LO
. . Beaver Twp29, 30, 32LO
. . Beaverville Twp29LO
. . Belmont Twp36LO
. . Chebanse Twp9LO
. . Concord Twp4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 31LO
. . Crescent Twp3, 13LO
. . Danforth Twp1, 15, 19, 21LO
. . Douglas Twp5LO
. . Fountain Creek Twp15, 35LO
. . Iroquois Twp31LO
. . Martinton Twp3, 7, 24LO
. . Middleport Twp1, 11, 12, 13LO
. . Onarga Twp5LO
. . Papineau Twp35LO
. . Prairie Green Twp4, 11LO
. . Ridgeland Twp31LO
. . Sheldon Twp2, 6, 7, 8LO
. . Stockland Twp20, 21, 27LO
ForbesThomas RArtesia Twp21LO
. . Ashkum Twp31LO
. . Chebanse Twp13, 19, 31LO
. . Danforth Twp5LO
. . Martinton Twp20LO
. . Onarga Twp5, 33LO
ForbesWilliam JChebanse Twp22RR
FordJohnBeaver Twp35LO
FordJosephBeaver Twp36LO
FortigHenryBelmont Twp4LO
FortierIsaacChebanse Twp32RR
FortinFrancisPapineau Twp18RR
FortinMosesPapineau Twp16SL
FossEbenezer HChebanse Twp18RR
FosterJamesLovejoy Twp22, 23LO
FosterJedediahBelmont Twp28, 32LO
. . Martinton Twp19LO
. . Milford Twp4LO
. . Stockland Twp6LO
FosterJesse CSheldon Twp4LO
FosterJohnLovejoy Twp23, 25, 26LO
FosterJoseph CAsh Grove Twp4RR
FosterLemuelRidgeland Twp22RR
FosterNancy JLovejoy Twp23, 26LO
FosterNathanConcord Twp30LO
. . Middleport Twp36LO
. . Sheldon Twp6LO
FosterPeterBelmont Twp27LO
FosterRichard LLoda Twp22RR
FosterWilliamLovejoy Twp22LO
FowlerJohn CAshkum Twp20RR
FowlerJoseph SOnarga Twp14RR
. . Ridgeland Twp14RR
FowlerSamuel ORidgeland Twp14RR
FowlerWilliamConcord Twp19LO
. . Ashkum Twp32RR
FoxCharlesArtesia Twp32RR
FoxWilliam FBelmont Twp23, 26LO
FoxSamuelOnarga Twp30RR
FoySamuelDouglas Twp30RR
FraganCharlesMartinton Twp4RR
FrameJamesDouglas Twp11LO
. . Onarga Twp16SL
FrameSmithArtesia Twp7, 23, 25LO
FrameThomasOnarga Twp15LO
FrancoeurZephirainBeaverville Twp32, 33LO
FrazeeFrederick SRidgeland Twp18RR
FrazeeJohn TRidgeland Twp18RR
FrazeeLewis DRidgeland Twp18RR
FrazeeWilliam HDouglas Twp7LO
. . Ridgeland Twp7LO
FrazierAbrahamConcord Twp24LO
. . Iroquois Twp23LO
FrazierEliPigeon Grove Twp22RR
FredReuben HBeaver Twp30LO
FreeGeorgeDouglas Twp30RR
FreelandStephenOnarga Twp14, 15LO
FreemanCharlesBelmont Twp21LO
FreemanCharles EMilford Twp18, 20LO
FreemanGeorge WStockland Twp28, 29LO
FreemanIsmeBelmont Twp21, 22LO
FreemanJergenAsh Grove Twp8RR
FreemanJoshuaOnarga Twp6LO
FreemanNathaniel SMilford Twp5, 6LO
FreemeMarthaAshkum Twp28, 29LO
. . Martinton Twp2, 3, 10, 11, 21, 28, 33LO
. . Papineau Twp15, 22, 27, 34LO
FrejeauFrancoisBeaverville Twp36RR
FrenchJohn JPrairie Green Twp3, 30LO
FrieblecornMichael FMartinton Twp30RR
FrigonJosephMartinton Twp9LO
FrigonSimonBeaverville Twp30RR
FrinkHenryPigeon Grove Twp21LO
FroggerArthur RBeaverville Twp28LO
FronvilleFlorentChebanse Twp6RR
FronvilleJosephChebanse Twp6RR
FrooninckxJesse NChebanse Twp32RR
FruinRobertAshkum Twp26RR
FryAbrahamBeaver Twp31LO
FryBenjaminBeaver Twp36LO
. . Concord Twp1, 9, 11, 22, 27LO
FryDanielAsh Grove Twp7LO
. . Concord Twp19LO
FryElizaConcord Twp1LO
FryHenryBeaver Twp31LO
. . Concord Twp1, 6LO
FryHenry JLovejoy Twp1LO
. . Stockland Twp5LO
FryJohnConcord Twp11LO
FryJoshuaPigeon Grove Twp24RR
FrySamuelBeaver Twp36LO
FuelscherJacobPapineau Twp36RR
FullerJonathanStockland Twp8LO
FullertonWillis JDouglas Twp28RR
FullinwinderJohnPigeon Grove Twp25LO
FultonRobertDouglas Twp28RR
GabelAlfred NRidgeland Twp8, 22RR
GaffieldAsaConcord Twp20, 21, 22, 27, 28LO
GaffieldBenjaminConcord Twp34LO
GallowayAndrew JChebanse Twp14RR
GalushaCharles SBelmont Twp5LO
. . Iroquois Twp4LO
GamachePeterMiddleport Twp20RR
GambleWilliamPigeon Grove Twp2RR
GarberMary AnnaAsh Grove Twp2RR
GardnerD BAsh Grove Twp1LO
. . Beaverville Twp16SL
. . Belmont Twp16, 17SL, LO
. . Crescent Twp15, 16, 21, 23, 31SL, LO
. . Danforth Twp16SL
. . Martinton Twp15, 16SL, LO
. . Onarga Twp35LO
. . Sheldon Twp16SL
GardnerFarrand SCrescent Twp1LO
GardnerIsaac JDouglas Twp30RR
GardnerLewisIroquois Twp27LO
. . Papineau Twp13LO
GardnerL SAsh Grove Twp1LO
. . Danforth Twp16SL
GardnerReubenMilford Twp22LO
GarlandJohnStockland Twp22LO
GarlandSamuelDouglas Twp4RR
GarrDarbinIroquois Twp31LO
GarrJohnsonIroquois Twp30LO
GatrellJohnStockland Twp27, 28LO
GaugerGeorgeOnarga Twp21LO
GawHenryArtesia Twp8RR
. . Chebanse Twp26RR
GayAbsolemBelmont Twp8LO
GayDavidBeaver Twp30LO
GayJamesChebanse Twp13LO
. . Martinton Twp33LO
GayLeviBeaver Twp29, 32LO
. . Martinton Twp25LO
GaylordJoseph HAshkum Twp24RR
GebhartAnthonySheldon Twp20LO
GeddesJohn FAsh Grove Twp36RR
GeensHenry JChebanse Twp26RR
GeigerJacobArtesia Twp10RR
GendronPierrePapineau Twp18RR
GeorgeJohnCrescent Twp15LO
GerberElias BBeaverville Twp2LO
GerrGeroge WMilks Grove Twp13LO
GerrainJoseph JrBeaverville Twp36RR
. . Papineau Twp30RR
GerrainJoseph SrPapineau Twp30RR
GibbonsPatrickMilks Grove Twp12RR
GibordTimothyBeaverville Twp36RR
GibsonGeroge WMilks Grove Twp25LO
. . Ridgeland Twp5LO
GibsonSamuel CBelmont Twp7LO
. . Chebanse Twp3, 10LO
. . Iroquois Twp35LO
GilbertAlvinOnarga Twp2, 6LO
GilbertAndrew JPigeon Grove Twp18RR
GilbertBethuel PRidgeland Twp17LO
GilbertJesse BBeaver Twp36LO
. . Concord Twp1, 3LO
. . Danforth Twp23LO
. . Sheldon Twp31LO
GilbertSolomonBelmont Twp26LO
. . Lovejoy Twp1LO
GilbertTheodore MAsh Grove Twp34RR
GilbertTimothy CAsh Grove Twp34RR
GillWilliamLoda Twp36RR
GillianWilliamPrairie Green Twp9, 10LO
GillespieAnd JackMiddleport Twp2LO
. . Martinton Twp35LO
GillettThaddeusRidgeland Twp32RR
GillimoreSimpsonPrairie Green Twp23LO
GilmanCharles ERidgeland Twp20RR
GilsonEloisa CArtesia Twp24RR
GleasonD RBeaver Twp16SL
GleasonOliverPrairie Green Twp31LO
GodfreyCharlesPrairie Green Twp30LO
GodfreyJamesLovejoy Twp34LO
GoetzJohnArtesia Twp4RR
GoldtrapJohnChebanse Twp30LO
GoodellAddisonLoda Twp20, 22, 24, 30RR
GoodnowA MConcord Twp10LO
. . Middleport Twp21LO
GoodrichElizur JConcord Twp7, 18LO
. . Fountain Creek Twp12LO
. . Middleport Twp25LO
. . Prairie Green Twp10, 15LO
GoodwinDavidArtesia Twp24, 25LO
GoodwinJamesConcord Twp12, 13, 14LO
GoodwineWilliam WFountain Creek Twp2RR
GordonJamesAshkum Twp24RR
GordonSarahMilford Twp36LO
GothardIsaacPapineau Twp24LO
GoudreauNarcissePapineau Twp18RR
GouldHenry NBelmont Twp8LO
. . Martinton Twp30RR
GouldJohn SCrescent Twp36RR
GoundieGeorgePigeon Grove Twp30RR
GoundieRobert APigeon Grove Twp30RR
GoussetAntoinePapineau Twp32RR
GraceStephenChebanse Twp22LO
GradyThomasSheldon Twp19LO
GrahamJoseph ACrescent Twp13LO
GrahamWmMilford Twp35LO
GravelleAugustineChebanse Twp12RR
GravelleGeorgeAshkum Twp16SL
GravelleJosephChebanse Twp12RR
GrayCleaverMilford Twp14LO
GrayGeorgeMilford Twp24LO
GrayHenryBeaver Twp18LO
GrayJames TBeaver Twp18LO
GrayJohnMilford Twp13, 24LO
GrayJonesMiddleport Twp1LO
GrayThomas HAshkum Twp32RR
GrayWilliamMilford Twp14, 16SL, LO
. . Stockland Twp18LO
GreelyJoel WArtesia Twp28RR
. . Loda Twp28RR
GreenGeorgeSheldon Twp35LO
. . Stockland Twp1, 2, 6LO
GreenHenry DOnarga Twp5LO
GreenJonasMartinton Twp27, 34, 35LO
. . Middleport Twp2, 11LO
GreenJohn WDanforth Twp20RR
GreenJosephBeaver Twp27LO
. . Crescent Twp13LO
GreenSamuel JLoda Twp35LO
. . Sheldon Twp35LO
. . Stockland Twp1, 2, 6LO
GreenSamuel TOnarga Twp23LO
GreenSidney SMartinton Twp35, 36LO
. . Middleport Twp1LO
GreenWilliam AOnarga Twp14RR
GreenWilliam TLoda Twp1LO
GreenlyShadrach BPapineau Twp24RR
GreerJohnOnarga Twp1, 2, 35, 36LO
GregoryBenjamin FArtesia Twp3, 5, 9, 21, 27, 33LO
. . Crescent Twp29LO
. . Onarga Twp3, 5, 17, 25, 35LO
GregoryDavid RDouglas Twp28RR
GregoryGeorgeOnarga Twp21LO
GrennardElishaCrescent Twp35LO
GreyThomas WAshkum Twp32RR
GriceJames BOnarga Twp31LO
GriffinJonathanPapineau Twp22, 23LO
GriffithEdwardArtesia Twp22RR
GrimesNeumanDouglas Twp10RR
. . Onarga Twp10RR
GrimmsmannJosephMartinton Twp6RR
GroffJosephPrairie Green Twp19LO
. . Stockland Twp18LO
GropairtStephenAshkum Twp31LO
GrossaintJosephAshkum Twp36RR
GrossaintNicholasIroquois Twp6RR
GroveGeorgeArtesia Twp30RR
GroveJames EPapineau Twp30RR
GrubbsJohnOnarga Twp28RR
GubtailHenryPapineau Twp36RR
GubtailHiramIroquois Twp16SL
GubtailHumphreyIroquois Twp22LO
GuentherGeorge GAshkum Twp28RR
GunnOtis BLoda Twp9LO
. . Milks Grove Twp1LO
GurthierH PAshkum Twp16SL
GuthrieChristopher SPapineau Twp30, 36RR
GuyetteFrancisChebanse Twp3LO
HaakHenry WPigeon Grove Twp8RR
HackerJohn ABeaver Twp18LO
HackneyT WMiddleport Twp11, 12, 13, 14LO
HadleyAlfred CArtesia Twp22RR
HadleyWilliamDouglas Twp6RR
HaighJosephChebanse Twp18, 23LO,RR
. . Papineau Twp24RR
HaightOrrin SOnarga Twp4RR
HaisleySarahOnarga Twp18RR
HaleAppletonAsh Grove Twp2RR
HaleyPatrickLoda Twp10RR
HallCaleb SDouglas Twp10RR
HallEldridge GAshkum Twp17, 20, 21LO
. . Chebanse Twp34LO
. . Papineau Twp17, 19, 29LO
HallEnoch COnarga Twp24RR
HallJohnArtesia Twp32RR
HallJohn MPrairie Green Twp31LO
HallJoshua SAsh Grove Twp6RR
HallLeviMilford Twp36LO
HallMarthaMiddleport Twp20RR
HallThomas BOnarga Twp19LO
HallTruman BOnarga Twp9, 19LO
HallWilliam ARidgeland Twp27LO
HallamBenjaminLoda Twp18RR
HallmanConradChebanse Twp26RR
HalseyRachelMiddleport Twp20RR
HamerWilliam JMilks Grove Twp12RR
HamiltonEdwinDouglas Twp36RR
HamiltonEphraim SArtesia Twp28RR
. . Ash Grove Twp30RR
HamiltonWilliamArtesia Twp34RR
HamlinRobertArtesia Twp34RR
HammondThomasAshkum Twp22RR
HampsonRalphAsh Grove Twp4RR
HandAndrew JSheldon Twp33LO
HanesLewisCrescent Twp24RR
HaneyWilliam MDouglas Twp3, 9LO
. . Onarga Twp21, 23LO
HannaHenryAsh Grove Twp33LO
HannaRobert BPigeon Grove Twp11LO
HannaWilliamCrescent Twp35LO
HansenJohn TPapineau Twp36RR
HansonHans GeorgeFountain Creek Twp22RR
HansonHenryMartinton Twp10RR
HansonHollisFountain Creek Twp1LO
HansonJohnMartinton Twp10RR
HanssenGeorge NMartinton Twp2RR
HaphWilliamChebanse Twp12RR
HarbourMadorMartinton Twp12RR
HardenbrookPeterBelmont Twp27, 29, 33, 34LO
HardingG W PConcord Twp19, 24LO
HargravesJohnAshkum Twp36RR
HarknessJohn BArtesia Twp34RR
HarlingWilliamChebanse Twp11LO
HarmanJacobPrairie Green Twp19LO
. . Stockland Twp6, 7, 19LO
. . Stockland Twp2, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 18, 23, 24LO
HarmanOscar FAsh Grove Twp5LO
. . Beaver Twp8, 19, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32, 33LO
. . Beaverville Twp4, 19, 25, 33LO
. . Concord Twp5, 6LO
. . Danforth Twp7LO
. . Douglas Twp33, 35LO
. . Martinton Twp21LO
. . Milford Twp30LO
. . Sheldon Twp3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 14, 21, 28LO
HarnessMichaelMilford Twp16, 27SL, LO
HarperAddisonOnarga Twp13LO
HarperAlexanderOnarga Twp19LO
HarperAlfredOnarga Twp6LO,RR
HarperSamuel HDouglas Twp3LO
. . Onarga Twp20, 21LO,RR
HarperWilliamOnarga Twp1LO
HarringtonGeorge CMartinton Twp22RR
HarringtonJames EArtesia Twp28RR
HarriotteJamesDanforth Twp9LO
. . Onarga Twp3LO
HarrisCharles FPrairie Green Twp13LO
HarrisCorneliusFountain Creek Twp4RR
HarrisDavid LAsh Grove Twp17LO
HarrisFrancis AArtesia Twp18RR
HarrisGeorge BOnarga Twp12RR
HarrisIsreal HPrairie Green Twp19LO
HarrisJames MPrairie Green Twp23LO
HarrisRoderickMilks Grove Twp30RR
HarrisSilasMilford Twp4, 9LO
HarrisSilas JrMilford Twp9LO
HarrisSolomonMartinton Twp22RR
HarrisWillardPapineau Twp23LO
HarrisWilliamPrairie Green Twp25LO
HarrisonNathanCrescent Twp11LO
HarrounAndrew SIroquois Twp32RR
HarryWilliamDouglas Twp30RR
HartDaniel LFountain Creek Twp5LO
HartiganMatildaOnarga Twp2RR
HartkeHeinrichArtesia Twp12RR
HartleyAmos ABeaverville Twp29LO
HartleyJamesDouglas Twp26RR
HartleyJohnMiddleport Twp15LO
HartleyThomasDouglas Twp26RR
HartmanJoseph PDanforth Twp14RR
HartshornCalvertArtesia Twp12, 18RR
HartshornE DarwinArtesia Twp8, 30, 36RR
HartwellDariusMilford Twp8LO
HartwellMarcusAsh Grove Twp3LO
. . Milford Twp19LO
HarveyAmbroseDouglas Twp4RR
HarwoodFrederickIroquois Twp32RR
HarwoodJames FIroquois Twp32RR
HasbrouckJames ACrescent Twp8RR
HaskinsJosephMilford Twp9, 15, 22, LO
HaskinsWilliam DMilford Twp34LO
HastingsHannah WOnarga Twp18RR
HatfieldSeelyArtesia Twp1LO
. . Loda Twp16SL
. . Onarga Twp1, 29LO
HatfieldThomasLovejoy Twp13LO
HathornJoseph LArtesia Twp8RR
HausemanJ GDouglas Twp30RR
HawkGeorge BOnarga Twp26RR
HawkSamuelArtesia Twp19LO
. . Douglas Twp29LO
HawkinsAbelBelmont Twp35LO
HawkinsGeorge WMiddleport Twp14LO
HawkinsJosephAsh Grove Twp26RR
HawkinsNathan SConcord Twp35LO
HawkinsThomasAsh Grove Twp19LO
HawleyBostwickCrescent Twp6RR
HawleyHiramDouglas Twp4RR
HaworthJohnAsh Grove Twp26RR
HayA D Papineau Twp28RR
HayMalindaPapineau Twp28RR
HayW SPapineau Twp29LO
HaydenNehemiahPrairie Green Twp33LO
HayesMichaelChebanse Twp8RR
HaymondJohn WIroquois Twp6RR
HaynesWilliam ADanforth Twp6RR
HaysJesseAshkum Twp34RR
HaywoethMartinAsh Grove Twp12RR
HazlettWilliamStockland Twp29LO
HeathWilliam RPigeon Grove Twp2RR
HecoxThomas HMiddleport Twp10RR
HeffnerJosephLovejoy Twp2, 4, 9, 10, 12LO
HehirHughArtesia Twp30RR
HehirJamesArtesia Twp30RR
HehirJohnArtesia Twp30RR
HehirThomasArtesia Twp30RR
HeinPeter HMartinton Twp2RR
HelmsGeorgeMiddleport Twp13LO,RR
HelmsJamesAsh Grove Twp1LO
HemsThompsonConcord Twp19LO
HelmsWilliamMiddleport Twp14LO
HemphillEdwardMilford Twp25, 36LO
HemphillJohnSheldon Twp17LO
HendersonAlbertFountain Creek Twp4RR
HendersonJamesDouglas Twp8RR
HendersonSusannah TArtesia Twp22RR
HendricksJohn DAsh Grove Twp14RR
HennessyHumphreyChebanse Twp15LO
HennonWilliamMartinton Twp25LO
HenrotinJoseph FChebanse Twp32LO
. . Danforth Twp1LO
HenrotinLouisChebanse Twp8RR
HenryCharles WChebanse Twp31LO
. . Iroquois Twp31LO
. . Pigeon Grove Twp31LO
HenryDanielConcord Twp14LO
HenryJohnAsh Grove Twp24LO
HenryMiles SArtesia Twp15, 19LO
. . Danforth Twp21LO
. . Onarga Twp33LO
. . Pigeon Grove Twp9, 17LO
HenryNicholasDouglas Twp30RR
HenrySamuelBelmont Twp12LO
HenryWesleyAsh Grove Twp25LO
HenryWilliamDouglas Twp30RR
HepperGeorgeAshkum Twp34RR
HepworthJamesChebanse Twp32RR
HerrMichaelPigeon Grove Twp27, 35LO
HerseyHarriet BSheldon Twp23LO
HesterRobertPapineau Twp35LO
HetrickWilliam JPigeon Grove Twp18RR
HettingerJohnAshkum Twp14RR
. . Chebanse Twp11LO
HettingerJohn JrChebanse Twp31LO
HettingerMary AnnaAshkum Twp14RR
HeustonSamuelIroquois Twp27LO
. . Loda Twp16SL
. . Onarga Twp16SL
. . Sheldon Twp8LO
HevertFrancisAshkum Twp16SL
HewinsLevi TPigeon Grove Twp14RR
HeyworthJames ODouglas Twp6RR
HibbingChristianLoda Twp10RR
HickeyJamesDanforth Twp18RR
HickeyJohn LChebanse Twp28RR
HickeyMichaelChebanse Twp28RR
HickeyPatrickChebanse Twp22RR
HickeyThomasChebanse Twp22RR
HickeyWilliamChebanse Twp22RR
HickleyJune TStockland Twp6LO
HickmanElbert GAsh Grove Twp30RR
HickmanJames SFountain Creek Twp14RR
HickmanPeter JAsh Grove Twp30RR
. . Lovejoy Twp6LO
HicksLibertyBelmont Twp27LO
HicksWilliam HPigeon Grove Twp8RR
HigbyAndrew JIroquois Twp4LO
. . Milford Twp18LO
HigginsAlfredArtesia Twp10RR
HigginsPatrickFountain Creek Twp30RR
HighlandWilliamPrairie Green Twp12LO
HildenbrandAntoineChebanse Twp32LO
HildrethCharlesLovejoy Twp8LO
HillHiramPapineau Twp32RR
HillHorace JPapineau Twp26RR
HillOtto SBeaver Twp27LO
HillRobertMilford Twp4LO
HillWilliam ASheldon Twp15LO
HillsMary AnnLovejoy Twp1LO
HinshawGeorgeMilford Twp11LO
HitchcockEdwardCrescent Twp18RR
HitchingsJosephCrescent Twp8RR
HittIsaac RArtesia Twp15LO
. . Ashkum Twp18, 31LO
. . Beaver Twp18, 31, 25LO
. . Beaverville Twp14, 25, 34LO
. . Belmont Twp33LO
. . Lovejoy Twp11LO
. . Martinton Twp24, 27, 29LO
. . Milks Grove Twp29LO
. . Papineau Twp21, 35LO
. . Sheldon Twp12, 34LO
. . Stockland Twp24, 31LO
HittenbrandToussaintAshkum Twp18RR
HixonJamesStockland Twp31LO
HixonJoelStockland Twp29LO
HoaglandJamesConcord Twp23, 26, 33LO
HoardSamuelBelmont Twp6, 7LO
HobbsEdmundStockland Twp28, 33LO
HobbsJames OAsh Grove Twp32RR
. . Fountain Creek Twp6RR
HobbsJesseMilford Twp10, 14LO
HobsonWilliamChebanse Twp8RR
HockettJames GAsh Grove Twp20RR
HodgeJohn MMiddleport Twp5LO
HodsonLewis NArtesia Twp28RR
HoelAaronBelmont Twp27, 28LO
HoelJacobSheldon Twp32, 33LO
HoelJamesSheldon Twp32LO
HoelJeremiahBelmont Twp16, 25SL, LO
. . Milford Twp2LO
HoffmanJohn NFountain Creek Twp8RR
HofkeHansMartinton Twp6RR
HoganAmaziah LCrescent Twp26RR
HogeRomeoOnarga Twp26RR
HoglandJohnsonConcord Twp19LO
HogleAbramConcord Twp35LO
HogleGeorge WSheldon Twp16SL
HogleH WSheldon Twp16SL
HogleJohnCrescent Twp16SL
. . Middleport Twp16SL
HogleLeanderConcord Twp16, 35SL
. . Middleport Twp28, 33LO
HogleLeonardConcord Twp28, 33LO,RR
HogleMichaelAsh Grove Twp5LO
. . Beaver Twp16, 29, 33, 34, 35LO
. . Beaverville Twp1, 13, 22LO
. . Crescent Twp13, 23, 31LO
. . Danforth Twp16SL
. . Iroquois Twp35LO
. . Milford Twp5LO
. . Papineau Twp17, 29LO
. . Sheldon Twp1, 4, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17, 21, 22LO
HogueJames BDanforth Twp20RR
. . Douglas Twp4, 28, 32RR
HolabirdAmos BDanforth Twp14RR
HolesclawCharlesMiddleport Twp23LO
HollenbeckHenry HPigeon Grove Twp10RR
HollenbeckLucindaCrescent Twp20RR
HolidayJames TMiddleport Twp28LO
HollingsworthElbertConcord Twp8LO
HollingsworthJamesOnarga Twp32RR
hollingsworthJohnMilford Twp24, 27LO
HollingsworthZebulonConcord Twp8, 9, 15, 22, 23LO
HollisterChandlerLoda Twp14RR
HollowayWilliam BMilford Twp25LO
HolmesHenryArtesia Twp8RR
HolmesJonathanPrairie Green Twp3LO
HolmesJosephLoda Twp26RR
. . Pigeon Grove Twp20RR
HolstonHenryPapineau Twp28RR
HoltzChristian Iroquois Twp6RR
HoltzMatthewArtesia Twp12RR
HomerThomasDanforth Twp20RR
HoneywellAlbaStockland Twp23LO
HoneywellEnochStockland Twp23, 26LO
HonnellWilliamAsh Grove Twp16SL
HookerEbenezerBelmont Twp7LO
HookerWilliamIroquois Twp22LO
HooverJonasCrescent Twp25LO
HordeRobertArtesia Twp25, 26, 35, 36LO
. . Iroquois Twp15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26LO
. . Loda Twp2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 20, 29LO
. . Middleport Twp19LO
HornerAlexanderBelmont Twp16, 18SL, LO
HornerDavidMilford Twp14LO
HorrkEmilyChebanse Twp27, 28LO
HorrkHendersonChebanse Twp20, 21, 28LO
HortonJohn PDouglas Twp10RR
HoskinsLewis MStockland Twp18LO
HosmerGeorge EMartinton Twp30RR
HosmerGeorge WOnarga Twp24RR
HouckJohnArtesia Twp8RR
HoughlandGeorgeConcord Twp29, 31, 32LO
. . Middleport Twp35LO
HoughlandJohnConcord Twp31, 32LO
HoustonCamillusLoda Twp6RR
HoustonJamesIroquois Twp2RR
. . Prairie Green Twp11LO
HovenerNikasLoda Twp6RR
HowardAsinathMilks Grove Twp26RR
HowardFranklinMilks Grove Twp26RR
HowardWilliamMilks Grove Twp21, 23, 25, 26LO
HoweC OChebanse Twp3, 9LO
HoweJabez CChebanse Twp4, 28, 34RR
HoweJonasMilks Grove Twp18RR
HoweMary JaneRidgeland Twp4RR
HoweStephen HRidgeland Twp4RR
HoweWilliam HOnarga Twp36RR
HubbardGurdon SConcord Twp10, 11, 15LO
HubbellZalmonRidgeland Twp26RR
HubertWeneinlassAshkum Twp36RR
HuckinsHumphreyIroquois Twp9, 21LO
HuckinsWilliamBelmont Twp8LO
. . Iroquois Twp21LO
HudsonJohn SrBelmont Twp4LO
HudsonJohn JrBelmont Twp5, 8, 18LO,RR
. . Middleport Twp31LO
HudsonJonathan WBelmont Twp5, 8LO
Huet de LuyaneFrederickAshkum Twp19LO
HughesDanielArtesia Twp32RR
HughesHenryArtesia Twp32RR
HughesJohn NLoda Twp36RR
HulingGeorge VArtesia Twp7, 17LO
. . Ashkum Twp15LO
. . Chebanse Twp13LO
. . Douglas Twp3, 9LO
HulingTrumanAshkum Twp35LO
. . Chebanse Twp25LO
. . Danforth Twp19LO
. . Douglas Twp27LO
. . Onarga Twp9LO
. . Papineau Twp14RR
HullJaphethArtesia Twp18, 24RR
HulwickJohnMilford Twp1LO
HumphreysEvanConcord Twp36LO
HundleyElisha EChebanse Twp27LO
. . Crescent Twp3LO
HungerfordAbnerLoda Twp20RR
HungerfordRichard AOnarga Twp24RR
HunnelJacobAsh Grove Twp20RR
HunnelJeremiahMilford Twp31LO
HunnelJohnAsh Grove Twp28, 29LO
HuntJamesMiddleport Twp6RR
HuntLewis WDouglas Twp35LO
HunterBenjaminCrescent Twp8RR
HuntsberryJohn COnarga Twp26RR
HuppSedwickChebanse Twp8RR
HurlbutEgbert WAshkum Twp24RR
. . Crescent Twp12RR
HusseyBenjamin FAsh Grove Twp22RR
HutchinsonEzekielCrescent Twp2LO
. . Middleport Twp20LO
HutchinsonJohnCrescent Twp3LO
HutchinsonStephen BOnarga Twp5LO
HutchinsonStephen ROnarga Twp31LO
HydeWilliamAshkum Twp22RR
IflandGottliebMilks Grove Twp18RR
IflandHenryMilks Grove Twp18RR
IgneyFrankIroquois Twp8RR
IgouEmanuel RIroquois Twp34RR
InglandDavidMartinton Twp31LO
InglisJacobCrescent Twp18RR
IrelandWilliamMiddleport Twp11LO
IrvingEdwardArtesia Twp34RR
IrvingWilliam RAsh Grove Twp16SL
IsaacPeterBeaver Twp12LO
IsbisterCalebArtesia Twp4RR
IbisterWilliamArtesia Twp4R
IversWilliamLovejoy Twp3LO
IvesAlmon GAshkum Twp25LO
. . Beaver Twp19, 30LO
. . Beaverville Twp19LO
. . Belmont Twp10, 15, 23LO
. . Chebanse Twp15LO
. . Concord Twp4LO
. . Martinton Twp36LO
. . Milford Twp1LO
. . Onarga Twp23LO
. . Papineau Twp27LO
. . Prairie Green Twp8LO
. . Stockland Twp6LO
IzzardFrancis MIroquois Twp12RR
JacksonAndrewChebanse Twp30RR
JacksonJohnChebanse Twp30RR
JacksonWilliamAshkum Twp14RR
JamesAaron HBelmont Twp10, 11LO
JamesThomasArtesia Twp28RR
JeffersonHamiltonDouglas Twp12LO
. . Onarga Twp13, 14LO
JenkinsAmos HPigeon Grove Twp11LO
JenkinsBenjamin FOnarga Twp18RR
JenkinsNathaniel LAsh Grove Twp13, 18LO,RR
JenkinsRobertAsh Grove Twp7LO
JenkinsSamuel WFountain Creek Twp6LO
JenkinsZephaniah TAsh Grove Twp18RR
JenksAretus PAsh Grove Twp31, 32LO,RR
JenningsAndrewFountain Creek Twp17LO
JenningsJohnFountain Creek Twp19LO
JenningsThomas RSheldon Twp20LO
JennisonThomas EAsh Grove Twp2RR
Jenssen –ssenChebanse Twp22, 30RR
JermanWilliamConcord Twp6, 7LO
. . Middleport Twp1, 12Lo
JerrianIsaacChebanse Twp8LO
JessupStephenBeaverville Twp32, 33, 34LO
. . Onarga Twp25LO
JewettCaleb ROnarga Twp20, 29LO
JohnCatherineBelmont Twp31LO
JohnLemuelBelmont Twp31, 32LO
. . Milford Twp4LO
JohnWilliamBelmont Twp31, 32LO
JohnsJohn BMartinton Twp5, 8LO
JohnsonAlfred CBelmont Twp16, 19SL, LO
JohnsonAudleyBelmont Twp30RR
JohnsonCharles SLoda Twp36RR
JohnsonEliza ALoda Twp36RR
JohnsonJamesCrescent Twp15LO
JohnsonJohnCrescent Twp1LO
JohnsonJohn ACrescent Twp15LO
JohnsonJohn BMartinton Twp14RR
JohnsonLyman MMartinton Twp2RR
JohnsonMonsArtesia Twp2RR
JohnsonRobert SDouglas Twp2RR
JohnsonSophiaMartinton Twp30RR
JohnsonWilliam H JrArtesia Twp2RR
. . Loda Twp6RR
JohnstonWilliam RMilford Twp2, 4, 5, 11LO
JohnstonHughDouglas Twp2RR
JohnstonJohnDouglas Twp1LO
JohnstonMartha JaneDouglas Twp2RR
JohnstonMaryDouglas Twp2RR
JohnstonThomas JDanforth Twp6RR
JoinerGeorge BBeaver Twp16SL
. . Crescent Twp3, 5, 7, 11, 19LO
. . Middleport Twp16, 33SL, LO
. . Milford Twp1LO
. . Onarga Twp7, 17LO
. . Ridgeland Twp16SL
JoinerL WConcord Twp16SL
JonesDaniel AChebanse Twp25LO
. . Lovejoy Twp5, 27LO
JonesHannahMiddleport Twp8RR
JonesHenryDouglas Twp11LO
. . Iroquois Twp36LO
. . Martinton Twp3LO
. . Papineau Twp26, 34, 35LO
JonesIsaacMartinton Twp22RR
JonesJohnAsh Grove Twp13LO
JonesJohn HStockland Twp21, 22Lo
JonesJosiah WOnarga Twp24RR
JonesMarkFountain Creek Twp12LO
JonesMilton AOnarga Twp13LO
JonesPerryCrescent Twp12RR
JonesReesMartinton Twp22RR
JonesRichardCrescent Twp34RR
JonesStephenMartinton Twp2LO
. . Papineau Twp35LO
JonesWilliam SPapineau Twp26RR
JordanJamesFountain Creek Twp18RR
JordanJames JrFountain Creek Twp30RR
JosephJacquesAshkum Twp34RR
JoySamuelChebanse Twp6RR
JudyJehuAsh Grove Twp35LO
. . Fountain Creek Twp10, 11LO
JudyJohnFountain Creek Twp15, 28LO,RR
KarrAdamConcord Twp13, 14, 15, 16, 21SL, LO
KarrJames HConcord Twp2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 17, 18, 19LO
KarrJohnConcord Twp9LO
KarrRobertConcord Twp13LO
KassellWilliam EArtesia Twp33LO
KayJames WMartinton Twp32RR
KayRuthArtesia Twp1LO
KeathJosephAsh Grove Twp26RR
KeathUriahAsh Grove Twp26RR
KeelReuben LDanforth Twp24LO
KeenanFrancis APrairie Green Twp24LO
KeeneRichard SBelmont Twp8, 17LO
. . Danforth Twp24LO
KeeneSamuelBelmont Twp5, 7, 8LO
KeeneyJohnDanforth Twp18RR
KeeperWilliam EBelmont Twp7LO
. . Chebanse Twp10LO
. . Iroquois Twp22LO
KeithGabriel FFountain Creek Twp3LO
. . Ash Grove Twp22RR
KeithGeorge CFountain Creek Twp3LO
. . Ash Grove Twp14RR
KellSarah SOnarga Twp31LO
KelleyBarnardDouglas Twp31LO
KellisonJohnStockland Twp32LO
KellyDavidPigeon Grove Twp30RR
KellyDennisDanforth Twp20RR
KellyJamesLoda Twp10RR
KellyPatrickBeaver Twp27LO
KellyWilliamStockland Twp20, 29LO
KeltingPeterMartinton Twp6RR
KempJohn DLoda Twp36RR
KendallAaronBelmont Twp16SL
KendallBenjaminBelmont Twp20LO
KendallElijahBelmont Twp11, 14, 15, 16SL, LO
KendallHosea PBelmont Twp10, 11, 15LO
KendallJoshua SBelmont Twp16SL
KendallThomasBelmont Twp11, 15LO
KennedyJaneArtesia Twp30RR
KennedyJohn CDanforth Twp14RR
KennedyPatrick MArtesia Twp30RR
KennedyWilliam HArtesia Twp36RR
KenneyMaryAsh Grove Twp2RR
KenoyerJacobBeaver Twp25LO
KenoyerSilasOnarga Twp9LO
KentThomas MSheldon Twp34LO
KenyonArchibaldArtesia Twp3LO
KerrSamuel CAsh Grove Twp20RR
KerrTimothy SAsh Grove Twp20RR
KeslerAlexander NIroquois Twp29LO
KesterJosiah HIroquois Twp31LO
KesterThomas RMartinton Twp1LO
KetchumGeorge PConcord Twp35LO
. . Sheldon Twp24LO
KetringAbrahamPrairie Green Twp21LO
KeyJohn WAsh Grove Twp22RR
KeysJohn BOnarga Twp8RR
KibbonsJonathanArtesia Twp9LO
. . Douglas Twp25LO
. . Fountain Creek Twp5LO
. . Onarga Twp5LO
. . Pigeon Grove Twp7LO
. . Prairie Green Twp7LO
KibbonsLorenzo HLovejoy Twp3LO
. . Milford Twp34LO
KilleenMDanforth Twp18RR
KilleenPDanforth Twp18RR
KilmerHenryCrescent Twp1LO
. . Middleport Twp20LO
KimballCaroline SMartinton Twp25, 26LO
KimbarkGeorge WChebanse Twp3LO
KimbarkSeneca DAshkum Twp15LO
. . Chebanse Twp4, 5LO
KimbulingDavidOnarga Twp6LO
KingBenjaminMartinton Twp26, 35LO
KingEdmundAsh Grove Twp36RR
KingCharles HDanforth Twp23LO
KingGeorgeMiddleport Twp34LO
KingJamesDanforth Twp24LO
. . Douglas Twp25LO
KingTurner RAshkum Twp15LO
. . Iroquois Twp9, 15LO
. . Martinton Twp15LO
KingsburyThomas H CPrairie Green Twp13LO
KirbyMauriceChebanse Twp32LO
. . Iroquois Twp19LO
KirchnerPeterFountain Creek Twp30RR
KirkGeorge D BOnarga Twp8RR
KirkPayson L TDouglas Twp8RR
KirkpatrickDaniel MConcord Twp32, 33LO
. . Sheldon Twp4, 5LO
KiserJacobCrescent Twp36RR
KiserSamuelOnarga Twp28RR
KleinFrederickFountain Creek Twp30RR
KnappNancyDouglas Twp30RR
KnibloeWilliam EDouglas Twp34RR
KnickerbockerHermanArtesia Twp24RR
KnightAlonzoLovejoy Twp2, 10LO
KnightE BArtesia Twp16SL
KnocheChristianRidgeland Twp28RR
KoesterJohannLoda Twp2RR
KoonLawrenceOnarga Twp4RR
KoonO WOnarga Twp6, 32RR
KoplinJohn AArtesia Twp10, 26RR
KippUriah JrLoda Twp12RR
KoritzHenryRidgeland Twp30RR
KowingFrancisIroquois Twp3LO
. . Martinton Twp18, 35LO
. . Middleport Twp12, 36LO
. . Milford Twp23LO
. . Prairie Green Twp27LO
. . Sheldon Twp2, 11LO
KowleyMaryAsh Grove Twp7LO
KeryderCharlesAshkum Twp18RR
KrutsingyerMartinLoda Twp3LO
KyrkJohnLoda Twp8, 17LO

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