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Downtown Street Scene
probably about 1940

Added in 2000
Picture from Bob Bovie

Bishops Mill

with the Courthouse in background.
Date on the photo says 1899.

Added in 2000
This photo is from the
Iroquois County Genealogical Society

County Farm
Photo Page

Added in 2000

Womens Park

Added in 2000

Booklet from Masons
in Watseka 1890

Added January 2005

Court House
Iroquois County Court House
Watskea, Illinois

Added in Aug 2001

ONeill's station

Last update April 2002

Watseka Flood
Flooded Camp Ave. Watseka

Last update January 2003

Mrs. Galloways Home, Watseka, IL

Last update January 2003

Miscellaneous Pictures

Last update January 2005

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