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Jacksonville Area Genealogical and Historical

2012 Officers, Directors, Chairpersons
Honorary Members and Life Members

President: Elizabeth Hardy
1st Vice-president: Ruth Lepper
Secretary: Vickie Anders
Treasurer: James A. Neese
Membership: Janet Mitchell
Librarian and Business Agent, Mary Frances Alkire
1 Year Director: Elizabeth Aldridge
2 Year Director : Mildred Walters
3 Year Director: Linda Lashmet
Immediate Past President & By-laws/Standing rules: Barbara Dahman


Budget: James A. Neese, Janet Mitchell, Mary Frances Alkire
Computer Adviser: James A. Neese
VOLUNTEER ASSISTANTS to the JAG&HS Volunteer Librarian, Mary Frances Alkire:
JAG&HS Notebooks: Frances Tendick
Historical and other items:  Janet Mitchell.
Obituary Records: Frances Tendick, Janice Fox, Linda Lashmet, Elizabeth Hardy, Dan Currier, Elizabeth Aldridge, Janet Mitchell.
JAG&HS Program & Publicity: Barbara Dahman
JAG&HS Quarterly Editors: Mary Frances Alkire, James A. Neese, Vickie Anders.
JAG&HS Quarterly Mailing: Mary Frances Alkire, James A. Neese, Janet Mitchell.
War of 1812, Western Regional Coordinator,Mary Frances Alkire, 217-245-9623
ISGS Associate membership representative: Janet Mitchell

Past Presidents of the Society

Miss Elizabeth Hardy  2007-2012
Mrs. Barbara Dahman  2004-2007
Mrs. Ruth Lepper 2003-2004
Mr. James A. Neese 2000-2003
Miss Elizabeth Hardy 1997-2000

Mr. Marshall Robinson 1996-1997

Mr. Warren Wallace 1993-1995

Miss Elizabeth Hardy 1992-1993

Mrs. Mary Frances Alkire 1991-1992

Mrs. Florence Hutchison 1972-1991

Honorary Life Members As Of 2012

Haley, Mr. Warren W

Our Life Members
(To date, June 2012 Quarterly, page 40)
Life Memberships are now $400.00 each.

1. Alkire, Mrs R J (Mary Frances)
2. Baxter, Dr. John W., deceased
3. Barry, Mrs Betty Jane (Judge) , deceased
Benson, Mr. William E. deceased
4. Bridgewaqter, Miss Hazel P.
5. Caldwell, Mr George E, deceased
6. Carls, Mrs Christine
7. Davenport, Mr Christopher W.
8. Davis, Mrs Earl, deceased 2007
9.  Deal, Justice Betty
10. Evans, Mr. Larry M
11. Fox, Mrs Lee V (Janice L.)
12. Gates, Mr William
13. Hammond, Chaplain Fred, deceased  June 6, 2011
14. Hart, Mrs William C.
15. Krontz-Hees, Ms Joan
16. Leurig, Mr Louis Richard
17.Lewis, Mrs Jerrold M (Betty)
18. Leuther, Mrs Robert H (Blanche), deceased May 31, 2009
19. Madsen, Mrs Barbara
20. Mann, Mrs James L
Martin, Mr. Guy deceased
21. McGinnis, Mrs Richard
22. McGinnis, Mr Ronald
23. Oppenheimer, Mrs Christine Crawford
24. Perry, Mrs Maxine W
25. Pitts, Mrs Sharon, (believed , deceased 1 Aug 2002, TX)
26. Porter, Mrs Kay L
27. Power, Mr. John
28. Rhoades, Mrs Virginia Corson
29. Rickey, Mrs Addie Dyal
30. Riggins, Mr & Mrs Clyde R., Jr
31. Ruble, Mr & Mrs Clyde R., Jr
32. Smith, Mrs Cornelia M
33. Swenson, Mr Sherrill G
34. Thorne, Mrs Florence, deceased
35. Tolivaisa, Mrs Homer, deceased
36. Watt, Mr Clifford H
37. Westerfield, Mrs Charlotte S., deceased December 2011
38. Whitlaw, Mrs Charlotte S., deceased
39. Whitlaw, Mrs Mary L.,deceased
Whitler, Mr. Al W. deceased
40. Wilkinson, Mrs Norma (deceased June 2000

Deceased Honorary Life Members

Gouchenour, Mrs. Eileen, deceased
Hutchison, Mrs. Florence, deceased
Maire, Mrs. Jean, deceased
Martin, Mrs Guy (Myra) , deceased April 11, 2008
Sanford, Doris H., deceased
Crawford, Miss Lucille, deceased

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