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I'm sending the information I found on some family records. Some of it is incomplete, but includes family from Mt. Vernon, Opdyke, Enfield, Dix, and Tamaroa. The surnames include Duncan, Miller, Dodson, Lovin, Kelsey, Hanen Huston, Ellis, Clark, Barum, Bloomfield, Pigg, Campbell, and Thomas. If there is any interest in more detail from anyone, I can probably find it.

I also have some *OLD* photographs that look like they are on some sort of cloth and have been colored in with chalk. I have one metal picture (tin??). These are of family that I have identified, so I doubt there would be much interest for anyone else. Thanks, Jeanie (Miller) Ader


Father's Father: Thadeus Duncan Born: 4/18/1825 Died: 3/24/1910
Father's Mother: E. M. Duncan Born: 5/30/1839 Died: 3/22/1916
Mother's Father: Newton Lovin Born: 1/26/1857 Died 9/18/????
Mother's Mother: Belle Lovin Born: 7/8/1858 Died 4/18/????


Father: Isaac Duncan Born 2/28/1859 Died 3/15/1916
Tamaroa, IL Buried: Opdyke
Married: 10/22/1903

Mother: Ollie Duncan Pigg Born: 10/15/1877 Died: 1/11/68
Franklin County Buried: Opdyke
Stepfather: Tom Pigg Died: 1942


Nellie V. Duncan Born: 1/3/1883 Died: 6/6/1930? Thurmon Cemetery
Married: J. T. Lovin on 11/25/1903
Ethel L Duncan Born: 8/19/1885 Died: 2/23/1930
Thurmon Cemetery

Chloe M. Duncan Born: 5/24/1888 Died: ????
Married: Harry Kelsey on 11/11/1907
Flora C. Duncan Born: 4/23/1891 Died: 3/5/1900
Thurmon Cemetery

Carrie B. Duncan Born: 1/24/1896 ??
Married: Joe Hanen on 4/20/1916

Owen L. Duncan Born: 7/25/1899 Died: ??
Married: Thelma Clark on 1/?/1928

Gladys P. Duncan Born: 9/13/1904 Still living (1997)
Married: Loren Dodson on 7/30/1925

Vera G. Duncan Born: 8/12/1907 Still living (1997)
Married: Ishmael Huston on 6/?/1928

Dorsey H. Duncan Born: 3/6/1910 unknown
Married: Naomi Bloomfield on 9/12/1950

Frank A. Duncan Born: 5/17/1912 Died: ??
Married: Susie Ellis on 7/13/1948

Grace Bell Duncan Born: 3/17/1914 Died: 5/9/97
Married: Joseph R. Miller on 5/17/1930 Opdyke Cemet.
Born: 10/11/1906 Enfield, IL Died: 6/18/56
Father: Martin Miller Mother: Flora Thomas

Married: Thomas N. Campbell on 3/14/1964 Died: ??

Isaac Newton Duncan Born: 9/20/1916 Died: ??
Married Phyllis Barum on 11/22/1942
Submitted By: Jeanie (Miller) Ader


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