Lester William Breeze

Lester William Breeze was born November 29, 1893 in Walnut Hil1. He 
married Meda Miller, daughter of Bloomer and Susannah Matthews Mil1er. 
The Millers moved to the Walnut Hil1 area from Indiana by covered wagon
in 1898. They are the parents of ten children. (I) Clifford Lester born
September 1, 1913 married Edna Higdon and they have two sons. (2) Oran 
Earl born November 26, 1915 married Elsie Self and they had six 
children. Elsie died October 27, 1971. Oran married Mildred McKinnon 
March 29, 1972. Oran is a Baptist minister. (3) John David born May 8, 
1919 married Mary E. Bundy. They were the parents of one son and two 
daughters. John David was lost at sea when his ship went down in a 
hurricane in 1944. (4) Ronald Leroy born April 25, 1921 married 
Geraldine Lockeby. They were the parents of two daughters. They were 
divorced and he married Vivian Pippin. Ronald was a sergeant in WWII. 
(5) Dean Edward born October 6, 1923 married Louise Woolever. They have
three daughters. He served in WWII in the Pacific area and fought on 
Guam, Bougainvil1e, and Iwo Jima where he was awarded the Bronze Star 
for heroic services. (6) Donald Louis born May 8, 1927 married Edna
Faye Good. They are the parents of four children. (7) Betty Lorena born
March 14, 1929 married Harold Albright. They have four sons. Harold is a 
captain with the Mt. Vernon Police Dept. and Betty is a computer 
programmer with General Radiator company. (8) Peggy Joyce born
November 17. 1931 married Richard Porter and they have five sons. He is an 
auctioneer. (9) Meda Opal born December 3, 1935 married Jackie Blake
and they have one son and two daughters. Jack is a foreman for General 
Radiator and Meda Opal is a real estate broker. (10) Mil1ard Gale born 
August 11, 1941 married Shirley Latta and they are the parents of
three children. Gale live on the home place and farms. Lester William was 
employed b) the Illinois Central railway until he retired in 1949. He 
became a minister in the Freewill Baptist church in 1951. He served on 
school boards and Jefferson county Welfare Board for a number of
Donald and Edna Breeze are the parents of four children. (I) Betty
Carol McKinney who has one son and two daughters. (2) George Louis who has 
one son and one daughter. George is in the United States Navy and now 
stationed at Key West, Florida. (3) Donald Edward of Mt. Vernon. (4) 
Almon Darrell who has one daughter. Donald Louis was first employed by 
the Illinois Central railway in 1943. From 1944 until 1946 he served in
the United States Navy aboard the U.S.S. Menelaus in the Pacific area. 
In 1951 during the Korean conflict he served aboard the D.S.S. 
Wisconsin. He was discharged in May of 1952. Donald Louis became a 
minister in 1950 and pastored churches at Markham City, Starr, Nev.
Home (Lowery), Mt. Vernon First, and Mt. Vernon Second General Baptist. In 
1958 and 1959 he operated a grocery store at the Markham Road on 
Illinois Route 15. In January of 1975 he was forced to retire from the 
Illinois Central railway on account of poor health. - Donald Breeze

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

"Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois" Jefferson County Historical Society Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX Page 98
Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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