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Joseph Newton Brown was born in Rome Township, March 5, 1841, the
fourth of nine children born to William and Elizabeth (McMeen) Brown.
William came to Jefferson County about 1829 with his mother and two sisters.
One day, passing the McMeen homestead, he saw the charming fifteen-year-old
Elizabeth. This, he decided, would be his bride. He introduced himself 
to her parents, Joseph and Selah, and declared his intentions. They 
called the girl into the house, introduced her to the young stranger, 
and explained his proposal. She proved agreeable, and soon "Billy" and 
"Bets" were wed. Their children were James, Mary M. Warren, Nancy J. 
Padget, Joseph N., Joshua, Sarah M. Mullinax, William T., Selah E.
(died in infancy), and John Jefferson. Joseph was married May 18, 1865 to 
Sarah C. Gaskins of Casner Township.

Sarah Catherine Gaskins was born in Clark County, Indiana on October 18, 1840, 
the fifth of eleven children born to Elias and Mary A. (Bare) Gaskins. Elias, 
the son of John and Sarah (Fee) Gaskins, was born in Ohio. Mary, the daughter 
of Owen and Catherine (Pearce) Bare, was born in Tennessee. In the early 1840's 
they migrated to Illinois with her parents and settled in Casner Township northwest 
of Woodlawn. When her mother died, she was buried near a small Christian church 
which took the name Mt. Catherine from her grave. Elias and Mary were the parents of 
John Wesley (died before his first birthday), William S., Thomas J., Sarah C. Brown, 
Francis M., Harriet B. Coats, Owen L., Mary"E., Leah S. Clark, and Martha C. Chriswell.

Joseph N. Brown, a farmer and a preacher, was instrumental in establishing the 
Ebenezer Christian Church in southeastern Rome Township. He and Sarah had four 
children: 1) Harriet Agnes (born April 4, 1865, married Jonathan Wells, parents of 
William), 2) Mary Elizabeth (born January 25, 1868, married Alva T. Breeze, parents 
of Maude E., Etho Latham, and Charles N.), 3) Charles Edgar (born June 25, 1870, 
married Anna E. Barber, parents of Newton Brown), 4) Martha Jane (born March 31, 1875, 
married Frank W. Ryder, parents of Feme Rachels and Harl E.). Joseph died 
February 11, 1901 and was buried near his beloved Ebenezer Church. Sarah died 
March 13, 1928.

On Sunday morning, March 5, 1905, a boy was born in a jail located at 
the corner of 9th and Harrison in Mt. Vernon. Miles Newton Brown was 
born to his sheriff father, Charles E. Brown and mother Anna Barber 
Brown. Newton Brown married Grace Jettie Farlow (born November 20, 
1908) and they were the parents of two children: David Newton Brown 
and Barbara Ann. David married Elizabeth Warner and they are the parents 
of three boys: Kenneth Edward, Micheal Allen and Keith David. Barbara Ann 
married James Edward Witter and they were the parents of two children: 
Teresa Lynn and James Anthony.

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

Source: "Facts and Folks A History of Jefferson County, Illinois"
Jefferson County Historical Society
Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX Page 103
Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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