Dr. J. H. Mitchell
Dr. J. H. Mitchell, physician, Mt. Vernon.  The profession is always below the man.  He  is not the best lawyer who lives among the books and dusty documents of his office, nor is he the most successful physician whose knowledge is confined to his drugs and the narrow randge of his daily routine.  The man makes the profession and the respectability depends upon the manner in which it is used.  Dr. Mitchell, the subject of this sketch, is a man who, though most thoroughly qualified in every particular of his calling, does not allow his profession to tyrannize over him.  He was born March 15, 1850, in Blairsville, Ind., and is a son of Dr. S.M. and Marha A. (Harrison) Mitchell.  The grandfather of our subject, Sion H. Mitchell, was a native of North Carolina, and was a teacher by profession.  He came West and died in Raleigh, Ill. The father was born in Tennessee; recieved his medical education in the Rush Medical Collage, Chicago; has practiced in Corinth and Blaisville, Ind., and at present leads in the latter place a retired life, his practice being carried on by his son Henry C.  The mother was a native of Evansville, Ind.   

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